10-Year-Old Boy Hailed "Hero" After Instincts Helped Save Elderly Woman


A 10-year-old Michigan boy is being called a hero after his instincts led him to save the life of his 80-year-old neighbor.

Danny DiPietro and his father were driving home from a hockey game when the young boy noticed what he thought was a dog in the neighbor’s garage.

"It was late at night and super cold out, and their garage was open and something just didn't feel right," said DiPietro to Detroit’s 7 Action News.

When he arrived home, the boy’s fears grew. He kept checking out the window and finally became so concerned that he begged his mother Dawn to go check on the well being of the perceived dog.

Dawn finally agreed to check on what they thought was a dog, so she took her own dog outside on a walk. As they walked past the open garage, she could clearly see 80-year-old Kathleen St. Onge lying on the ground waving her arms in the air. She raced back to her home to tell her husband and call 911.

"I was so scared, but happy she was alive," said Dawn.

The family was able to wrap the elderly woman in a blanket and warm her up before an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital. It turns out that St. Onge had slipped and fallen and was actually lying on the ground in the cold for nearly two and a half hours.

“He saved her life, that’s for sure,” said St. Onge’s daughter Sandy Mitter of Danny DiPietro. “And I don’t even have the words to say how grateful we are.”

As for Danny, he apparently says it’s “cool” to be called a hero. Kathleen St. Onge is doing well and recovering from the incident.


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