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11Teens Arrested After Filming Themselves Attacking Random Man (Video)

Police have arrested three teens they say randomly attacked and robbed a man in Dayton, Ohio last month.

According to reports, the attack happened on March 7 when the high school students from Stivers School of the Arts videotaped themselves randomly assaulting the man, 51-year-old Ronald Baird.

"Oh that's me right there, definitely. He's sneaking up, I didn't even know he was coming,” said Baird while watching video of the attack. “I didn't even see that coming. I was like what the heck.”

The teens were able to take $3 from Baird before running off. A teacher at Stivers notified police of the incident after seeing the video on a student’s phone.

"They were emulating something they probably saw before online,” said Dayton Police Detective Nathan Curley. “It doesn't really make a lot of sense. You would think what are they trying to gain from this? They didn't get a lot of money. Didn't get a lot of property. They were looking for some kind of level of respect from their peers. Some street credibility for robbing random people filming it and showing the video. It is sad."

Baird was reportedly treated for minor injuries, and now, all three teens are in juvenile detention facing charges.

"It's terrible," said Baird. "It's petty, I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I hope these guys learn from what they did."

Officer Curley says he hopes other teens will learn from this and realize that what they’re doing is not funny.

“I think that this is kind of a copy cat thing,” said Curley. “They’re seeing other people online, on YouTube, doing this and they think it’s cool. Obviously, there is a victim in this crime who was injured and hurt, and I would say would you like someone to do this to your relative?”

Officials are reportedly attempting to try the teens as adults.

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11Toddler Smokes Joint Given To Him By Parent (Video)

A disturbing video has recently surfaced on Reddit showing a young child, who doesn’t appear to be older than 3 years old, being handed a joint by the person filming and taking a puff.

The video was posted on Reddit yesterday and, so far, over 500 people have commented on it.

“After watching this I immediately downloaded the video, took screenshots and reported it to CPS in California as it is where the user is from,” wrote user skidoorider21. “This is no environment for a child to be in. He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down.”

Many users were quick to point out that the poster on Vine was not the original source of the video but expressed hope that the original poster would be tracked down.

“I looked at the guys Twitter and he had said he did not film it, only reposted it,” wrote user DudeInUSA. “Still, it needs to get out there so the person who did film it can be tracked down.”

Watch it here: https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/2FC74F0DDD1066182929622913024_167812c6b24...

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11Video Shows Bully Getting A Taste Of Her Own Medicine (Video)

The latest viral video circulating the web proves that what goes around really does come back around.

The minute-and-a-half long clip shows an overweight boy being beaten up by a girl on what appears to be a school bus. The girl repeatedly smacks and kicks the boy while he begs her to leave him alone. Throughout the clip, other students can be heard asking the girl to stop so that they can get home, but she continues to beat the other kid.

After taking too much, the boy loses his composure, pushes the girl away, and grabs her by her hair. The girl continues to fight back, and the boy, who at this point clearly has had enough, puts her in a chokehold. The girl’s brother, who prior to this failed to stop the violence from happening, steps in and throws punches at the bullied boy so he doesn’t strangle his sister to death.

By the end of the video, the bullied boy lets the visibly shaken girl out of the chokehold and politely asks, “You ok?”

The video was posted on Tuesday, and in just a day, it already has garnered over 660,000 views. Commenters all seem to be in agreement that the girl got what she deserved, with one user saying, “I'm a mother and I say, u get what u asked for. If that was my daughter I'd say she deserved it. Mine knows better though.”

Check out the clip below.

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11Man Punches Puppy In The Face In Latest Disturbing Viral Clip (Video)

A disturbing video that has recently gone viral shows a man repeatedly punching a dog in the face in an act of revenge against his girlfriend, and now, that man could face serious charges.

Tom-Jan Hüsch, 20, angrily punches the defenseless dog, a gift from his former girlfriend, in the face during the 45-second video. According to reports, the German man’s girlfriend recently broke up with him, so he made the video to get back at her. In addition to hurting the dog, Hüsch threatens to kill it and anyone else who makes him angry.

Authorities say the 10-week-old puppy lost a tooth, suffered a concussion, and had a swollen face after the brutal beating. After receiving the video, Hüsch’s girlfriend reported it to local police in Germany, and Hüsch was sent to a mental hospital for treatment. If convicted of violence against the dog, Hüsch could face up to 3 years in prison under German animal protection laws.

