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1 Wedding and a Funeral: Man Marries Dead Girlfriend

A man in Thailand has made international news for marrying his girlfriend. Big deal you ask? Well, she was dead at the time.

AOL News reports that Chadil Deffy had been dating Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook for 10 years. They had always planned on getting married, but Deffy kept putting it off to focus on his studies.

Then a couple of weeks ago Kamsook was killed in a car crash. But death did not keep Deffy from keeping his promise, so he married Kamsook in a combination wedding/funeral ceremony.

The Bangkok Times writes:

Chadil wrote matter-of-factly online -- and would later give interviews in the same vein -- explaining that the motivation for this display was guilt, pure and simple: He felt he hadn't done enough for his girlfriend of 10 years while she was alive. Before her sudden death in a road accident, she had suggested that he marry her. But he had demurred, putting the idea on hold.

The "wedding" was his attempt to right a wrong, however belated the gesture might have been.

Photos were posted on Facebook:


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