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10-Year-Old Charged as Adult in Killing of 90-Year-Old Woman; Family Doesn't Want Him to Come Home

Tristen Kurilla, the 10-year-old boy who was charged as an adult with the homicide of a 90-year-old woman, has been at a county prison since his arrest on Saturday.

Kurilla’s family’s attorney has said that the family does not want their son to come back home.

Bernard Brown, the family’s lawyer, initially filed a petition to have the boy returned to his father or moved to a juvenile detention center. The family is from Damascus Township, Pa.; NY Daily News reports that the closest juvenile detention facility is approximately 80 miles away.

This request, however, was withdrawn shortly thereafter.

Brown said that the boy’s parents, who are “an emotional wreck,” do not feel comfortable having custody of him at this time.

NY Daily News reports that the family believes their son is being treated well in county prison, where he is housed alone in a separate cell away from the general population.

The family’s opinion, it would appear, is not one Tristen agrees with: detectives said they found a piece of notebook paper in his cell with “How to Escape” written on it.

According to Brown, Tristen has been given opportunities to play and draw in coloring books.

A prosecutor said that the 10-year-old boy had to be charged as an adult in the case because the crime of criminal homicide is excluded from juvenile law. Judges can move the cases to juvenile court later as they see fit.

Brown reportedly intends to have the case transferred to juvenile court if possible.

Marsha Levick, chief counsel of Philadelphia’s Juvenile Law Center, is reported to think it is obvious that the case should be handled in juvenile court.

Authorities have said that when Helen Novak, a woman in his grandfather’s care, yelled at him on Saturday, Tristen lost his temper and killed her. Police said that Tristen admitted to choking her with a cane and punching her several times in the throat and stomach.

Sources: NY Daily News, Mail Online

Photo Sources: NY Daily News, Mail Online


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