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10-Year-Old Boy Helps Out Blind Deer (Photo)

A heartwarming photo of a young boy helping a blind deer has gone viral.

The photo was originally posted by Reddit user bluecollarclassicist. It shows a 10-year-old boy walking the blind animal down the street.

The photo was posted with the caption, “There is a blind deer in our neighborhood and this boy (10 yrs old) walks her from one grass patch to another every day before school to make sure she finds food.”

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Reddit users responded very positively to the uplifting picture. 

“I'm speechless. That's so sweet of the boy! I'm surprised the deer trusts someone enough to allow it!” one user wrote.

Other users suggested the original poster call animal services to get the deer to a safe place.

The original poster provided an update saying that a licensed wildlife rehabilitation group picked the deer up in a horse trailer. He said the boy from the picture and his mother came out to say goodbye to the deer, along with other neighbors.

“For those of you who are upset about this boys feelings about the deer going away for licensed treatment: His concern was very mature,” the original poster wrote in the update. “He had only been walking the deer for a few days and hadn't named her or tried to claim her as a pet or anything like that. Neither did he shelter her indoors or leave food outside for her which is against the law in our state. He just wanted her to be ok and was relieved to know she would be safe.”

Sources: WOWK TV, Reddit

Photo Credit: Imgur


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