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Sex Crimes

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11Woman Accused Of Holding Men Hostage And Demanding Sex Will Not Do Jail Time

Terry L. Boyd, 52, is accused of holding two men against their will and demanding sex from one of them.

If she behaves for the next 9 months she will not do any jail time.

Boyd was charged with false imprisonment, resisting an officer, disorderly conduct, and bail jumping. She pleaded no contest to three counts of disorderly conduct; all other charges were dismissed thanks to a plea agreement, reports Stevens Point Journal.

The charges are from two separate incidents that occurred on August 12, 2013. 

Witnesses called police to report a loud argument and a man screaming for help.

According to the police report, the officers who arrived at the home found two men yelling for help from a second-story window and claiming they were being held against their will.

One of the men, Boyd’s roommate, told the officers she had locked them in a room and would not let them leave until one of them had sex with her.

The officers had to force their way into the home because Boyd was blocking the entrance in order to rescue the men.

Once the officers left Boyd’s home, she called the Aspirus Wausau Hospital emergency room, a counseling agency, and dispatchers to report that the police had “beaten her up,” reports the Huffington Post.

An ambulance took Boyd to the hospital where she allegedly became combative with medical personnel, resulting in her being arrested on preliminary charges of disorderly conduct.

Upon being released hours later from Marathon County Jail, Boyd returned home and again locked her roommate in a bedroom, refusing to let him out.

The police returned to Boyd’s home and she was arrested.

The police and men involved both claim Boyd’s medication had recently been changed.

Boyd’s case will remain open for nine months while she completes counseling or treatment. Judge Mike Moran will review her case on November 24, 2014.

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11Sex Crimes Detective Arrested For Engaging In Sex Crime With Minor Online

In a real-life incident analogous to Dexter’s blood splatter pattern analyst turned serial killer, a sex crimes detective has pleaded guilty to engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with a minor. While the San Jose, Calif.-based police detective’s crimes are much less violent than those of the recently-off-the-air Showtime character, they are equally as disgusting. 

Tony Fregger, the 34-year-old detective who plead guilty to the crime, had been working for the San Jose Police Department for eight years. He worked for the Sexual Assault Investigation Unit since early 2010, where part of his responsibilities included investigating crimes in which adults communicate with and share graphic photos with minors via online platforms. That’s exactly what Fregger admitted to doing himself. 

Fregger claims that he met a girl on Facebook who informed him that she was 17. According to Business Insider, Fregger then sent her a message indicating that he thought she was 21. In reality, however, she is 16. 

The two continued sending each other messages, and the girl ultimately sent Fregger nude pictures of herself at the detective’s request. It is illegal for adults to solicit nude photos from any individual under the age of 18. 

Deputy District Attorney David Ezgar expressed his embarrassment that one of his officers engaged in the exact activity which he was assigned to prevent. 

“Mr. Fregger was engaged in investigating these crimes against minors and he engaged in one,” Ezgar said to CBS Local, “He was specifically informed she was a minor and forged ahead and obtained sexually explicit photos of her.”

Fregger was initially arrested in July and released from jail after posting a $75,000 bail. During his court hearings, however, he pleaded guilty and is scheduled to serve at least six months in jail. He also lost his job with the San Jose Police Department. 

Speaking with the San Jose Mercury News, Ezgar remained firm on his former employee.

“He has paid a severe price. He has lost his job, his reputation and will be incarcerated like the criminals he used to investigate,” Ezgar said, adding, “Certainly as a police officer in the sex crimes unit, he knew what he was doing was illegal. He knew that better than anyone else.”

Sources: Business Insider, San Jose Mercury News, CBS Local

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11Minnesota Church Lobbied Against New Sex-Abuse Bill

Churchgoers in Minnesota may not have realized that their tithings would be used to help protect sex offenders, but the Minneapolis StarTribune reports that the Catholic church “spent heavily” to stop legal changes that would lengthen the time during which victims could file suits for childhood sex abuse.

According to the StarTribune, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was the primary lobbyist opposing the Child Victims Act, spending more than $800,000 over a period of seven years. 

The bill, which removed the statute of limitations for child sex crimes, ultimately passed; despite the church’s lobbying attempts, the state Senate granted unanimous approval. It was enacted in May, and at least 18 suits have arisen since then.

Bill proponent Joel Juers, who claims he was a victim of sexual abuse while attending Shattuck-St. Mary's boarding school more than 30 years ago, spoke with Minnesota Public Radio News after the Senate voted.

"From the beginning, there was one 'yes' vote, and zero 'nays,' and then two and then 15, and then 20, and then 30, and still zero 'nays,'" he said. "It was like the entire Senate was standing next to me saying, 'We understand your plight. We understand your story, and we stand behind you."

State Sen. Ron Latz, DFL-St. Louis Park, who authored the bill, explained his rationale, saying, "We need the courthouse to be open to them when they are able to come forward. Those legally responsible -- perpetrators and those that protect them -- can escape justice just because of the passage of time."

Latz also addressed the church’s lobbying efforts: “They want the public to believe they are very caring about something, but behind the scenes they are very actively opposing the kind of steps or remedies or legislation that would hold them accountable for their conduct.”

