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11Teen Killed By Train After Saving Girlfriend's Life

California teenager Mateus Moore died after he was hit by an oncoming train while trying to save his girlfriend’s life.

Moore and his girlfriend, Mickayla Friend, were heading to a dance at their high school when they walked toward a store on the train tracks. A train approached traveling in the same direction, blowing its horn and pulling the emergency breaks, but they were unable to move out of the way.

At the last minute, Moore pushed Friend off the tracks. He was instantly killed, and Friend is currently in the hospital in critical condition.

“They both looked back at the same time," witness Sean Stark said. "They would have both been underneath that train if he didn't push her out of the way at the last second."

Aliytha Friend, Mickayla's sister, said it was shocking to have just dropped off the couple and then receive a call that one was dead and the other in critical condition.

Sources: NY Daily News, ABC

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11NYC Trader Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Train

A Manhattan trader committed suicide on Tuesday by jumping in front of a commuter train, and as the Daily Mail reports, that makes the 11th person working in finance to commit suicide this year.

47-year-old Edmund Reilly jumped in front of a Long Island Railroad train near the Syosset station around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Reilly was an employee at Vertical Group in Manhattan.

“Eddie was a great guy,” said Rob Schaffer, managing director for Vertical Group, to the New York Post. “We are very upset and he will be deeply missed.”

According to reports, Reilly was in the middle of going through a divorce from his wife, and not long before his death, the trader moved away from his estranged wife and three children to a home around the corner.

Last month, Opposing Views reported on the string of suicides in the finance world this year, and according to various reports, Reilly’s untimely death brings the most recent count in 2014 to 11.

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11Man Gets Drunk and High, Attempts to Have Sex With Drink Cart on Train

A 25-year-old man was sentenced to community service and 100 hours of unpaid work after he attempted to have sex with a drink cart on a train in Scotland.

According to reports, Andrew Davidson was drunk and on a legal high when he approached a crewmember to purchase a beer.

"The accused had previously asked to purchase a can of beer from her but had been told she had run out,” described prosecutor Jim Eodanable. “He approached again and tried to engage her in conversation. Just prior to arriving in Dundee station he asked if he could kiss her and she said no. This was heard by passengers who were concerned for her safety. One passenger, who had her daughter with her, decided to keep an eye on the situation. The train stopped and the accused was seen placing his hands on a female passenger leaving the train. He was rubbing his chest, sticking his tongue out and shouting about what he wanted to do to his boyfriend. He got back to his feet. He then approached the unattended trolley and started rubbing himself against the trolley."

Davidson was allegedly humping the cart, announcing to the people onboard that he wanted to have sex with it.

When the train stopped in Perth, officers were outside waiting for Davidson and say they found him face down, unable to remember anything that happened.

Davidson will now have to complete his sentence of community service and 100 hours of unpaid work. He will not, however, be placed on the sex offenders list because the court determined that the sexual aspect of the situation was not significant.

"I really can't remember anything that happened,” said Davidson in a letter to the court. “I am disgusted with my behaviour. I'm very sorry. “

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11Man Robs Home And Repeatedly Stabs Homeowner Before Fleeing, Only To Get Killed By a Train While Escaping

One thief in Iowa got a fatal dose of karma this week after breaking into a home, repeatedly stabbing the homeowner before fleeing the scene, and telling him, “move and I’ll kill you.”

Karma reared its ugly head when the thief, while running away from the home he robbed, tried to climb between the freight cars of a moving train and was completely severed in half.

Lopez Christian Webster, 32, was killed instantly when the train ran him over. Reports show that the train’s operator was not aware that he had run over anybody until he was flagged down about 12 miles north.

The knifed man whose home Webster broke into is expected to recover from his injuries. He says he did not know Webster before the break-in, but was able to help authorities identify the now deceased man.

Right before fleeing, Webster stole an item from the home. The victim reported the robbery and stabbing to police just before Webster was run over by the train. Webster reportedly has a criminal record and is survived by two children.

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11Man Chased and Badly Beaten at NYC Train Station

An unidentified 44-year-old man from New Jersey was chased down and badly beaten near the Christopher Street PATH station in Manhattan, and now police are on the search for the attackers.

Three men and three women beat the man, who is from New Jersey, right around 6:30 a.m on Sunday. The suspects, all reportedly in their 20s, were blocking the turnstiles at the entrance of the station and when the man approached, an argument ensued. The man was then chased back to the street where he was badly beaten by the suspects before they fled. He was reportedly treated for some cuts at the scene, and later received treatment at Jersey City Medical Center.

Police have now released photos of who they believe to be the suspects in the hopes of tracking them down. Surveillance photos show the attackers smiling and laughing while walking through the station. The suspects didn’t steal anything from the victim.

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11Man Who Sued DC Metro After Banana Peel Injury Caught on Camera Planting Peel Himself (Video)

A man who sued the Washington Metro after sustaining injuries from slipping on a banana peel in an elevator at a train station is now being charged with second-degree fraud thanks to surveillance footage of him planting the peel.

42-year-old Maurice Owens is clearly shown on camera walking into the empty elevator, reaching into his pocket, and then looking up at the security camera with a worried look on his face. As he waits for the elevator to open, the banana peel is suddenly on the ground by the doors, and while the video doesn’t show Owens dropping the peel on the ground, it is clear that the peel was not there when he walked in.

