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10-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Helps His Mother Rob a Party Store

Police in Roseville, Michigan say that a 10-year-old boy helped his mother rob a party store in suburban Detroit on Thursday. Officials say they got away with nearly $500 worth of scratch off lottery tickets.

The young suspect is described by police as, “a black man, approximately 10 years old, short, and very skinny.”

Police say the robbery happened around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday at the Stop & Go Party Store in Roseville. A store clerk claims that the woman and her son were nervously walking back and forth until all people in the store left. The clerk approached the two and asked if they needed help, and that’s when the robbery happened.

“As the store clerk was asking if the two needed assistance, without warning the female suspect grabbed the clerk about the face and head and physically forced her back into the store,” described the police department in a press release.

The woman then proceeded to force the clerk into the back office and held her against the wall while her 10-year-old son ran out front to take the lottery tickets. Once the lottery tickets were retrieved, the woman and young boy ran off and have yet to be found. Police say they’ve never witnessed a robbery like this before.

“Not this blatant,” said Police Chief James Berlin. “We’ve seen things with shoplifters before, but nothing where they’ve used their children as a co-conspirator like this.”

“It’s bad enough for the mother to have done this but to take her child along,” continues Berlin. “What hope does this kid have for a future after doing something like this?”

Police say that the two suspects live in the area and that they’ve shopped at the Stop & Go Store in the past. 


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