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11An Answer to Autism's $100,000 Question

11Forced Assessment Of - Treatment For Autism?

11Breastmilk Kills Cancer Cells

It's been known for some time that a component of breastmilk, called human alpha-lactalbubin made lethal to tumor cells (HAMLET for short!) causes cancer cells to die. One press report explains: Although the special substance, known as HAMLET (Human Alpha

11MS Patient Who Grew Marijuana Found Guilty, Faces 5-10 Years

11No Link to Tiger Woods and Steroids Doctor, Agent Says

11Should Medical Marijuana Be Used to Treat Kids With Autism?

11FDA Warns of Illegal Swine Flu Drugs on the Internet

11New Evidence Marijuana is Safe and Effective

11New Research Says Marijuana "Safe & Effective Medicine"

11Study Says it's Possible to Leave Homosexuality

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