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11NYC Trader Commits Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Train

A Manhattan trader committed suicide on Tuesday by jumping in front of a commuter train, and as the Daily Mail reports, that makes the 11th person working in finance to commit suicide this year.

47-year-old Edmund Reilly jumped in front of a Long Island Railroad train near the Syosset station around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Reilly was an employee at Vertical Group in Manhattan.

“Eddie was a great guy,” said Rob Schaffer, managing director for Vertical Group, to the New York Post. “We are very upset and he will be deeply missed.”

According to reports, Reilly was in the middle of going through a divorce from his wife, and not long before his death, the trader moved away from his estranged wife and three children to a home around the corner.

Last month, Opposing Views reported on the string of suicides in the finance world this year, and according to various reports, Reilly’s untimely death brings the most recent count in 2014 to 11.

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11Man Chased and Badly Beaten at NYC Train Station

An unidentified 44-year-old man from New Jersey was chased down and badly beaten near the Christopher Street PATH station in Manhattan, and now police are on the search for the attackers.

Three men and three women beat the man, who is from New Jersey, right around 6:30 a.m on Sunday. The suspects, all reportedly in their 20s, were blocking the turnstiles at the entrance of the station and when the man approached, an argument ensued. The man was then chased back to the street where he was badly beaten by the suspects before they fled. He was reportedly treated for some cuts at the scene, and later received treatment at Jersey City Medical Center.

Police have now released photos of who they believe to be the suspects in the hopes of tracking them down. Surveillance photos show the attackers smiling and laughing while walking through the station. The suspects didn’t steal anything from the victim.

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11Identity of Elusive Graffiti Artist Banksy Possibly Revealed

Reclusive graffiti artist Banksy was reportedly revealed after he was caught on camera near one of his own pieces in New York.

The man, who is seen wearing a flat cap and paint-covered overalls, appears to be fixing a “moving painting” on a van that broke down. The person is believed by several newspapers to be Banksy, who has never confirmed his identity.

Previous photographs reportedly showing the artist were taken in Santa Monica in 2011 and East London in 2007. Both photos feature a white man in his early 30s with brown hair, which are compatible with the newest picture.

The artist’s real name is thought to be Robin Banks or Robin Gunningham, though the only detail about the man that can be confirmed is that he is from Bristol.

In the past, Banksy has insisted that he will never reveal his true identity, leading some to nickname him the Scarlet Pimpernel of modern art.

In a recent email interview with the Village Voice, Banksy said he plans to create a new piece of art in Manhattan every day through the month of October.

He told the paper that he doesn’t plan on making a profit from his art in the city, noting that commercial success would be a mark of failure for a graffiti artist.

“When you look at how society rewards so many of the wrong people,” he wrote, “it's hard not to view financial reimbursement as a badge of self-serving mediocrity.”

Sources: DailyMail, The Inquisitir

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11Unmanned Drone Crash Lands Onto New York City Sidewalk (Video)

A small camera-equipped drone crashed onto a Manhattan sidewalk Monday evening, narrowly missing a financial analyst who gutted the drone and submitted the footage to the local news.

The unmanned aircraft was identified as a Phantom Quadcopter, which should not have been flying through congested pedestrian areas, according to Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson Laura Brown.

The video shows the drone taking off from a high rise in Midtown Manhattan, and focuses momentarily on the operator. Then, the drone moves over the city during rush hour, flying 20 to 30 stories above ground.

The drone recorded some of the city’s most iconic buildings, including the Chrysler, MetLife and Grand Central.

The driver, who is clearly inexperienced, slams the drone into several buildings until it finally falls to the ground only feet away from the businessman.

“Someone’s done something very reckless,” the anonymous financial analyst said, “choosing something for their personal enjoyment over any of the consequences.”

When the businessman reported the drone to police, they did nothing.

“I got the sense that they knew that it was something out of the ordinary,” he said, “but didn’t know how to handle it.”

