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11Rep. Steve Cohen Tweets Flirts to Cyndi Lauper

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) recently flirted with 1980s pop singer Cyndi Lauper on Twitter, but then deleted it.

According to Politico.com, Rep. Cohen tweeted: "@cyndilauper great night, couldn't believe how hot u were.see you again next Tuesday.try a little tenderness. http://t.co/zz4Orccryf," from his verified Twitter account.

Unfortunately for Rep. Cohen, Politwoops actually documents and saves deleted tweets by politicians.

Rep. Cohen also tweeted and later deleted: "Cyndi, Wow what a night! See you next Tuesday and Try a little tenderness again! Wow! What a special night. Thanks Steve," according to Politwoops.com.

Michael Pagan, a spokesman for Rep. Steve Cohen, wasn't sure what the tweets were referencing and later said "no comment" to Politico.com.

Apparently, Rep. Cohen and the singer attended a White House event that celebrated Memphis soul music, reports the Associated Press.

"No personal relationship, he may have been at that Memphis taping at White House earlier in the week that she performed at but she met a whole bunch of people that day," Lauper's publicist wrote to Politico.com in an email.

Another move that raised eyebrows was when Rep. Cohen brought up Lauper today on the House floor.

“While there were a lot of great performers there, I want to put a particular shout-out to Ms. Cyndi Lauper, ‘cause she’s special,” said Rep. Cohen. “She’s a phenomenal lady and I give a special shout-out to Cyndi Lauper and Memphis music."

Sources: Politwoops, Associated Press, Politico.com

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11Jim Carrey Directs Gun Control Tweets at US Senators as Gun Control Legislation Looms

Actor-comedian Jim Carrey has released a flurry of tweets urging politicians to take a firm stand against gun violence as game-changing gun control legislation looms on the horizon.

He repeated the tweet, “Most want real gun reform.Stand up 4 them.Show them that a gov of,by and for the people has not perished from the earth.” He sent it to politicians like Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D, CA), Barbara Boxer (D, CA), and Ted Cruz (R, TX).

Carrey’s tweet probably won’t be the straw the breaks Cruz’s back. The Texan senator has been a strong supporter of gun rights and later tweeted, “Our rights as Americans matter most in times of crisis. If we don’t defend & uphold the Bill of Rights & Constitution, it cannot protect us.” Cruz has threatened to filibuster upcoming legislation that would require background checks on all firearm transactions.

Carrey has provoked a miniature uproar in the Twitter community. A few weeks ago, Carrey made waves when he released a Funny or Die video mocking Charleton Heston and gun rights advocates. Internet users and news commentators like Ann Coulter blasted Carrey for his gun control stance. Shortly thereafter, Carrey raised a few eyebrows when he admitted that his bodyguard carried a firearm.

Much like last time, members of the Twitter community have joined the debate. Jeff Green wrote, “Shut up, Jim. You don't speak for anyone but your elite friends. Most want our Constitution protected.” Another user added, “Is anyone listening to this has been? Super libs and hollywierd elitist = most people in his fantasy world.”

In all fairness, there are plenty of users who have Carrey’s back. TheLightwerkerz wrote, “taking a positive stand for good causes! WHERE ARE THE REST OF YA! SHOW YA FACE.”

Overall, Carrey’s tweets probably won’t provoke much of a change in the gun control debate – at least not as much as he did in Funny or Die video. The controversy around Carrey has already died down and he’s been labeled a hypocrite for deriding firearms while enjoying the protection of a gun-toting bodyguard on a daily basis.

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Amanda Bynes Responds to Critics on Twitter

Amanda Bynes took to Twitter to respond to everything that’s been written about her in the press. First off, she said she’s “suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I’ve gained weight then write a fake story!”

The reality is, “I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.” Bomb. Dropped.

She would also like that if you do write an article about her tweets, that you only use photos from her Twitter.

She’s also getting even with the people writing the articles. “I’m putting a photo up of everyone writing articles about me from now on. I ask you to choose photos from my twitter so I’ll do the same.”

I’m trying to think what the word for that would be. Gossip shaming? I don’t know but I’m pretty sure her plan has a good chance of backfiring and making her look even crazier. This is going to end well. I can feel it.

The post Amanda Bynes Denies, Denies, Denies on Twitter appeared first on The Blemish.

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11Anonymous Claims the Hacking of North Korea's Twitter

Hackers broke into two of North Korea's state run websites Thursday, amid a great deal of tension that has been brewing on the Korean peninsula since the U.S. began annual military training with South Korea.

