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Opposing Views is one of the largest and fastest-growing digital news providers.

We use social, mobile and video to deliver up-to-the-minute news to a smart and savvy audience with a reach of 23 million unique visitors per month.

Our approach makes us a trusted leader in political, world, social and health news for the digital age. Opposing Views sites include and

Unprecedented Growth

opposing views unprecendented growth

Opposing Views has expanded rapidly with an unprecedented 5X year-over-year growth in unique visitors.

Our growth is fueled by our expertise in building a fiercely passionate and loyal audience through social media and mobile content.

Our Traffic: 65% From Social Platforms

A Trusted Source

Opposing Views brings hard-hitting news and analysis to an engaged, quality audience. An experienced editorial staff carefully selects the day's hot-button stories and ensures that they are presented to readers in a fair-minded and easily understandable way.

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Our Audience: Mobile and Engaged

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Opposing Views is an expert in developing an engaged audience through social media and mobile content, which has helped us build a fiercely passionate and loyal online community.

60 Million Unique Social Users Per Month

3 Million Followers Across Facebook

Over 70% Of Our Traffic Is Mobile


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Opposing Views presents socially engaging videos, including politics, world news, local news clips, analyses and viral stories.

Our self-produced videos inform, entertain and build loyalty for Opposing Views and our Partners.

30 Million Video Views Per Month

Branded Publishing

Opposing Views collaborates with partners to create custom content that’s as compelling as it is informative. Our expansive reach allows us to drive targeted users to branded content, distributing it across screens to a mass or niche audience and increasing overall brand awareness and recognition.

opposing views creative team The Opposing Views creative team works with partners to create custom content.
opposing views brand publishing Opposing Views finds the right audience to discover the partner’s content across Opposing Views and on social.
opposing views success Opposing Views delivers actionable insights, including social reach, social engagement, pageviews, demographics, time on page and more.

Customer Service

Opposing Views offers superior customer service including continual monitoring, optimization, building brand content and reporting that measures the data our partners truly care about.

opposing views client service opposing views customer service

Contact Information

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