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car jacker

2 Men Try Carjacking ‘Helpless’ Florida Woman, Pay The Price

When they arrived, the suspects were armed and demanded the keys to the car that Kalaeb was driving.


Dollar Store Clerk Shoots And Kills Armed Robber, Grieving Family Demand Justice

A man who was shot during an attempted robbery at a Dayton Dollar General has been identified.

This Woman Quit Her Job So She Could Breastfeed Her BF Every 2 Hours - Here's Why Promo Image

Woman Takes Time Off From Work To Breastfeed Boyfriend Every 2 Hours

Mulford said she wasn't familiar with ABR until she stumbled across it online.


Frustrated Mom Gets Stuck Behind Slow Car, Takes Picture Of Sign On Their Window

The vehicle seemed to be having some problems, although she had no idea what – until she got close enough to read the sign posted on the back window of the Ford.


Boy Almost Dies And Comes Back To Life, Says Jesus Gave Him This Message For The World

A boy was resuscitated after a car crash and said he met Jesus while in a coma -- sharing a stunning message in the process.


Dad Shoots Robber To Defend His Family, Grieving Mom Asks ‘Why Did He Shoot Him Five Times'

The man, who had a license to carry a concealed weapon, took the opportunity...


Man Who Sexually Abused 200 Children Met With Gruesome Fate In Prison

Huckle was serving a minimum of 25 years in prison for 191 sexual offences against children as young as six months following his 2016 Old Bailey trial.


UPS Driver Sees Note On Package, Helps Rescue Mom And 3-Year-Old Child

A UPS driver has been hailed by cops in Franklin County, Missouri, for saving a woman who had allegedly been beaten by her husband and held captive in her home for 15 hours.

Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men Has One Goal At This Point Promo Image

Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From 5 Different Men Has One Goal At This Point

The 49-year-old single mother has 10 children with five different men.


Bar's Front Door Sign 'Sparks Outrage', Manager Claims It's 'Increased Business'

While Victor Fiorillo went out for a drink at night, he decided to go to the Old Philadelphia Bar in the City of Brotherly Love.


Officer Responds To Child Abuse Call. When He Arrives At The Home, He Meets His Son

One call in 2015 changed Officer Thompson’s life forever...


Mom Recovering From Heroin Addiction Shares Photo At Her Lowest Point, Here’s How She Looks Now

The images show Matos struggling to keep her eyes open, with sores and marks on her face.


Man Asks To Be Buried With All Of His Money, Wife Responds Accordingly

The man said he had worked hard for his money and asked his wife that he be buried with it when his time came.


Mom Faces Backlash Over Activity With Her Baby Daughter, People Say It’s ‘Weird And Unnatural’

She has been doing it ever since, which gives mom Julia a break from childrearing.


Woman Notices McDonald’s Employee In Back Corner With Disabled Man, Acts Fast

A Chicago woman was shocked by what she saw an employee of her local McDonald's doing with a disabled elderly man.


Bartender Initially Denies Beer For ‘Soldier’, Sends Clear Message On Customer’s Bill

A bartender in Washington took to Facebook to share the story of what happened when he ignored state laws to honor a fallen soldier.


BLM Activists March Through Seattle Neighborhood, Tell White Residents ‘Give Us Your Homes'

Black Lives Matter protestors stormed a Seattle neighborhood and using obscenities, accused white residents of gentrification and stealing their property, before demanding that they “give black people back their homes.”


Trucker Gives Woman Beater An Instant Dose Of Karma At Waffle House

The incident started with a man yelling at his wife/girlfriend in the crowded restaurant. This escalated, and he started choking her.


Couple Preparing To Eat Taco Bell Found Dead At Table, Then Cops Notice What's Right Beside Them

Police are investigating after a Michigan couple was found dead at their kitchen table.


Little Girl Keeps Arriving Late & Exhausted To School, Then Police Check Her Dad’s SUV

A father who had just moved to Colorado from Oklahoma noticed police officers looking into the windows of his car.


Mother Snaps Photo Of Kids At Beach, Is Floored When She Realizes What Else It Caught

A mother's photo of her daughter and a friend is going viral.


4 Officers Walk Out Of WNBA Game Over Players' Offensive Shirts

The players were wearing black T-shirts that had the...

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 7.15.04 PM

BBQ Food Truck Owner Faces Backlash For Selling 'Offensive' LGBTQ T-Shirts

A Northern Kentucky BBQ food truck has become the subject of great talk...


Pilot Faces Investigation After Customer Snaps Photo Of His 'Offensive' Sticker, Shares It Online

The airline’s policy states that staffers can only wear official, preapproved badges or pins, and pilots can only wear three pins at a time.


Woman Demands Nestle ‘Give In’ To Her Demand, Company Issues Statement In Response

A woman made headlines after she demanded that Nestle provide her with a...


Mother Goes To Class With 'Misbehaved' Daughter, Comes Away With Long List Of Grievances

Kristina Brandy received an email from her daughter’s teacher, explaining that her child was misbehaving in class


Trans Woman Spends $76K To Get 'The Perfect Female Body', Here's What She Looked Like Before

Pellegrino was born with the name Fulvio and has the full backing of her wife Marisa, reports Daily Mail.


Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Child Support 50 Years After Divorce, Gets More Than She Expected

Anderson’s case might set a precedent for similar cases in the future...


Family Pulls Out Camera For Proof Of What McDonald’s Put On All Of Their Sandwiches

While visiting the area from New York, the family stopped by a Decatur McDonald's, where they placed an order for 14 sandwiches, reports.