10-Year-Old Girl Attacked By Her Great-Grandmother With Metal Hammer (Video)


A 79-year-old Miami, Florida, woman is in police custody after she reportedly attacked her 10-year-old great-granddaughter with a hammer.

According to NBC Miami, Iona Aiken was arrested on Monday after she hit the young girl with a hammer “without warning and for unknown reasons.” The girl was struck four times on the head and one time on the shoulder, suffering a concussion as a result. The girl was allegedly listening to music on headphones, as well as playing with a tablet, when Aiken attacked her.

The 10-year-old and her mother then ran across the street to neighbor Dora Anderson. “I’m the one that stopped the bleeding from the little girl,” Anderson said. “She’s sitting in the chair, and I just held it there until the police came.”

Anderson said she knew Aiken well, and was shocked by what had happened. “I’m surprised at this because I knew she had been sick because she took care of me when I was sick,” she said. “I was very sick, I couldn’t walk and she took me to go shopping and to the doctor, but I didn’t know she was this sick.”

Aiken is now facing aggravated child abuse charges, and the girl was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Sources: PIX11, NBC Miami / Photo Credit: pix11.com


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