Sources: StarTribune, MPR News

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11Two Men Walk Into YMCA Women's Locker Room Naked, Arrested After Leaving IDs At Front Desk

Two men who walked naked into a YMCA women’s locker room and watched three underage girls changing and showering, were identified by police and arrested because they gave their IDs to YMCA employees in order to purchase day passes to the facility.

According to police, the incident took place Saturday afternoon at the West Shore Y in Hampden Township, Penn.. Sergey A. Reznichenko, 46, of Mechanicsburg, Penn., and Fedor Gorobets, 42, of Antelope, Calif. bought day passes to the Y, then procceded to walk in and out of the women’s locker room where they were seen watching three girls, ages 15, 13 and nine.

The girls reported spotting one of the men, later named as Reznichenko (pictured, left), in the locker room three times, watching as the girls changed. He watched the 15-year-old in the shower.

The first time Reznichenko entered the locker room, the girls told police, he was wearing only plaid shorts. He returned a second time — and a third. During this final unauthorized visit, Reznichenko was completely naked.

The girls yelled at him and he left.

A YMCA employee called 911 after spotting a naked man leaving the women’s locker area. That man was identified as Reznichenko. His companion, Gorobets, also entered the women’s locker room more than once, fully naked at least one time, surveillance video revealed.

Reznichenko and Gorobets (pictured, right) were seen leaving the YMCA together before police arrived.

However, using the information from the IDs that the men gave to YMCA front-desk employees to buy day passes, police tracked them both down rather easily.

They now each face three counts of unlawful contact with minors, indecent exposure and open lewdness.

Reznichenko was released from Cumberland County Prison on a $25,000 bond. Gorobets remained in custody pending $50,000 cash bail.

SOURCES: WHTM ABC 27 News, Penn Live

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11California High School Football Players Charged With Sexual Assault

Two of the most prominent high school football players in Southern California have been charged with sex crimes against minor-age victims. The players, Kishawn Tre Holmes and Byron Holt Jr., appeared in court on Tuesday to face claims that they perpetrated sex-related crimes against six other high school students. Holmes and Holt are both 17.

Holmes was given the nickname "Sweet Feet" by rapper Snoop Dogg. He is charged with rape by force and fear against two alleged victims, two counts of a lewd act against a third alleged victim under the age of 14 and false imprisonment charges against three more alleged victims. He will remain in juvenile detention until his next court hearing.

Holt faces three felony charges of consensual sex with a minor under 14. He was allowed to return home to his family, The Huffington Post reported.

“I will say to have your child attending a school that’s in fear and harassed by others is simply not fair, and we will just wait to see the outcome,” the father of one of the alleged victims said in a statement.

Holt's mother, Tasha Penniman, spoke about the allegations.

"The district attorney does have evidence he had consensual sex with another high school student," she said. “They have no evidence of him raping anyone. I just want his name cleared, because Byron is a good kid.

Under California law, the age of consent is 18 years old. Therefore, it is illegal for minors to consent to other minors.

Sources: The Huffington Post, KCAL 9

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11Baltimore Police Officer Lamin Manneh Charged with Pimping His Wife

Baltimore Police officer Lamin Manneh was charged on Friday for offering his wife, Marissa Braun, 19, up for prostitution.

“The child recovery task force was working a proactive investigation into human trafficking,” News One reports, “when they came across a ‘young-looking female’ advertised as an escort on a website. Officers arranged to meet the female at a hotel near BWI airport.”

Upon their arrival, the woman asked for cash in exchange for sleeping with the undercover officer. Her husband reportedly waited in the parking lot.

“You give me the $100,” she said, “and then you can [have sex] with me.”

According to official police reports, Braun said that she “gives [Manneh] her money and he drives her from ‘date-to-date.’” Manneh acknowledged his role in an interview with detectives, writes the Baltimore Sun.

The rest of the police force was not amused. For the time being, Manneh is said to have been “suspended without pay.”

Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez expressed his immense disappointment in Manneh, saying

"This allegation is a disgrace and embarrassment to every member — both current and retired — who serve with the Baltimore Police Department. We expect every member of this department to hold themselves to the highest professional standards. Our colleagues and our community deserve nothing less."

Manneh was brought to court in Anne Arundel County District Court on human trafficking and prostitution charges, and was “released on his own recognizance by a District Court commissioner,” says the Washington Post. Braun was charged with prostitution.

Sources: Baltimore Sun, News One, Washington Post

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11Seth Kellen Gets Probation for 'Penis Slapping' Fellow High School Basketball Players

Seth Kellen, 19, was sentenced to 10 years of probation after he allegedly “penis slapped” his high school basketball teammates on the back, “digitally penetrated” another teammate and exposed himself to young boys in an elevator.

The incidents happened when the Browerville High School basketball team was in Minneapolis, Minn., for a tournament.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kellen will also probably get 30 days in jail after admitting to "felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for using force or coercion during sexual contact."