After the video went viral, many different websites were reporting that Hüsch was assaulted by someone who tracked him down once they saw the video, but the latest reports say those claims were fabricated and that the pictures showing his badly bruised face were photoshopped.

The puppy is now reportedly living with a loving foster family and is recovering from the injuries it sustained.

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11Student Tells Principal He's Disappointed In Him, Gets Arrested (Video)

The arrest of a student at Lake Central High School was caught on video and has quickly gone viral.

Lake Central High School reportedly refused to acknowledge the suicide of a former student. The refusal led students to stage a public protest.

The students believed the school was responsible for acknowledging the former student's death, even though he was not currently enrolled, reports Lake Central News. Previously, they apparently had made an announcement for enrolled students who died. 

School administrators went to the two areas where students were peacefully protesting. They encouraged students to return to class, and said that possible consequences for failing to adhere to this included suspension.

“I went not to rebel or get out of class,” one student told Lake Central News. “I went for Mike. He is one of us and to not stand up for one just like myself would be cowardly of me.”

When the principal arrived at the protest he was greeted with “ohs.” A student then apparently asked the student body to show some respect.

After an observed moment of silence in the room, things changed when the principal spoke to the students. He said he was disappointed in the students, reports The Free Thought Project.

In response, an unnamed student said, “And we’re disappointed in you too.”   Minutes later he was reportedly taken from the room by two police officers.  

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11Skydiver Captures Mid-Air Video Of Falling Meteorite (Video)

A Norwegian skydiver captured what scientists say is an extremely rare occurrence when a meteorite flew past him in mid-air while he was in the middle of a jump.

Anders Helstrup was jumping in the summer of 2012 when the space rock flew past him, but during the jump, he wasn’t actually aware that it had happened.

“I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn’t register what was happening,” said Helstrup to NRK Norway.

After he landed, Helstrup decided to go back through the footage to see if something happened, and right away, he noticed the rock fly past him.

“When we stopped the film, we could clearly see something that looked like a stone,” said Helstrup. “At first it crossed my mind that it had been packed into a parachute, but it’s simply too big for that.”

He and some helpers decided to take a couple of days to go back to the site and search for the meteorite.

“We continued the search during the summer,” said Helstrup. “I got my girlfriend, family and friends to join the project. We searched the forest and kept looking.”

Helstrup decided to bring the footage to the Natural History Museum in Oslo where scientists were completely shocked and totally convinced that it was a meteorite.

“It can’t be anything else,” said Hans Amundsen, a seasoned geologist. “The shape is typical of meteorites – a fresh fracture surface on one side, while the other side is rounded.”

Amundsen said that the meteorite had fallen straight down in a stage called “dark flight” and claimed that this is the first time in history that’s ever been caught on camera.

“It has never happened before that a meteorite has been filmed during dark flight,” said Amundsen. “This is the first time in world history.” He added that the chances of filming a meteorite like Helstrup did are “much less likely than winning the lottery three times in a row.”

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11Viral Video Shows Two Women Being Brutally Stripped And Beaten In Broad Daylight (Video)

Two sisters in Cincinnati are coming forward after they were brutally attacked by a group of women and video of the incident was spread on social media.

The disturbing video shows the sisters, aged 20 and 21, being kicked, punched, and stripped naked by the group of women in broad daylight. One bystander captured the beating on a cell phone, but during the ordeal, not one person stepped in to help.

“I feared for my life,” said the 21-year-old anonymous victim. “I just thought I was going to die right there on that ground."

Detective Tracy Jones said that one of the attackers, Kianna McMeans, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. A second woman, Jakeda Phillips, is currently wanted by police.

“You see the video of two females getting stripped down naked, basically humiliated out there and beat to a pulp,” said Jones. “As you can imagine from the video, they have significant bruising about their face and body. They felt like they had been humiliated out there in public. It is very brutal. As a police department, we don’t stand for that. We're trying to get these people into custody as soon as we can.”

The two victims claim that the night before, they had gone out to a dance club with McMeans. The suspect was allegedly assaulted while they were out, and after that incident, she accused the two victims of failing to stick up for her. The next morning, McMeans arrived at the sisters’ door with a group of girls.

“All the girls started punching me in my face and pulling my hair,” said the 20-year-old victim to WLWT. “They dragged me down to the ground and ripped my dress off of me and dragged me out of the house and beat me and kicked me in my face. I was very, very, very humiliated that I was out there without no clothes on and everybody was just standing there looking at me. Nobody would give me a telephone to use. They didn't care if they killed us, the way they were stomping my sister in the head. They didn't care what happened after that."

