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News Anchor Reads Her Own Proposal On Teleprompter (VIDEO)

Jillian Pavlica, an anchor at FOX54 in Huntsville, Alabama, was surprised at work on Saturday night, when her boyfriend Vince proposed to her.

Vince had hijacked the studio’s teleprompter with “breaking news” that the unsuspecting Pavlica read herself.

Pavlica began reading the script on the teleprompter, stating, “We have some breaking news to report to you, FOX54 has just learned that a Huntsville news anchor is being proposed to on live TV right now”.

The stunned news anchor’s co-hosts began making an exit as she realized what was happening.



The video of the live broadcast shows him telling Jillian, “Finally all our pieces are falling together. I can’t picture a day in my life not waking up with you.”

He dropped down to one knee asking the big question, “Jillian Pavlica, will you marry me?”

Jillian Pavlica became emotional, answering with a big “Yes”.

Just before the public proposal, the Nine O’Clock News producer Dana Conley told Pavlica that there was breaking news, telling her to read the script entered int the autocue.

The 9pm broadcast was finished up with the weather forecast. He said, “Here in the FOX54, 100 percent chance of a few tears of joy tonight.”

That’s so sweet!

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