ISIS Calls 10-Year-Old Boy Who Died Fighting For Them A 'Martyr' (Photos)


ISIS supporters are taking to the Internet to circulate images of a 10-year-old boy they say fought and died for their cause.

The photos show the boy, who allegedly went by the name Abu Ubaidah, holding massive weapons and smiling for the camera. Multiple sources say that the photos, which have yet to be independently verified, were published by ISIS supporters to honor the “martyr” who reportedly died alongside his father in battle.

The photos come after ISIS released a video last month on YouTube reporting that the boy and his father had died in battle.

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Charlie Cooper, a researcher at the Quilliam Foundation, told The Independent that the hashtags associated with the pictures can be translated as, “martyrdom of the cub of Baghdadi and his father.”

Since the start of the conflict with ISIS in the Middle East, the United Nations has publicly condemned the group for using children as fighters and propaganda. The child featured in this new set of photos is not the first child to be pictured holding rifles and severed heads in support of ISIS, and sadly, he likely won’t be the last.

The carnage in the region at the hands of ISIS continues as the United States and other world forces continue efforts to try and stop the group.

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Sources: The Independent, Al Arabiya News, Daily Mail


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