10-Pound Marijuana Package Washes Up On Alabama Shore

Volunteers walking along Alabama’s Orange Beach looking for sea turtle nests were shocked when they instead discovered a 10-pound package of marijuana.

AL.com reports the volunteers contacted police May 12 after discovering a suspicious package.

“I saw what I thought was a seat cushion floating in the surf," Ron Smith, a Share the Beach volunteer, told KTIV. "I went over and picked it up and it was quite heavy, and I saw right away it wasn't a seat cushion, it was some kind of a package that was very well wrapped.” 

Smith added: “We try to make sure there's nothing in the water that could be a hazard to marine life. You watch 'Coast Guard Miami Beach' and you see these guys like interdicting the drug runners, and you see them on the videos throwing the packages overboard and you always kind of wonder, gee, what happens to that stuff. Does the Coast Guard pick it up? Well at least one package made it all the way up here to Alabama.”

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While the discovery may seem strange, Orange Beach Police Lt. Cliff Roberts says that it’s actually fairly common to find drugs that have washed up on shore.

“Probably about once a year, we'll have a package wash up,” Roberts admitted. “We have no idea where it originated from at this time. It could be from Gulfport to Panama City or further west or east just depends on the tides and the float patterns.”

Reports note that this week alone, several 10-pound packages of marijuana have been discovered at beaches along the Florida panhandle.

Sources: AL.com, KTIV

Photo Source: Orange Beach Police Department via AL.com


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