$1 Million Worth Of Jewelry Stolen At Cannes Film Festival

Thieves broke into a hotel room near the Cannes Film Festival and made off with about $1 million worth of jewelry. The jewels were being kept in a safe inside the room of an employee of Swiss-based watch and jewelry maker Chopard. The burglary took place at the Novotel hotel. The plan was for the jewelry to be loaned out to stars during the popular film festival, but it appears that will no longer happen.

In a strange twist, the jewels were taken a few hours after the premiere of Sofia Coppola's new film, “The Bling Ring.” The movie is based on a true story of teenagers breaking into the homes of celebrities to steal their valuables. People involved with the film walked the red carpet and then found out about the robbery later, USA Today reported.   

"It's horrible that someone went out and did that," said Bling Ring producer Youree Henley. "The fact that it happened on the night of our premiere is kind of amazing. I guess there are a lot of Bling Rings out there. I can see someone snatching up the movie rights and doing a movie on it and having the premiere here. It will be Bling Ring the sequel."

Coppola added: "I was going to say that it's a publicity stunt (for her movie). I feel very Bling Ring just being here. Everything is so glittery. It all feels connected."

She joked that she has an alibi and so does her cast. "We were at a premiere and a party."

A judicial police spokesman, Cmdr. Bernard Mascarelli said that it was pretty unlikely that the theft was pulled off by just one person.

“Apparently this (hotel guest) was someone who was targeted because it wasn’t someone who had been seeking attention. … There must have been either an inside complicity, or people who were in contact with this person and knew that the person had jewels,” he said.

Sources: USA Today, The Washington Times 


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