Royal Society's 10 Questions Science Must Answer


The Royal Society, a prestigious British science organization, is celebrating its 350th anniversary. Its goal over the past three and a half centuries has been to unravel the mysteries of the world. To mark its anniversary, the group has put together a list of 10 questions that science must answer, asked by some of the world's leading thinkers.

1) What is consciousness?
-- Kathy Sykes, professor of sciences and society, University of Bristol

2) What happened before the big bang?
-- Joan Bakewell, broadcaster and writer

3) Will science and engineering give us back our individuality?
-- Mark Miodownik, physicist, King's College London

4) How are we going to cope with the world's burgeoning population?
-- Tracy Chevalier, novelist

5) Is there a pattern to the prime numbers?
-- Marcus du Sautoyprofessor for public understanding of science, University of Oxford

6) Can we make a scientific way of thinking all pervasive?
-- Brian Cox, physicist, University of Manchester

7) How do we ensure humanity survives and flourishes?
-- John Sulston, chair, Royal Society study on people and the planet

8) Can someone explain adequately the meaning of infinite space?
-- Andrew Motion, former poet laureate

9) Will I be able to record my brain like I can record a program on television?
-- Lionel Shriver, novelist

10) Can humanity get to the stars?
-- Piers Sellers, astronaut


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