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1 Week in New Mexico: 2 Deaths By Pit Bulls

In less than one week, two deaths by Pit Bull have occurred in New Mexico.On May 8, little Jazilyn Mesa was killed by the family’s 2-year-old Pit Bull in Las Cruces. Her grandmother was also bitten by the dog and was accidentally shot by a neighbor trying to stop the attack.

Also on May 2, Gavin Wright of Santa Fe came home from work to find that his Pit Bull, Achilles, had attacked and killed his 74-year-old father on his front porch.  On May 8, the taped 911 call Wright made to dispatchers was released.

Followingis a partial transcript of the911 call obtained byNBC affiliate

Wright, 27, screamed to a 911 operator:"I just got home from work. I live with my father. He's there on the front porch. It looks like my dog got him, for whatever reason. I don't f***ing know what happened!"

911: "Tell me exactly what happened."

Wright:"I don't know. I just got here. What the (expletive) else do I have to tell you, dude?  Let me tell you one more time. And I'm going to tell you real calm. Don't make me (expletive) repeat myself again. I just got home from work. I live with my father. I take care of him. He's there on the front porch. It looks like my dog got him, for whatever reason. I don't (expletive) know what happened. I don't know how long he's been sitting here, ok.  He's stiff as a (expletive) brick. What else do you need to know, homie? What else do you need to know?"

911:"How old is he?"

Wright: "He's 74 years old, bro."

“They can't save him, dude,”Wright tells the dispatcher. “He's got a hole, there's blood. He's gone dude.  My dad is torn up with flies on him, bro. My dog got a hold of him somehow."

An ambulance was dispatched to the Wright residence immediately, according to a police report, but emergency responders were not able to revive Clifford Wright.

The Pit Bull, Achilles, was removed by police. Veterinarians who examined the dog estimated he was about four years old.He was also unneutered.He was placed in quarantine for 10 days to insure he does not have rabies. Police officials stated that Wright was allowed to keep the three other dogs at the home, according

Pit Bull Attack Sole Cause of Death of the74-year-old Man

Santa Fe animal control officers evaluated Achilles and issued their report.Also, a preliminary medical examiner's report was released on Clifford Wright several days after the incident.

Santa Fe public information officer Lt. Louis Carlos told reporters:  "The elder Wright was bitten by a single dog and he succumbed to his injuries because of those bites. He did not have a medical condition that was a factor in his demise. People were speculating that he might have had a heart attack, or a seizure beforehand, but none of that was true."

Evidence found at the scene and blood and tissue samples taken from the body of the Pit Bull, Achilles, also confirmed he, not the other dogs, had mauled Clifford to death.

Lt. Carlos said that, with no witnesses, it's unclear what provoked the dog to suddenly attack.Santa Fe police records indicate they were called to Wright's home before.In 2005 another dog had bitten Clifford; and in 2011, a female pit bull was reportedly running at large.

On Tuesday, May 8, Gavin Wright decidedto euthanize Achilles. "A turning point for Gavin was when I explained the injuries his father sustained, and the manner in which he was killed," Carlos said. "After that, he agreed to surrender the dog."

"His words to me were, 'This is it, it's over,'" Carlos "He's finding closure on all this. He's thanked me several times. He was a little somber after saying his goodbye."

Mary Martin executive director of the Santa Fe animal shelter, said there are many misconceptions about the breed. "What we're finding out is a lot of them have none of the gene markers for what we label a pit bull or pit bull mix, but instead they might have mastiffs or another breed in them," she said.

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