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Airline Threatens To Kick Woman Off Flight Over Her 'Inappropriate' Outfit

21-year-old was unfortunate enough to become the target of airline staff...


Dad Shoots Robber To Defend His Family, Grieving Mom Asks ‘Why Did He Shoot Him Five Times'

The man, who had a license to carry a concealed weapon, took the opportunity...


Trucker Gives Woman Beater An Instant Dose Of Karma At Waffle House

The incident started with a man yelling at his wife/girlfriend in the crowded restaurant. This escalated, and he started choking her.


Grandfather Of Teen Killed By Homeowner's Son During Burglary Claims AR-15 Made Fight ‘Unfair’

The grandfather of one of the three teen suspects killed during a break-in on Monday has spoken out for the first time.


Couple Tries To Murder Cop During Traffic Stop, Then The Officer Sees A Dark Blur Race Towards Him

A civilian decided to step in and save the day when he saw a police officer in upstate New York being attacked by a couple.


Waitress Gets '$0' Tip On '$187' Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

A waitress in Colorado used social media to teach a lesson about labor in America.


Straight, Married Father-Of-Three Says He's Been Wearing Skirts And Heels To Work For Years

Mark Brayan, a 61-year-old married dad, has been wearing skirts and heels for four years to challenge gender norms.


Mother Goes To Class With 'Misbehaved' Daughter, Comes Away With Long List Of Grievances

Kristina Brandy received an email from her daughter’s teacher, explaining that her child was misbehaving in class


Pilot Faces Investigation After Customer Snaps Photo Of His 'Offensive' Sticker, Shares It Online

The airline’s policy states that staffers can only wear official, preapproved badges or pins, and pilots can only wear three pins at a time.


FedEx Driver Shot And Robbed While Delivering Package, Returns Fire And Kills Robber

Police revealed that a FedEx driver involved in a shooting had a legally registered weapon.


Man Arrested Over 'Derogatory' Bumper Sticker On His Pickup Truck

There have been claims of America having a ‘free speech crisis’ where people are saying it's rampant on the internet and college campuses.

Image Of Woman In Convenience Store Goes Viral Promo Image

Photo Of Women In Convenience Store Turns Heads Online After People Notice Small Detail

A photo of two bikini-clad women standing at the check-out of a convenience store..


Husband Of Slain Officer Struggles Raising Newborn Baby, Then Gets a 32-Pound Delivery

A group of California mothers are taking it upon themselves to help a 4-month-old baby whose...


Little Girl Keeps Arriving Late & Exhausted To School, Then Police Check Her Dad’s SUV

A father who had just moved to Colorado from Oklahoma noticed police officers looking into the windows of his car.


Mother Snaps Photo Of Kids At Beach, Is Floored When She Realizes What Else It Caught

A mother's photo of her daughter and a friend is going viral.


Oklahoma Liquor Store Faces Backlash Over ‘Offensive’ Sign

The store management stands by it because they simply find...


Young Girls Steal Parking Spot Dad Was Waiting For At Applebee’s, His Revenge Is Priceless

In a Reddit post, an unnamed father recounted an incident at an Applebee’s, where he’d taken his family for dinner.


Man Finds Car Crash Victim On Highway, Takes Full Advantage Of Her Helpless Position

A woman is warning people about a callous man who took advantage of her unfortunate situation and robbed her on Highway 114 in Irving.


Soldier Starts Ordering Meal At Taco Bell, Stops In His Tracks When He Hears Two Boys Behind Him

While in the restaurant, two boys walked in and began asking the customers if they were interested in buying the homemade sweets they had with them.


Family Dollar Sparks Outrage After Putting Up 'Discriminatory' Sign

Family Dollar stores decided to take action to protect the stores...


Stranger Waits For Mom To Leave Waiting Room, Hands Her Son Envelope With Stunning Note Inside

An Alabama mother who was having a tough day was shocked when she looked inside the envelope her son handed to her...


Bartender Initially Denies Beer For ‘Soldier’, Sends Clear Message On Customer’s Bill

A bartender in Washington took to Facebook to share the story of what happened when he ignored state laws to honor a fallen soldier.


4 Officers Walk Out Of WNBA Game Over Players' Offensive Shirts

The players were wearing black T-shirts that had the...


Boy Calls Parents During Burglary While Home Alone, Dad Who's An Off-Duty Cop Arrives And Fatally Shoots Burglar

A veteran off-duty City of Miami officer shot and killed a previously convicted burglar in the driveway of his southwest Miami-Dade home.


Gunfight Between 79-Year-Old Army Vet And Gun Shop Burglars Ends With 1 Person Dead

The suspects had already taken some guns, with deputies finding one on the road and others by the building.


Pedophile Sexually Abused Newborn Baby, Faints In Court When Judge Reads His Sentence

The 45-year-old came to a few minutes later as Judge McConnell stated that the only way he could ensure that Goodman wouldn’t commit any more depravities was to lock him up for life.


Dad Sends Son One Final Text After Getting Child Support Demand For Almost $17k

A father committed suicide after he received a letter demanding he pay nearly $17,000 in child support for his son.


Topless Influencer's Video Turns Into Tragedy As She Hangs Out Of Moving Car's Window

She was hanging out of the passenger side window as the driver recorded her stunt on a mobile phone...


Miley Cyrus' Sister Turns Heads Over 'Inappropriate' Outfit During Performance

Noah’s choice of outfit did not impress many of the CMT Awards viewers.


Man Starts Throwing Punches At Elderly Gentleman, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma

The video shows an elderly man standing outside of a shopping center with a bag on the ground next to him.


Outback Workers Turn Heads Online After People See Message They Left On Cops’ Receipt

A woman’s act of kindness towards police officers in Slidell, Louisiana, went viral.


Mom Straps Her Newborn In Car Seat, Throws Her Out 2nd-Story Window Before Taking Her Last Breaths

Shelby Carter is being hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved her newborn daughter’s life on Monday.

Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men Has One Goal At This Point Promo Image

Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men Has One Goal At This Point

The 49-year-old single mother has 10 children with five different men.


Officer Hears What Employee Says To Him, Sits In Silence For A Minute And Then Takes Action

When a Tennessee police officer found out the woman in front of him covered his breakfast at a fast food drive-thru, he decided to pay her back in his own way.

car jacker

2 Men Try Carjacking ‘Helpless’ Florida Woman, Pay The Price

When they arrived, the suspects were armed and demanded the keys to the car that Kalaeb was driving.