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11Woman Caught On Camera Encouraging Young Girl to Steal A Donation Jar (Video)

A Plant City woman was caught on surveillance footage stealing a donation jar from a Bravo Supermarket checkout counter this past Tuesday. The money was supposed to be given to a young girl with Lupus.

The video shows the woman and a young girl at the checkout counter. The woman looks around the store to make sure no one is watching, then prompts the girl to put the jar in their shopping cart. Then, they quickly hide the jar under shopping bags.

Mildred Diaz, whose 15-year-old daughter was meant to receive the money, said she hopes the woman gets caught.

"She is not only stealing from my daughter,” Diaz said, “she's stealing from millions of people who have Lupus that count on donations.”

Despite the loss, Diaz encouraged people to attend a Lupus fundraiser on May 4 at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa to help others battling the disease.

Anyone with information regarding the case should contact the Plant City Police Department.

Sources: Fox News, CBS

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11Woman Stole $45,000 From Restaurant After Claiming To "Bless" It

Law enforcement officials from Long Island, N.Y.’s Nassau County are currently searching for a suspect who is wanted for stealing $45,000 from a local restaurant.

The suspected thief carried out her act under strange circumstances, allegedly telling the restaurant owner that his business would prosper if he allowed her to bless his money. The owner complied, giving the woman a large sum of money and agreeing to meet with her 30 minutes later. 

According to Long Island Newsday, the woman disappeared with $45,000 in the owner’s cash instead of blessing it. She did not return to the restaurant. 

The money was stolen from Los Amigos Hispanic Restaurant on Union Ave. in Westbury, NBC New York reports.

Although the incident took place on July 26 of last year, police recently released surveillance footage of the woman exiting the store with the money, and they are asking anyone with information to contact them confidentially at 1-800-244-8477. 

The relationship between the woman and the owner is still unclear, as is the reason that the two made an arrangement for the money to be blessed. If apprehended, the woman faces a grand larceny charge.   

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11Colorado Mom Fakes Her Son's Cancer And Steals Over $25,000 In Donations

A Colorado mother was arrested after it was discovered that she took in over $25,000 in donations from her community because she lied about her son being sick with cancer.

Sandy Thi Nguyen, 28, allegedly convinced her own son, the rest of her family, and the community at large that the 6-year-old boy had a rare form of terminal cancer.

"We don't have any reason to believe that anyone other than her knew the truth," said Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Captain Larry Etheridge. "The little boy believed he had cancer. The rest of the family believed he had cancer."

According to reports, the Department of Human Services received information alleging that the sick boy was not actually sick. The sheriff’s office launched the investigation on March 7 and discovered that the woman had made up the story in order to steal money from people. The investigation determined that Nguyen “did convince her son, family and community that her 6-year-old son had cancer and was receiving cancer treatment since approximately September 2012.”

Massive fundraising efforts took place in Nguyen’s community once she was able to convince her family that the young boy had cancer. The mother started a Facebook page to gain support from people, and the page featured pictures of the boy with a shaved head to look as if he had been going through chemotherapy. Donations came pouring in from fundraisers at the boy’s school, Rolling Hills Elementary, and the family eventually collected more than $25,000.

"Over the last several months, Ms. Nguyen accepted at least $16,000.00 from that account, as well as a trip to Disneyland for herself and family, which was paid for by the donated funds,” said the sheriff’s office, adding that after interviewing her, Nguyen "admitted that her son does not have cancer, and stated that some of the money [$23,000) recovered from the residence was from donations received.”

Nguyen said that her son was diagnosed with stage three Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and had received 317 days of chemo, seven days of radiation, and a number of other serious procedures in order to fight the cancer. An October 2013 5K walk was even held in honor of the boy, and according to the walk’s website, they were informed that the boy only had around eight months to live.

Rolling Hills Elementary Principal Darla Thompson sent a letter to parents after police informed her that Nguyen had scammed the community.

"We are deeply troubled by these allegations and saddened to learn that an adult may have taken advantage of an innocent child and our school community,” wrote Thompson. “But the allegations do not, in any way, diminish the concern and support demonstrated by the Rolling Hills community for a child believed to be facing a life-threatening challenge. It is important for our community to continue to show support and compassion for this child, who is also a victim in this case. The child was wrongfully led to believe that he was ill, and he was not responsible for the parent’s alleged actions.”

After being arrested on felony charges of theft and criminal impersonation to gain benefit, Nguyen posted $10,000 bond and was released for the time being.

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11Man Poses As Vietnam Vet's Brother, Takes Him Off Life Support, Claims Life Savings

The family of a Vietnam war veteran who died after a stranger turned off his life support is suing a Florida hospital for neglecting to check the man’s identity.

By claiming to be a relation, Richard Leclair was able to pull the plug on his 'friend' Roger MacKinnon and ultimately cash in his life savings.