The end of the video shows the doors opening and Owens slipping on the peel as he exits the elevator. He immediately gets up, but according to reports, he was taken to Howard University Hospital for treatment of his supposed injuries. Just two weeks after the incident, Owens filed a lawsuit against Washington Metro for $15,000.

Now, a judge has thrown out his lawsuit after watching the surveillance video, and Owens is being charged with second-degree fraud. Washington Metro says that the investment in the cameras was obviously well worth it and it is “protecting fare-paying riders and the region's taxpayers from fraudulent claims.”

Watch the incriminating surveillance video below.

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11BART Rider Leslie Bailey Spotted Having Sex With Train Seat

San Francisco man Leslie Bailey was released from jail Monday after he was caught having sex with a chair on a BART train back on May 8.

A BART train operator originally saw the 28-year-old on his knees in an empty car, thrusting his pelvis against a seat. He followed the act by masturbating and smoking crack cocaine while lying on the floor.

Bailey neglected to notice the operator until he exited onto the street. BART police then arrested him there and confiscated his crack cocaine pipe.

Deputy Public Defender Emily Dahm argued that Bailey had not taken his anti-psychotic medication regularly, which led to his behavior.

Dahm added that Bailey is homeless and simply tried to have a private moment. In order to convict him of indecent exposure, prosecutors would have had to prove the defendant was seeking attention.

"The law is very clear that indecent exposure requires making an effort to be seen,” Dahn said. “Mr. Bailey thought he was having a private moment—unfortunately, he picked a really inappropriate place.”

The jury convicted Bailey of misdemeanor lewd acts. He was sentenced to time served and released.

Back in 2007, Bailey was convicted of indecent exposure.

Sources: SF Gate, SFist

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11Australian Man Narrowly Cheats Death By Oncoming Train (Video)

A man in Brisbane, Australia just barely escaped death after mistakenly walking out in front of an oncoming train.

The 20-year-old was waiting at a train station when he decided to walk to the other side of the street, across the tracks, after a different train had already passed. He was almost on the other side when he noticed the train coming at him, and leaped out of its way just in time.

The man, who is lucky to be alive, seemed to completely miss the warning signs of an approaching train, which included a barrier that went down in front of him, flashing lights, and warning bells.

The incident was caught on film from two different angles, and now the man is being fined over 2,000 Australian dollars.

According to reports, the female driver of the train was traumatized from the incident, even having to take leave from work to recover from what happened.

Scott Emerson, Queensland’s Transport Minister, said in a statement that this should send a clear message to others.

“The message has to get out there,” said Emerson, “that people are playing Russian Roulette with their lives and they will lose."

The train was traveling around 37 mph. The man involved only sustained minor injuries.

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11UK Reporters Sneak Printed Gun Through Transit Security

Two reporters have confirmed the fears of security officials everywhere by successfully smuggling a 3D printed gun onto the Eurostar train. The two men managed to transport the weapon from London to Paris without raising any suspicions.

Dubbed “the Liberator” by its creator, the highly controversial 3D printed gun is made entirely out of plastic except for the metal bullet. That makes the Liberator nearly impossible to detect with many metal detectors – a fact that reporters Simon Murphy and Russell Myers exploited to smuggle the weapon aboard the Eurostar train.

The reporters broke the gun into three pieces and concealed the parts in their clothes. They later assembled the weapon “in just 30 seconds” after they passed through airport-style security.

They wrote, “We then walked through the usual security procedures, manned by UK Border officials. We placed our luggage and metal objects, including loose change and watches, in plastic trays which were then passed through airport scanners. But although we were carrying parts of a potentially deadly weapon, we were able to walk through a metal detector without triggering the alarm.”

Murphy and Myers chose not to smuggle the firing pin or bullet through security for legal reasons, though they pointed out that the extra parts “could easily be concealed.”

Security officials have reacted swiftly to the news. Lord West, the former Labour security Minister, said, “These weapons are extremely dangerous because they are very difficult to detect with the methods we normally use. This is going to be a real problem, no doubt about it. People are going to have to rethink whether we need more checks.”

Aviation security analyst Chris Yates added, “If Eurostar security can be breached in this way, then so can airport security processes. Authorities should be extremely worried.”

This is troubling news for gun control advocates and gun rights advocates alike. Terrorists and criminals could sneak these guns in airplanes and other high-security areas, and security officials will probably react by making security checkpoints even more miserable than they already are. 

Source: Dailymail

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Carly Rae Jepsen and Train Ditch The Boy Scouts In Support Of Gay Rights

If you haven’t heard by now, the Boy Scouts of America are currently getting beat in the press due to the fact that they’re a homophobic group who won’t let gay kids participate. Conversely, the Girl Scouts of America is totally down with the rainbow, so you can feel good about buying all their delicious (THIN MINTS!) cookies. Anyway, the Boy Scouts were hosting their annual summer jamboree (how is that not gay?) with live performances by Train and Carly Rae Jepsen, until both artists found out their policies and immediately ditched them.





Wait … a bunch of boys in neckerchiefs were going to hang out together, listen to Train and Carly Rae Jepsen, and call this a Jamboree? All right then. Good for you guys. That’s, uh… That’s completely heterosexual in every way. No, totally, you guys are super straight. (HA! Douchebags!)

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