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West Virginia Girl

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11Steubenville Rape Defendant Trent Mays Admitted Performing Sex Acts On 16-Year-Old Girl

“Big Red” quarterback Trent Mays admitted in text messages that he used his hand to penetrate a 16-year-old girl and also sent messages to his buddies trying to persuade them to cover up what had happened.

Mays, 17, is one of two Steubenville, Ohio, high school football players accused of raping a West Virginia girl last summer. The other defendant is 16-year-old wide receiver Ma’Lik Richmond. Both players have been charged. Mays is also facing a charge of child pornography because he took photos of the victim that eventually leaked to social media.  

“Just say she came to your house and passed out,” Mays texted the friend who hosted the party where the incident occurred. Defense lawyers for the young men are saying that the sex was consensual, but witnesses have said that girl was so wasted that she vomited and had difficulty walking and talking, according to The Daily News.

She also sent text messages that implied she was drugged. “Swear to God I don’t remember doing anything with them,” the girl wrote in a text message to a boy who supposedly witnessed the assaults. “I wasn’t being a slut. They were taking advantage of me.”

The case has received a lot of attention because some people have claimed that authorities are letting other players who saw what happened off the hook because high school football is such a huge part of the local community. One judge and one prosecutor were forced to recuse themselves from the case because they had connections to the team.

Outside of the courthouse on Thursday, two dozen protesters were holding signs in support of the girl and wearing the masks that have become the symbol of hacktivist group Anonymous. Earlier this year, the group posted a picture of the defendants carrying the girl by her ankles and wrists. If convicted, Mays and Richmond could be imprisoned in a juvenile jail until they turn 21.

Source: The Daily News

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