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10-Year-Old Florida Boy Found Drunk and Naked After Mother Gives him Brandy

A 10-year-old boy in Florida was found drunk and naked in his neighborhood after his mother gave him a bottle of brandy to drink.

Neighbor Amanda Roesch found the boy and brought him back to his mother’s.

“He couldn’t even stand,” Roesch said. “He was just, you know, naked and I’m like, ‘Come in the house, baby,’ - and I went and got some of my son’s clothes.”

When the boy began talking, he told her that his mother had a drinking problem.

“This little boy, he said, ‘All I want for my mommy is to go to rehab and to get anger management because mommy drinks to feel better cause she’s mad,’” Roesch said. “He’s 10. Really? He had to take care of mom. How do you not know your child is naked drunk and missing, wandering down a dark road in the cold? I just don’t understand.”

“He was so drunk that he didn’t realize he had no clothes on.”

Authorities said his mother, Nedra Byrd, was drunk and passed out on the couch when they arrived. She said she thought her son was inside his room and told officers she was “drunk as hell.”

While it is unclear whether Byrd is the boy’s actual mother, he was under her care and he referred to her as his mom.

Byrd was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse.

They discovered a half-empty bottle of Christian Brother’s brandy that the boy said Byrd gave him. He said he had also tried alcohol before.

He was examined at a hospital where doctors did a blood alcohol test.

“They went ahead and did a blood alcohol which came out to .108, which in an adult would be considered impaired driving at .08,” sheriff’s office spokeswoman Denise Moloney said.

The boy is now in the custody of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Byrd was released Friday on $1,000 bond.



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