Gas Station Owner Tired Of Seeing Low-Income People Struggle Turns Heads With Blunt Sign

The store is nondescript, with nothing out of the ordinary until you get to the sign on a refrigerator window near where the milk is.


Marine’s Ashes Were Going To Be Mailed To Mom In A Box, Bikers Step In To Ensure A Proper Delivery

The Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders made their way across Oklahoma before getting to the Arkansas border to hand over the remains of a Marine who passed away in California.

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Oklahoma Liquor Store Faces Backlash Over ‘Offensive’ Sign

The store management stands by it because they simply find...


Man With Tattooed Face Who Couldn’t Find Job Turns Heads Over Photos Of Him Before Tattoos

Photos of a young father's face before he tattooed it in jail are going viral on social media.


Man On Bike Punches 60-Year-Old Woman, 4 Hero Firefighters Immediately Chase Him Down

After New York City firefighters witnessed a man on a bicycle randomly punch a woman on the sidewalk a few feet from the fire station, they immediately started chasing after him.


Idaho Sheriff’s Deputies Stop To Grab Lunch, Server Turns Heads After Slipping Them A Note

When they asked for their final bill, the deputies instead received a note reading:


Outback Workers Turn Heads Online After People See Message They Left On Cops’ Receipt

A woman’s act of kindness towards police officers in Slidell, Louisiana, went viral.


Man Shot After Exchange Of Gun Fire With Police, Family Demands Justice

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is looking into a fatal officer-involved shooting.


Grand Jury Decides Whether To Press Charges Against Dad Who Beat His Daughter's Rapist To Death

A Texas father who caught a man raping his five-year-old will not be charged with homicide for beating the rapist to death with his bare hands.


Man Sees Cop Who Put Him In Prison At BBQ, Approaches Without Warning To Repay Him

A heartwarming moment between a Texas City police officer and a man he arrested eight years earlier was caught on camera, and is going viral on social media.


Child Rapist Gets 43-Year Sentence, Ends Up In Same Jail Cell As His Victim's Big Brother

The Washington State Patrol has concluded its investigation into the Airway Heights inmate murder, determining that there was little the guards could have done to prevent the June killing.


3 Armed Burglars Try To Rob 62-Year-Old Marine Veteran, Pay The Price

He pointed to a plexiglass frame, which he had installed after a previous burglary where the robbers stole with his cancer medication.


City Bans Family From Selling At Farmers Market Because Of Their 'Offensive' Religious Beliefs

Having been prohibited from selling their produce because of their certain belief...


US Women's Soccer Team Turns Heads After Wearing Uniforms With Political Message

Ahead of the game, members of the team released a statement on social media: "We wear Black Lives Matter to affirm human decency..


Porn Star Dies Weeks After Facing Backlash For 'Inappropriate' Photo Of George Floyd Mural

A former porn star whose real name is Lauren Scott, was found dead just weeks after she was slammed online for posing in front of a George Floyd mural topless.


Cop Finds 'Offensive' Message On Cake For Work Anniversary, Bakery Calls It A 'Honest Mistake'

When she got the cake and took it to her friend’s office for the celebration, he noticed that the PPD badge on the cake had the words “Coffee, Corruption, Donuts”


Girl Calls Police Over Dad's Punishment For 'Breaking The Law', Doesn't Go According To Plan

She went on to tell the operator that her father would not be happy that she had called police, but that she did it anyway.


Walmart Shopper Snaps Picture Of Employee Fulfilling Man's Request For Assistance

When Meghann Shaw went to her local Walmart for a prescription refill, she did not expect to also get a lesson in kindness and compassion.


5-Year-Old Left In Tears On His Birthday After Traumatic Encounter With Police In His Front Yard

A Wynnewood police officer had just shot their family dog, Opie, a three-year-old American Bulldog and Pit Bull mix.


Britney Spears Sparks Mental Health Concerns After Sharing A Montage Of Nude Photos

To celebrate her conservative battle victory, Britney Spears posted a series of naked pics while on vacation in “paradise” with fiancé Sam Asghari.


Franchise Restaurant Owner Asked To Remove Sign After Sparking Controversy

The sign was slammed on social media, with various users pointing out that various V Pizza restaurants received...


Girl Dies In Car Crash, What Officer Found Near Wreck Has Him Driving Hundreds Of Miles

The crash, which took the life of 19-year-old McKenzie Amanda Grace Catron, was so terrifying and devastating that it caused the young woman's dog, Kai, to run off.