In May of 2011, MacKinnon began suffering chest pains and was admitted to Florida Hospital Deland. One month later, in June, his wife authorized doctors to put him on life support.

Recently, MacKinnon went under exploratory surgery when he his heart suddenly stopped and he slipped into a coma. Two days later, Leclair signed forms indicating his false relation to MacKinnon, who later died alone.

Immediately after MacKinnon’s death, Leclair claimed the $106,000 in the man’s bank account and removed thousands of dollars of furniture and appliances from Mackinnon’s home.

Though the case was thrown out on a technicality last month, the family’s attorney has asked the court to reconsider the case.

Sources: DailyMail, One News Page

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11California Introduces Smartphone Kill Switch Bill

It seems like a problem ripe for science-fiction: whether or not to mandate a permanent “kill switch” in mobile devices to stop the statistically high number of smartphone thefts in California. A bill was finally unveiled by State Sen. Mark Leno and District Attorney George Gascon of San Francisco that, if passed, will require all phones sold in California to have the ability by 2015.

According to RT.com, thefts of mobile phones “account for almost one in three U.S. robberies” and the instances are even higher in California. The proposed law would require the installation of a mechanism that could permanently disable the device, ending all potential for the phone to be reactivated in America or abroad.

Given that Americans currently spend about $7.8 billion in phone insurance, San Francisco Chief of Police Greg Suhr told the Associated Press, “I can’t imagine someone would vote against” this proposed law. However, CTIA, a trade group for wireless providers, disputes the assertion that phone insurance is its only worry.

The main concern about a permanent kill switch embedded in smartphones is that, like any device connected to the internet, it is susceptible to hacking. A recent NBC News report about hacking in Sochi, Russia is but one example of how vulnerable our data really can be. Government officials or public profile individuals who use smartphones could face an extra risk of attack from hackers looking to exploit the kill switch.

Phone insurance is both aggressively pushed by wireless providers and not a terrible idea for consumers who are purchasing very expensive pieces of technology. Shattered screens, broken buttons, and myriad other problems that can affect the phone make the insurance a product consumers want. It seems as if California lawmakers are treating a side-effect and not the disease. There are other ways to reduce this specific criminal problem than by placing restrictions on citizens and private companies.

Source: Associated Press, NBC News

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11High School Cafeteria Manager's Million-Dollar Lunch Theft Scheme

A cafeteria worker has recently been accused of stealing from the North Springs High School in north Fulton County. And this is no case of petty theft: having spent five years stealing at an estimated rate of $500 a day, former cafeteria manager Brenda Watts has allegedly pocketed up to 1 million dollars of students’ lunch money.

The story first surfaced last spring, when it became known that the manager was running a “cash-only line for which there were no records.” Footage from the cafeteria revealed information that supported the cafeteria worker’s claim: of the cafeteria’s five food lines, four had a cash register that kept track of incoming money. The fifth line led up to a blue cart that never had a register, and sold items for cash only.

Last spring, when former cafeteria worker Beth Walsh was asked how long the a-la-carte line had been running, her response was startling. “At least 15 years. Maybe 20,” she said. Walsh has since been fired, but says she doesn’t regret turning in her former boss. Watts had worked for the school system for 26 years before retiring last June. She announced her retirement one day after the story’s details first emerged.

Assuming that the police estimate of $500 per day holds true, Watts was making out with some $90,000 in a school year. Over the course of the 15 years she worked the cart, her total comes out to an astonishing 1.3 million dollars. Police have dubbed the case a “long-running and extremely profitable theft scheme.” Ten arrest warrants have been issued for Watts. When investigative reporter Richard Belcher showed up at her home for comment on this story, his presence went seemingly unacknowledged.

However, only moments later, a Mercedes pulled out of the garage and sped away. One is left to wonder how such a sum could have gone missing unnoticed from a school cafeteria, and why no one ever questioned the cash-only cart’s presence before. Perhaps Watts’ five-bedroom, 5,400 square-foot home should also have raised some questions concerning the truth behind what kind of income the cafeteria worker was bringing in.

Sources: www.wsbtv.com/news, http://sandrarose.com

Photo Source: http://www.wsbtv.com

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1126-Year-Old Woman Shot and Killed by Robbers in Front of Her Mother

A Philadelphia woman was walking with her mother when two robbers stopped them and demanded they give them money. One wanted to take 26-year-old Amber Long’s $14 purse, according to her mother Stephanie, but the young woman refused. Tragically, Amber Long was shot and killed right there in front of her mother.

"One of them grabbed my purse and got away. The other one tried to grab her purse and she resisted," said Stephanie Long of the incident. "He shot her; he just shot her at pointblank range. He shot her in the chest and he shot to kill. It went right in the heart."

Amber was rushed to a local hospital, but was unfortunately pronounced dead not long after.

Long was an architect and had a promising future in Philadelphia.