Authorities say that the group of women stole the sisters’ purses, wallets, and cellphones. The value of those items in total is reportedly $1,100. Police are still on the hunt for Jakeda Phillips and hope that the community will help them find the other suspects shown in the video.

Photo source: WCPO Cincinnati 

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11Construction Worker Rescued From Massive Fire In Houston Apartment Building (Video)

Video of a building under construction that caught fire in Houston on Tuesday was uploaded to Youtube today. The most stunning part: a construction worker who narrowly escaped the flames.

Karen Jones, who recorded the footage from a nearby building, feared for the man’s life.

“When we saw his foot slip,” Jones said, “we thought he was going to be gone.”

In the footage, a construction worker stands on an unfinished fifth floor balcony. At one point, the flames become so intense that he is forced to leap to the fourth floor balcony below.

As firefighters inch closer, the construction worker jumps from the balcony to the firefighter’s ladder, much to the relief of Jones and other onlookers.

As the ladder begins to retract, part of the fifth floor wall collapses and nearly lands on both men.

Fortunately, the fire was brought under control with no reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Times Picayne

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11Children Posting Video Tutorials On How To Get Their Teachers Fired (Video)

A recent investigation has uncovered numerous disturbing YouTube videos in which school-aged children give tutorials on how they got their teachers fired.

One video was posted by a student who explains how he got his teacher fired by falsely accusing her of things she didn’t do.

"So I had this teacher, right, Ms. Keller, and I just didn't like her. So you know what, I said, let me just get her fired," said the boy in the video. "So I went to the principal, and instead of saying I was molested, you need to play the victim."

Another video shows two young boys describing how they got a teacher fired just because they didn’t like that she made them follow a color-coded classroom management schedule. The boys explain that they used hidden cameras to create evidence against the teacher, even going so far as to start a petition aimed at getting her fired. The teacher left her job, but not before the two students went to the principal to make their claims. In the video, both students proudly boast about what they did.

"I don't think at the age those students are they realized the can ruin a person's home life," said Gaye Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, to My Fox Houston. "Their family often turns on them, they ruin their career, they ruin their reputation in the community."

Chris Tritico, a Houston lawyer who regularly represents teachers, calls the videos “disgusting” and says that teachers should refrain from having personal interactions with students if possible.

"Students are not your friends," said Tritico. "This is a professional relationship, and you should always treat it that way."

The videos are relatively easy to find, and as one YouTube user points out, all he had to do was search “how to get my teacher fired” to help him figure out a way to do just that.

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11California CPS Goes After Father Who Recorded Them After His Daughter Was Wrongfully Taken Away (Video)

37-year-old Scott Rolick is fighting back against California Child Protective Services after he says they wrongly took his daughter away, placed her in a lice-infested, abusive, and unsafe foster home, and made up lies in their reports to make it more difficult for him to get her back.

The situation began when the father of Rolick’s wife Sara was busted for selling drugs miles away from the home. Sara’s father had been living with the couple and their young daughter, so when police searched the home and found a small amount of drugs that the 70-year-old had kept there, they immediately investigated to see if Scott and Sara were involved. Both were given drugs tests, which they passed, and were found to be completely innocent, but CPS still took their daughter Stevie out of the home and placed her with a foster family. Sara’s father no longer lives with them, and despite being cleared of any wrongdoing on the couple’s part, CPS refuses to place Stevie back with her parents.

According to reports, CPS documents claim that Scott and Sara were arrested and found to have been using drugs, but in reality, those allegations are false. CPS told Rolick that in order to help his own case and get his daughter back, he has to take parenting classes and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Understandably, Rolick has refused this, so CPS will still not give Stevie back to her parents.

Scott decided to take matters into his own hands, and began filming interactions with CPS workers. The first video, posted below, is a recording of a CPS worker, and the second is a recording of CPS supervisor Carmin Franko reprimanding Rolick for recording a CPS worker in the first place. Franko claims that it is illegal to record a government agent, and now, CPS is going after the father.

As punishment for recording the worker, CPS is relinquishing visitation rights from Rolick, saying that he can only see his daughter if it is supervised.

Despite backlash from CPS and more troubles that lie ahead, Rolick says that he’ll continue to fight the agency because it’s the right thing to do.

“I’ll go to jail for this because it needs to be exposed,” said Rolick.

It doesn’t appear that CPS has made a statement regarding this case, and as of the latest update, Stevie is still living in the abusive foster home.

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