10-Year-Old Boy Hits Kidnapper With Stick, Escapes


A 10-year-old boy escaped a kidnapper on Saturday afternoon after he hit his attacker with a stick.

The young boy was playing at a Campion-area playground near Loveland, Colorado, when a strange man grabbed him. The boy hit the man with a stick that he spotted by his feet and ran to a neighbor’s house to find safety.

The attack occurred around 3 p.m when the boy was unsupervised. He was not seriously injured.

"It kind of scares me," Jeff Brownrigg, a local parent, said. "If somebody could do that in an area this small, this quiet, I just hope there’s no truth to what that kid said.”

The attacker is described as an adult male standing around six feet tall with a medium build. He wore dark clothes and a mask at the time of the attack.

The Sheriff’s Office has requested that anyone with information report to the police.

Sources: KDVR, Colorado Newsday


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