"She moved here to go to school and when she came here for school, she loved the city and she stayed," said her Troy, Amber’s father. "She wanted to get a job here, so she got a got a job here. She stayed. She loves Philly."

Philadelphia police say they have interviewed multiple people for possible connections to the case and are hoping that they will soon be able to apprehend the two suspects.

"Hopefully, we'll be able to make an arrest soon," said Capt. James Clark. "We're still putting some pieces of the puzzle together." 

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11Puppy Bought for Terminally Ill Little Girl Stolen By Woman Who Agreed to Deliver It

When a Riverside, California woman found out through mutual friends that a terminally ill girl’s dream was to have a pug puppy, she was deeply moved and decided that she would purchase one for her.

Shawna Hamon, 45, set up to have the pug, named Mu Shu, delivered to the 8-year-old girl with leukemia in Sacramento through an acquaintance she knew from dog rescue work. The dog never made it to the young girl, however, as the woman entrusted to deliver the dog decided to keep it for herself.

“We looked to get her one for Christmas to make her Christmas dream come true – because she was terminally ill,” said Hamon.

When Hamon discovered that the dog never made it to Sacramento, she attempted to contact the woman she trusted to deliver it. At first, the woman tried to avoid Hamon’s calls, but eventually, after Hamon sent an attorney and an animal deliver service to the woman’s house, she refused to give Mu Shu up.

After Hamon filed a report and a search warrant was served, the dog was not found at the woman’s residence when authorities arrived. Eventually, Mu Shu was found at the woman’s neighbor’s house.

“Yesterday, he called me on his way back and said, ‘I’ve got your baby sitting in my lap',” said Hamon of the moment when Riverside police officer Anthony Watkins told her he had found the pug. “She’s doing very well.”

“It was just a blessing,” said Hamon of the police efforts. “I’m so blessed that they went and above beyond to make this little girl’s dream come true.”

Riverside Police Sgt. Kevin Townsend called the dog thief a “crazy woman” as they plan to charge her with felony theft.

Hamon says she will personally deliver the dog to the sick 8-year-old girl, who is currently being treated at a hospital in Philadelphia.

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11Video: Huge Group Of Texas Teens Rob Convenience Store, Twerk Outside

A rowdy twerk mob descended on a Texas convenience store on Saturday night and stole over $200 worth of snacks.

The group, comprised of 30-40 teenagers, was caught on surveillance tape running in and out of the store for around 20 minutes while two store clerks were left overwhelmed. Outside, some of the teens were seen dancing, twerking, and doing the splits.

19-year-old Chevron clerk Terry Polsgrove was present for the whole thing. He spoke to Texas-based newspaper The Eagle about what it was like dealing with the crowd.

“Within a matter of 20 minutes, I was overwhelmed by kids ages 8 to 17, I mean it was crazy,” he said. “I've never seen anything as crazy as that.”

Polesgrove said the teens told him they’d been out at a teen night at Club Nice across the street before making their way into the convenience store.

Bryan police department chief Kelly McKethan said the department is investigating the event. No charges have been filed at this time.

Watch this video to see the whole bizarre event:

Sources: Mail Online, The Eagle

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11Young Inmate Handed Six Life Sentences For Crime Committed At Age 15 Appeals Sentence

In 2006, 15-year-old Travion Blount was given the longest prison sentence ever given to a teenager for a crime other than murder. He was sentenced to an incredible six life sentences plus an additional 118 years (you know, just in case he outlived the first six lifers) in prison for his role in a 2006 house theft.

In the theft, 15-year-old Blount and two 18 year old accomplices stole cell phones, cash, and marijuana from a local house party. The boys were quickly detained by police and charged with their crimes.

The 18 year olds accepted plea deals that landed them only 10 and 13 years in jail. Blount rejected his plea deal at the time, and as a result the judge handed him an infinitely more harsh sentence.

Blount has been serving time in Wallens Ridge State Prison since 2007. Now, almost seven years later, Blount and his attorney are appealing his sentence. They are arguing that his punishment is far more severe than the crime, especially given that the other two teens who committed the crime with him are serving only a fraction of the time Blount is. The appeal is being sent to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in hopes that he will pardon Blount before leaving office.

“There is no arguing that the crime committed was trivial,” the appeal reads. “What is arguable is the fact that, out of the three individuals who committed the crime, only one person will die in prison.”

The letter adds that the young Blount was “naive and unduly influenced by the boys.”

Virginia governors are allowed to grant conditional pardons to prisoners. As part of Blount’s conditional pardon appeal, he agrees to meet any conditions Gov. McDonnell sees fit. Prior to being incarcerated for theft, Blount was convicted of unauthorized use of a vehicle, robbery, attempted robbery, and malicious wounding.

When asked for a comment on Blount’s appeal, Gov. McDonnell’s office only said the request is “working its way through the normal process."

Sources: Hampton Roads, Daily Mail

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