Previously, Kellen and a teen by the name of Connor Burns were accused of attacking at least six fellow students in July of 2012. Burns was sentenced to five years of probation in November of 2012, reported KARE 11, which called the criminal incidents a "hazing scandal."

The criminal charges will be dropped if Kellen follows his probation rules, goes to anger management classes and gets counseling, said Todd County District Attorney Chuck Rasmussen.

Sources: Minneapolis Star-Tribune and KARE 11

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11Danish Man Cleared of Molestation Charges After Medical Tests Show He Suffers from Rare 'Sexsomnia' Disorder

A 31-year-old Danish man was acquitted of molestation charges after medical tests determined he suffers from a rare sleep disorder called “sexsomnia.”

The disorder is known to cause people to engage in sexual activity while they sleep, which is where the defendant got into some hot water. According to the Glostrup court on Wednesday, the man fondled two 17-year-old girls who were sleeping at his home following a party he’d held at his Copenhagen apartment back in 2011. 

The girls, understandably startled and upset, woke the man up and stopped him, and then reported the incident to the local authorities.

The man was cleared on Wednesday after the court found him not guilty of the sexual assault, due to the evidence provided by medical tests confirming he suffers from sexsomnia. 

Sources: ABC, MSN 

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1137-Year-Old Wendy Crowell Accused of Having Affair With Son’s 15-Year-Old Friend

Wendy Crowell of Grand Junction, Colo., has been arrested and is facing sexual assault charges for having an affair with her son’s 15-year-old friend. Crowell, 37, has been charged with five counts of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and five additional counts of sexual assault. Her bail was set at $10,000 after police brought her in on Friday.

The mother of Crowell’s alleged victim alerted the police about what was going on. Though the two families were close, the victim’s mother said that she had a “gut feeling” that something was amiss. Once she discovered a series of text messages between her son and Crowell, her fears were confirmed.

“In one of the texts they tell each other they love one another,” Crowell’s arrest warrant reads, reports The Daily Sentinel.

After she confronted him, the 15-year-old admitted to having sex with Crowell five times over a three week period during the summer. While the affair was going on Crowell was “having problems” with her husband but was still married.

According to the affidavit, Crowell and the boy had sex in her bedroom as well as in her vehicle. The first time they had sex, the boy was staying at Crowell’s house for the evening. He was watching television with his friend when she sat down next to him on the couch.  

“She told him she couldn’t sleep when he was there,” the affidavit said. “Wendy told him he should be 18 ... Wendy asked him if he could pretend to be 18 for the night.”

It was not the 15-year-old’s first sexual experience.

“(Boy) said she didn’t take his innocence; it’s not like that,” the affidavit said.

“Wendy indicated she didn’t do anything with this child,” the affidavit said.

Source: (The Daily Sentinel

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Washington Man Joseph McDaniels Sentenced to 10 Years for Sex Trafficking

Joseph McDaniels, 43, of Shoreline, Wash., was sentenced today in U.S. District Court for interstate transportation of a 22-year-old woman for purposes of prostitution.   Judge James L. Robart sentenced McDaniels to 10 years in prison followed by three years of supervised release.    Requirements during the supervised release include registration under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, sexual deviancy evaluation and treatment, restrictions and monitoring of his use of computers and restrictions on contact with minors.        

On Sept. 28, 2012 McDaniels pleaded guilty to interstate transportation for prostitution.   The indictment alleged that between August 2011 and April 2012, McDaniels compelled the woman to engage in commercial sex acts through force, fraud and coercion and that McDaniels transported her between Washington state and Oregon for purposes of prostitution.  

According to court filings, McDaniels is a registered sex offender and had completed serving a 15-year sentence for a series of robberies in the mid-1990’s when he was released from state prison in early 2011.   Only a few months later, McDaniels met and recruited the woman, preying upon her youth and drug addiction to coerce her into engaging in acts of prostitution.

According to court documents, McDaniels advertised the woman on Backpage.com, transported her to prostitution dates, took all of her money and supplied her with drugs.   He threatened to harm her and her family, and in December 2011, McDaniels was arrested and later convicted in state court for assaulting the woman.   He was arrested again in May 2012 after he had taken her to Portland, Ore., for prostitution, and then attempted to have the woman withdraw a state-issued no contact order against him.    

“The exploitation and sexual abuse of a vulnerable young woman is intolerable and the Justice Department will continue to prosecute and seek justice for victims of such abhorrent crimes,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division.  

“We will continue our battle against human trafficking in western Washington,” said U.S. Attorney for the District of Washington Jenny A. Durkan.   “We are fortunate to have committed local, state and federal officers working together to find and stop sexual predators like the defendant. Today the court ensured that other young women will not be exploited by him.”         

This case was investigated by the Kent Police Department, Auburn Police Department, and the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force, and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Ye-Ting Woo and Trial Attorney Daniel H. Weiss of the Civil Rights Division’s Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit.

The FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force provides a rapid and effective investigative response to reported federal crimes involving the victimization of children. The task force strives to reduce the vulnerability of children to acts of sexual exploitation and abuse and strengthens the capabilities of federal, state and local law enforcement through training programs and investigative assistance.


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