The NYPD is now investigating the incident to see whether reckless endangerment was involved.

Sources: The Huffington Post, ABC News

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11Deaf Starbucks Customers Sue Company for Discrimination

A group of 16 deaf Starbucks customers filed a lawsuit against the company after employees at a Lower Manhattan, N.Y., location refused them service, mocked them and tried to throw them out of the building.

The customers were trying to hold a monthly meeting when the staff called police, saying that the group was disturbing other customers and that they had not obtained permission for the meeting. The staff also complained that no one had purchased a drink, though several were mocked when they tried to order one.

When Alen Roth, one of the offended patrons, asked the employee taking his order if she had a problem with him being deaf, she began yelling obscenities at him and had to be pulled back by other employees.

Once police arrived, they found nothing wrong the customers’ behavior and chastised the Starbucks employees for wasting police time.

A representative for Starbucks said the company takes discrimination seriously, adding that the employees were neither “in line with our values nor our track record of engaging” deaf customers.

The group’s attorney, Eric Baum, suggested that Starbucks create a training program to better serve deaf customers, which should include a sensitivity training.

The group is seeking retribution for “humiliation, embarrassment and emotional pain.”

Sources: Inquisitir, The Huffington Post

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11NYC Women Sets Off 44 Bug Bombs, Blows Up A Chinatown Building

A New York City woman set off 44 bug foggers in her Chinatown hair salon last week in an attempt to end a serious roach infestation, but she failed to turn off a pilot light. The highly flammable fumes blew up the five-story building injuring a dozen people.

FDNY investgators found boxes of Raid fumigating foggers and Decon bug bombs all over the Piao Liang Ren Scheng Beauty Salon, reported the Daily News.

The woman apparently set off 20 bombs on Wednesday. On Thursday she set off about two-dozen more, according to the Associated Press.

At 12:45 p.m. Thursday an explosion occurred on the first floor rear of the salon on 17 Pike St. A minor ceiling collapsed and a fire erupted, spreading quickly to the upper floors.

When the FDNY arrived, tenants were on their fire escapes pleading for help. A firefighter found one man unconscious inside his apartment, and using a bucket-ladder was able to get him to safety.

In all, eight people were rescued from the burning building. Two were in critical condition, two more had their conditions listed as serious.

A police source to the Daily News the bug bombs were “used improperly.” Fire investigators are also checking to see if a gas leak was involved, according to FDNY Assistant Chief Robert Boyce.

Boyce said four firefighters were injured in the blaze, which took an hour to get under control.

Xia Jing Mei told the Daily News that her aunt, who lives on the building’s top floor barely got out alive.

“[We] ran right outside,” said Mei. “I got out and there were these huge flames behind me.”

The incident is being considered an accident.

“We did have existing codes violations for this building. We’re looking into them,” Boyce said without going into detail.

It is unclear if the woman who set of the bug bombs will face charges.

Sources: NY Daily News, Newser

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11Thief Says He Didn't Exactly Steal an iPhone from a Toddler: 'I Offered the Kid Two Dollars'

A New York City thief claims he didn’t exactly steal an iPhone from a toddler in Greenwich Village in March.

Feliberto Ramirez, 53, was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to one and a half to three years in prison Wednesday.

“Yeah, I f--ked up, I took the phone,” Ramirez told police after his arrest.

“But I offered the kid two dollars. He shook his head, said yeah, and he handed me the phone.”

Ramirez, who is homeless, swiped the phone from 3-year-old Aidan Talley of New Jersey, while the boy's mother was shopping on Broadway. The phone belonged to the boy’s mother, Kira Talley, 36, who was standing just arms-length away from the boy when the theft occurred.

Police said Ramirez patted Aidan on the head, told the boy “Thank you” and tossed him a couple bucks.

"Aidan said, 'Mommy, he took your phone,'" Talley told the New York Post. “I was within arm’s reach, literally could reach out and touch him and it happened so fast.”