Texas Steak House In Hot Water Over 'Offensive' Table Message

The message, as seen on the picture, claims that the establishment is experiencing staff shortages and that patrons are urged to remain patient as they waited for service.


Convict Deemed 'Too Old To Be A Threat' Gets Released, Commits Almost Identical Crime Again

He is now back in jail for killing another woman in an identical manner.


Officer Thinks About Writing Panhandler A Ticket, Tells Him To Get Into His Cruiser Instead

Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Swalwell has seen the same older man begging drivers for money at a busy freeway off-ramp for years.


Desperate Grandpa Rushes To Walmart With Cash In Hand, Employee Refuses His Request

Cecil Rodgers was excited to spend Christmas with his children at his home in Elmwood Place until he received a call from someone claiming to be his grandson.

one of Diane Wagner's alimony checks

Man Allegedly Sues Ex-Wife Over ‘Rude’ Messages She Writes On Alimony Checks

A New Jersey woman is being sued by her ex-husband for reportedly writing “bum” and “loser” on the weekly alimony checks she sends him.


Mayor Sees Assignments School Gave To Students, Tells School Board: 'Resign Or You Will Be Charged'

Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio, is calling for the resignation of the entire Board of Education after high school seniors were assigned a book...


Armed Carjacker Dies While Fleeing Police, Mom Demands Answers: 'He Was Not A Criminal'

Police said that a police car fatally struck a carjacking suspect as he and two others were fleeing from the car late Sunday afternoon.


Officer Pulls Over 'Upset' Truck Driver For Speeding, Driver Asks Him 'Do You Know How To Pray?'

Seeing a police vehicle behind you can be stressful, even more so when you’ve just learned that your daughter is dying from cancer.


Gun Owner Shoots And Kills Burglar Then Goes Back To Sleep Before Calling 911, Gets Arrested

A Dallas homeowner allegedly shot and killed a would-be burglar and then went back to bed.


11-Year-Old Boy Dies Suddenly After Eating Cake

Because Debbs did not know much about food allergies...


Mom Reads Anal Sex Passage From School Library Book, Keeps Going After They Cut Her Mic

Kara Bell, a mother and former Lake Travis Independent School District board member candidate, was outraged when she stood to address a board meeting last week.


Brothers Sue For $25M After Getting Shot By Cop They Allegedly Attacked, Jury Reaches Verdict

A jury found that Olympia Officer Ryan Donald did not violate the constitutional rights of two brothers when...

Woman Doesn't Pull Over On Abandoned Street For Police, Drives To Public Area, Pays The Price Promo Image

Woman Doesn't Pull Over On Dark Deserted Road For Police, Drives To Public Area, Pays The Price

Good claimed that she did not want to stop on the deserted road even though it seemed like a police officer was attempting to pull her over.


Woman Who 'Falsely Accused' Army Colonel Of Raping Her Learns Fate

Her claims came amid a storm of media scrutiny of the prominence of sexual assault in the military...


Bikers Storm Neighborhood Looking For Bullied Teen Who Steps Out To Confront Them

Suddenly, a group of leather-clad, tough-looking bikers rode onto Zane’s street...


Fire Department Launches Investigation Over Photo Of Recruits' 'Offensive' Hand Gestures

Users were quick to point out that some recruits in the picture were showing...


Man Defends Child Porn Claiming He Identifies As An '8-Year-Old Girl,' Judge Issues Sentence

A convicted sex offender who claims that he identifies as an eight-year-old girl will spend at least 10 years in jail after dozens of images of child pornography were discovered on his home computer.


Mom Recovering From Heroin Addiction Shares Photo At Her Lowest Point, Here’s How She Looks Now

The images show Matos struggling to keep her eyes open, with sores and marks on her face.


Search For Missing Mom Ends After Her 8-Year-Old Son Makes Admission To School Counselor

Rebecca had last been seen on August 2, and Judson filed for divorce a day later. Officials maintain that she was already dead at the time.

Waffle House Waitress Picks Up Shift For Extra Money, Man's Tip Leaves Her 'Sick' Promo Image

Waffle House Waitress Says She Felt ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ After Seeing Customer’s Tip On Receipt

A waitress at a Tennessee Waffle House was shocked when she saw what was written in the tip line on a customer's receipt.


Starbucks Barista Allegedly Shames 11-Year-Old Girl, Writes Offensive Message On Coffee Cup

She stated that the incident occurred in the Starbucks at the retail park Fort Kinnaird in Edinburgh.