10-Year-Old Girl Gets 'Married' At Hospital For Dying Father


A 10-year-old girl whose father is dying of lung disease got “married” at his bedside in a hospital room Sunday, vowing to find a “godly” man to marry.

“I came up with the idea to have a little ceremony where she could make promises to be faithful to the man she would marry,” Glenda Wells, Nakeol’s mother, said.

Nakeol walked into her father’s hospital room wearing a white dress and carrying a bouquet of white and purple flowers. During the ceremony, she promised her father that she would search a “godly” man and that she would save herself for him.

Nakeol also vowed that she would find a husband who loves her as much as her father does.

After reciting her vows, Nakeol's father placed a ring on her finger as a reminder of the promises she made. The ring will later be replaced by her wedding band.

Nakeol said that when she got older, “like 20”, she would play the video during her real wedding and give her wedding dress to her flower girl.

Mrs. Wells said she had received an overwhelming response to the wedding, with many saying they wish they had done something similar for their loved ones.

Sources: The Inquisitir, DailyMail


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