Customers in clothing store chased the thief, but they weren’t able to catch him.

Police were able to track the smartphone via an app called Find My iPhone. Ramirez apparently traded the phone in the Bronx for $50 in order to support a drug habit, police said.

They later found him in a homeless shelter on Bowery Street near East Third.

“He’s was drug addict — he needed the money for drugs,” a police source told The Post. “That’s about as desperate as you can get.”

When he appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court, Ramirez was reportedly smirking and swaggering. The sentence given by Judge Ronald Zweibel was the one recommended by prosecutors.

Ramirez had been arrested for larceny and trespassing in the past.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post

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11Touro College Files Suit Over 'Anti-Semitic' Elevator

Residents of a six-story Upper West Side, N.Y., residential building are fighting a suggestion to slow elevator arrival — a move that some are calling anti-Semitic.

The rent-controlled building belongs to Touro College, which has turned the residency into a kind of dorm despite hosting multiple elderly residents.

The college planned to make one of the building’s two elevators stop once at every floor from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, which allows observers of the Shabbat to avoid the barred gesture of operating electric switches.

When Touro filed for the delay, which would last I minute and 23 seconds, the state Division of Housing and Community Renewal denied it. The college is asking the Manhattan Supreme Court to overrule the division’s decision.

This request could affect Jewish students in 43 of the 82 units in Touro’s building.

Tenants opposed to the requirement say the stalled elevator would inhibit travelers on a day they normally do shopping and laundry. They have also argued that young students are capable of taking the stairs during Shabbat instead of the elevator.

When the college accused the Tenant Association of anti-Semitism and discrimination, president of the association, James Berry, responded.

'This is not about civil rights,” Berry said. “The problem is that Touro has made this building into a dormitory in violation of the building’s certificate of occupancy.”

Sources: NY Daily News, The Wall Street Journal

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11Larry Davis Accused Of Killing Grandmother Then Stuffing Her In Closet

The trial of a Harlem man accused of beating and choking his grandmother to death because she would not give him $175 began on Thursday.

Larry Davis is accused of killing his 76-year-old relative, Cora Davis, stuffing her body into a closet and then having sex with a prostitute in the same apartment.

Prior to the alleged murder, Larry apparently stole Cora’s mink coat and then tried to sell it back to her for $750. A Manhattan judge who was handling the misdemeanor larceny case ordered that Larry stop harassing Cora. He issued an order of protection that was still in place when Cora was killed.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos said Cora suffered a broken neck and at least eight bruises on her skull during the March 2011 attack, The New York Daily News reported.

Larry’s defense attorney, Bryan Konoski, suggested that Cora’s heart condition could have been a factor in her death.

Sources: The New York Daily News, DNAInfo

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11Judge Declares Alleged Killer Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Fit To Stand Trial

A New York City judge has decided that the nanny accused of slashing two Upper West Side children to death is fit to stand trial, but it won’t happen quite yet because her lawyer is challenging the ruling.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro announced that after a pair of court-appointed psychiatrists examined Yoselyn Ortega multiple times and reviewed "the rather voluminous medical records" in the case, they both found her sane.

The court psychiatrists also decided that Ortega was able to understand the charges against her and assist in her own defense, according to New York Post.

"I'm moving to controvert," Ortega’s lawyer, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, told Judge Carro after hearing the decision.

"You want two weeks to review?" asked Carro.

"Actually, a little longer, judge," said Leer-Greenberg.

Since the defense is challenging the finding, both sides will have a chance to submit papers to Carro. The judge could conduct an open-court hearing, or he could rule immediately. Depending on what he does, the process could take months.

Ortega is accused of murdering two children who were in her care back in October. The reasons for the killings are unclear. It is expected that her lawyer will try to use an insanity defense should the case proceed to trial. May 6 is Ortega's next court date.

Sources: New York Post, CBS News

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