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'I'm Really Mad': Mom Claims Baby Suffered First And Second Degree Burns At Day Care

The family of a 10-month-old baby is outraged, saying their infant son suffered burns covering more than 20 percent of his body while at a local day care.

The young boy was hospitalized at Shriner’s Hospital in Kentucky after he was found scalded at the Cornerstone Child Development Center inside Christ Chapel Church In Erlanger on Monday morning, WLWT News reported. Monica Moreland, the mother of the 10-month-old boy, told the news station that her son is recovering from first-degree and second degree-burns that could have easily been prevented.

Although the family says they have been given inconsistent statements by the day care about what happened, Moreland claims her son was scalded while sitting in a high chair next to a Crock-Pot full of simmering water. The child reportedly pulled the nearby Crock-Pot, used to warm bottles, over onto himself.

The child was taken to the ER where his mother says “about 12 to 15 doctors” treated him in the trauma center.

“He can’t move his right arm," Moreland told WLWT. "He can’t move his right leg. He can’t crawl like he wants to."

Regardless of how the incident happened, the family believes their son, as well as all of the other children at the day care, deserve better supervision, WKRC News reported.

The family told WLWT reporters that a police report has been filed with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office has yet to confirm this information.

“I pretty much want to make sure that no other child is going to be hurt like this, ever, ever again,” Moreland said. “I would never wish this on any other woman, any other parent (or) any other child. I feel scared for my little boy and I'm mad. I'm really mad.”

The pastor of the church that houses the Erlanger day care has told reporters that he does not want to comment at this time.

“To see a baby dependent on other people to take of him in that situation because of neglect, it's infuriating,” Janie Moreland, the baby boy’s grandmother, told WKRC.

Family members said the child was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Source: WLWT, WKRC

Photo Credit: WCPO, WLWT Screenshot


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