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Natural Disaster

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11'Worse Than Hell': Desperate Survivors Raid The Dead After Typhoon Devastates Philippines

With more than 10,000 feared dead in the Philippines after super Typhoon Hiayan devastated entire towns on the archipelago, desperate survivors were looting stores and raiding the dead on Sunday.

Two days after the storm made landfall, bringing with 170 mph wind gusts and tsunami-like waves, corpses hang from trees and scatter sidewalks.

In hard-hit Tacloban, the provincial capital with 220,000 people, gas stations and grocery stores were broken into. Villagers eat food found among debris and corpses.

Edward Gualberto, a father of four and member of the village council apologized to AFP for looking disheveled and for stealing from the dead. Many survivors resorted to aggressive tactics in the fight to survive, after police failed to return to work after the typhoon.

“I am a decent person. But if you have not eaten in three days, you do shameful things to survive,” Gualberto told AFP. “We have no food, we need water and other things to survive.”

He collected packs of spaghetti, detergent, soap, cans of beer, biscuits and candies.

“This typhoon has stripped us of our dignity… but I still have my family and I am thankful for that,” he said.

A pastry shop owner, Emma Bermejo, told AFP that “anarchy” reigns after the storm. There are mobs of looters that aren’t just looking for essentials.

“There is no security personnel, relief goods are too slow to arrive. People are dirty, hungry and thirsty. A few more days and they will begin to kill each other,” she said. “This is shameful. We have been hit by a catastrophe and now our businesses are gone. Looted. I can understand if they take our food and water, they can have it. But TV sets? Washing machines?”

Amid the chaos, men, women, and children wander through streets of overturned cars, broken power lines, and rotting corpses, the AFP reported.

A team of military cadaver collectors was overwhelmed by the work ahead of them.

“There are six trucks going around the city picking up the dead, but it’s not enough,” one driver said. “There are bodies everywhere, we do not have enough people to get to them.”

Haiyan’s storm surge reached 20 feet.

“The huge waves came again and again, flushing us out on the street and washing away our homes,” said 27-year-old Mirasol Saoyi. “My husband tied us together, but still we got separated among the debris. I saw many people drowning, screaming and going under… I haven’t found my husband.”

Sources: Washington Post, Raw Story

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11Pro-Life Leader Barbara Listing Compares Rape to Car Accident (Video)

Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers approved a ballot petition today that would ban health insurance companies from covering abortions, even if a woman became pregnant from rape or incest.

According to MLive.com, if the petition becomes law, women in Michigan would have to buy separate abortion coverage for rape assaults.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing was asked today about no exemptions for pregnancies due to rape. (video below).

“Nobody plans to have an accident in a car accident, nobody plans to have their homes flooded. You have to buy extra insurance for those,” said Listing.

"This is appalling, rape is not anywhere near in the field of a flood, or a car accident because rape is not an accident. Nobody can anticipate being the victim of a crime," said Jessica Tramontana of Progress Michigan.

Right to Life of Michigan claims it wants to save tax money after some insurance plans become subsidized under Obamacare next year, reports WILX-TV.

A similar anti-abortion bill was vetoed last year by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R).

If Right to Life of Michigan can get signatures from 3.48 percent of all registered voters (258,000) in Michigan, then they don't need a signature from Gov. Rick Snyder to make it law.

Source: WILX-TV and MLive.com

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