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10-Month-Old Chihuahua-Wiener Mix Reportedly Beaten to Death By Teenage Boy

A 17-year-old confessed to beating a puppy with a stick because it was barking while he was trying to fish in a private pond, claim investigators in Polk County, Florida.

Bruce, the 10-month-old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix died suddenly while at the vet. He had undergone a successful procedure to repair two puncture wounds and broken ribs, according to his owner, Brandy Siniard.

Siniard and her family were on vacation, and Bruce was under the care of Shawn Minnis, the family’s next-door neighbor. Minnis let the dogs out in the afternoon, but couldn’t find Bruce. She checked throughout the neighborhood until another neighbor heard the sound of a whimpering puppy.

The boy allegedly beat the puppy with a stick because it was barking while he was trying to fish.

"When I got around here, that's when the boy ran back from the back of their home. They had already done this to the dog and went back fishing," Minnis said. "He's just a little bitty guy, and for someone to do something like that, it takes a very cruel mind."

Minnis wrapped Bruce in a towel and rushed him to the local veterinarian. She then called Siniard to deliver the bad news.

After a successful procedure, Siniard believed Bruce would recover. She said it was hard to tell her three children what happened to their puppy. “It felt really good to be able to say that even though this bad thing happened, there's more good people to fix it.”

But within a couple of hours, Siniard learned that Bruce had died suddenly. Beyond the tragedy of their puppy’s death, Siniard worries for her children. “It's not only disturbing that things like this happen, but it happened in my yard, to my own dog," she said. "What's to stop them from getting my kids?"

The teen was quickly identified and questioned by the sheriff’s office. “He gave us a lot of inappropriate and incorrect information, but his mother worked with us,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “It was a horrible decision for him to make and one that caused him to be arrested and charged with a third-degree felony.” That charge was animal cruelty, according to My Fox Tampa.

Sources: My Fox Tampa, Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Supplied photo via My Fox Tampa


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