Content posted to the Uriminzokkiri Twitter and Flickr accounts have changed dramatically. It posted a picture to Flickr that appears to be Kim Jong Un with a pig’s snout and a Mickey Mouse drawn on his exposed belly. The text below the picture says, "Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death."

The accounts may have been hacked by activist group Anonymous; another posting reads “We Are Anonymous.” A statement, allegedly from the hackers, circulating online claims the incident compromised 15,000 user records online, many hosted on Uriminzokkiri.com. North Korea’s official website was down on Thursday.

The North’s ultra pro-government Twitter account has over 13,000 followers. It was allegedly hacked by a Twitter account calling itself “Anonymous Korea.”

Sources: Mashable, Huffington Post


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11Restaurant Owner Noah Ellis Calls Out No-Show Reservations on Twitter

An owner of a popular restaurant in Beverly Hills lashed out on no-show reservations on Twitter Saturday night after a number of them did not show up during the busy dinner shift.

Noah Ellis, owner of Red Medicine, said no-shows happen all of the time, but he must have had enough on the night he listed several of their names on Twitter.

The restaurant is named one of the top fifty restaurants in the U.S. by Opinionated About Dining blog, and serves up Vietnamese fusion food.

On Saturday night, he called out the people who did not show up for their reservations.

"Hi Kyle Anderson (323), I hope you enjoyed your go's bday and the flowers that you didn't bring when you no-showed for your 815 res. Thanks," the first tweet said.

"Also, big thanks to Carlos MacManus, Colin Rolfs, Allison Joyce, Sam Java, Daniella Brown, and Matt Lopez for no-showing btw 730p-930p."

"All the nice guests who wonder why restaurants overbook and they sometimes have to wait for their res should thanks people like those below," the next tweet read.

When Eater LA contacted Ellis for comment, he had no regrets about posting the names.

"Invariably, the a** h*les who decide to no-show or cancel 20 minutes before their reservation (because one of their friends made a reservation somewhere else) ruin restaurants (as a whole) for the people who make a reservation and do their best to honor it," he said.

"Either restaurants are forced to overbook and make the guests (that actually showed up) wait, or they do what we do, turn away guests for some prime-time slots because they're booked, and then have empty seats."

Ellis said he has tried to think of other ways to prevent no-shows, like taking credit card numbers or using a ticketing system, but all have failed to solve it.

He is not sure if he will continue naming no-shows on Twitter.

Sources: Daily Mail, LA Eater

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George Galloway Thinks the UK Should Ban Twitter

The UK seems to have a rather interesting relationship with Twitter for some reason. For the purposes of this discussion, recall that UK police have demanded the deletion of photos from the microblogging site before, in some attempt to have the internet forget certain things happened. Also, keep handy the knowledge that, in the UK, you can apparently be jailed for acting like a jackass on Twitter.

With that in mind, it's ironic that acting like a jackass in government gets you a job as an MP. Such is the case, at least, with George Galloway, who is calling for a ban on Twitter nation-wide until the site agrees to fully cooperate with UK police in all of their many deluded demands.

Filing the motion named "Twitter and the detection of crime", the MP believes the social-networking site should defer to UK authorities or be sanctioned by the Government – those sanctions involving a ban on the service.

"Twitter is now a very widely used mode of social networking; is a US-based enterprise whose primary motivation is to maximise its profits; Twitter is now used for a variety of criminal activities including sending malicious communications," reads the filing.

Non-Brits like myself will recognize this tactic of wanting to ban services that don't bend over a barrel for local police, having seen it so many times with services like Craig's List. In the case of Twitter, the company already complies with police requests that are matters of life or death and does so voluntarily. What they don't allow is law enforcement to go on fishing expeditions in non-serious matters. Now, should you think that such petty action by UK LEOs is unlikely, please keep in your mind all the links provided above. Were I Twitter, I wouldn't want to open up that can of worms either.

Luckily, that prevailing opinion is that Mr. Galloway is simply trying to draw media attention to himself. The Parliament's own website concurs.

"Although there is very little prospect of EDMs being debated, many attract a great deal of public interest and frequently receive media coverage," claims the website, whilst summarising, "The majority will attract only one or two signatures."

Given Mr. Galloway's rather, ahem, colorful history, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by such a move on his part. That said, fear not, my dear Brits, Twitter will remain for now.

For more news, visit techdirt.com

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Amanda Bynes Not Shy In Attempt To Get Drake's Attention

I guess Amanda Bynes is still pretty much insane.  Right, Drake?

