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Opposing Views provides balanced coverage in an increasingly partisan media climate. We give an unfiltered look at politics, societal issues, international affairs and culture to help you make informed decisions on what matters most.

Mission Statement

Dear Readers,

It is our mission to tell you the truth— no hidden agendas, no secret intentions; just the truth: unfiltered, undisguised and well-informed.

Like you, we think the truth is a rare thing in the news business. So at Opposing Views, we strive to be different.

We don’t create content to serve a political agenda; we create content that's fair, balanced and nonpartisan. We are not here to serve anyone else’s motives; we are here to give you the facts and to put you in the heart of the debate.

At Opposing Views, we know you don’t need to be told how to think; you need the truth so that you can decide for yourself who to trust.

- Opposing Views

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