10-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Pointing Toy Gun At Woman

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A 10-year-old boy was arrested in Burbank, California on Sunday after reportedly pointing a toy gun at a woman who thought it was a real weapon.

The boy knocked on the front door of the woman’s house and allegedly pointed the plastic gun at a 67-year-old woman who answered the door, according to the Burbank Leader.

The boy picked the house because the woman’s grandson reportedly beat up his friend. The boy yelled “you suck” at the woman while pointing the gun at her, then ran away, Lt. John Dilibert said.

Lt. Dilibert said the boy was later arrested on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, but was released to his parents when the gun was proven to be a toy: “They’re replicas. They look just like the real thing. It shoots soft pellets, like a BB gun.”

The boy will have to appear in court within 30 days.


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