If you’ve ever wondered what getting hit on via twitter by Amanda Bynes is like, just ask the famous rapper, who was so delicately courted last night via twitter by the ex-Disney star.  Amanda said, and I QUOTE, “I want Drake to murder my vagina.”


Amanda has been behaving pretty irregularly in the past year an a half…hit and runs, shoplifting, crazy spinning class antics…and this little gem is probably just one more instance until Amanda gets her life together.

In the meantime, Drake: looks like Ms. Bynes is interested.

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Emma Stone's Twitter was Hacked

Emma Stone says her Twitter has been hacked, and that recent mysterious tweets seeming to imply that there’s some trouble in her relationship with Andrew Garfield are bogus.

Ryan Seacrest asked the actress about Twitter during an interview on his radio show on Thursday, after a series of cryptic messages appeared and were then deleted from Stone’s official account.


She was more than happy to clear the air.

“I have never tweeted,” Stone told Seacrest, clarifying, “I’ve tweeted one time to Seth MacFarlane. I said, ‘Me too, oh boy.’ And then I’ve been hacked ever since, and they locked me out of my Twitter so I can’t access it because they changed my email and my password, so we are trying to figure out how to delete it.”

One of the hacker tweets was an anagram for “Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree,” leading many observers to believe that Stone was saying something was going on between Garfield and their Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star Shailene Woodley.

Talking to Seacrest, Stone called Woodley “one of my favorite human beings on the planet” and swears the tweet did not come from her.

Listen to Stone explaining the Twitter mystery below!

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Gucci Mane Twitter Might Have Been Hacked

A few days ago Gucci Mane took to Twitter to let the world know that his rap protege Waka Flocka Flame was no longer a part of his 1017 Brick Squad label. His exact tweet was: “Wacka Flocka Flames officially dropped off brick squad 1017. Big Gwop say give me a offer for this disloyal lil nigga.”

But now, a rep from Gucci’s label is saying that the Atlanta rapper’s Twitter was hacked, yet the tweet remains on his timeline, and Gucci has yet to clear the air and apologize for the tweet.

“Gucci’s Twitter was hacked,” the rep, Rahim tweeted, according to Miss Info. “Just spoke with his manager. All kinds of crazy DMs and what not.”

Everyone knows just how crazy Gucci can be, so to avoid any further industry beef surrounding the rapper, it looks like Atlantic Records, along with Gucci’s manager, are trying to downplay his tweets by claiming that his Twitter was “hacked.”

Nice try, but we’re no fools. We know better. Anyone — whether you’re a celebrity, public figure, or just a regular person — whose Twitter was really hacked would immediately delete the offending tweet(s). Gucci’s reps probably advised him to delete the tweet, but of course he more than likely refused because he meant what he said.

Waka, who doesn’t seem to be taking this “beef” too seriously as he joked about Gucci on Twitter, did make it clear that he and Gucci’s situation is indeed real, with him tweeting stuff like this following:

For those of us who are familiar with Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka’s dysfunctional relationship, none of this really should really be surprising, as Gucci and Waka are known for being cool one minute, and then not so cool the next.

Back in 2010 when Gucci officially cut ties with Waka’s mother Deb Antney’s management group Mizay Entertainment, Waka explained his relationship with Gucci at the time as “non-existent.” Of course they eventually made up as if nothing ever happened, but now it looks like they’re back to beefing again.

We’ll see just how long it will take for these two to patch up whatever might be wrong between them.

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11 Man Used iPad To Look Up Model Brittanie Weaver’s Skirt

Fashion model Brittanie Weaver realized that a man who was following her around a Los Angeles pet shop was using his iPad to take photos up her skirt when he bent down to pet her dog. After figuring out what the man was doing, Weaver tried to write a note to the women working behind the shop’s counter. When that didn’t work, she contacted the police.

Security footage of the incident has been released in at attempt to catch the man. Weaver told a local television station, “He kept kneeling down and falling over and couldn't seem to balance properly,” she said. “I realized by the time I got to the counter that he had been filming up my dress with his iPad.”

She continued:

“I wanted to confront him but he had a city employee badge on and I didn't know for sure and I didn't want to have a confrontation. So I just tried to remain calm and tried to write a note to the girls at the counter.”

After the incident Weaver went on Twitter to describe her shock and disgust to her 28,000 followers, reports The Daily Mail.  “So sickened by everything that happened today. Exhausted,” she wrote on the site.

Someone responded to her: “I saw you on the news and people are sick, what can we do, its hard to be somewhere alone but be careful cause men are sick.”

A report about the incident is below:


Sources: (The Daily Mail); (KTLA)

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