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11Father Wins Right To Vaccinate His Children

After a long court battle, a father has won the right to vaccinate his children.

The case was brought to Sydney’s Family Court when the children’s father, Mr. Randall, decided his son, 14, and daughter, 12, were missing out on extra-curricular activities because they did not have the required vaccinations. 

The children’s mother, using the pseudonym Ms. Duke-Randall, was opposed to her children receiving vaccinations. 

When Mr. Randall and Ms. Duke-Randall were married he agreed with her anti-vaccination stance in order to keep “peace in the household.”  Since their divorce in 2011 he has changed his mind. 

Mr. Randall tried to avoid court but “was simply unable to negotiate with [the mother] on the issue.”

Ms. Duke-Randall’s claim against vaccinations included the children being at an increased risk of experiencing “vaccine damage” because of various allergies she believes they suffer from, reports The Age

According to evidence supplied by a senior consultant in immunology, both children were found healthy and did not have “any allergies or any other contraindications to vaccination.”

Ms. Duke-Randall also submitted hundreds of documents to the court about the risks of vaccinations, including a supposed possible link to autism. 

Presiding Justice Garry Foster said much of the information she submitted ''is comments, submissions, irrelevancies.”  

“Since the mother has raised the immunisation issue, she has been narrowly focused on it, perhaps to the point where the best interests of her children have been subsumed,” Justice Foster said.

Justice Foster ruled it was in the best interest of the children to receive the routine vaccinations, reports The Australian.

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11Ohio Man Charged In Operation of Wheelchair Under the Influence (Video)

Ohio man Donald Law was charged with disorderly conduct after deputies found him operating a motorized wheelchair under the influence of alcohol.

Police footage of the event was obtained by The Associated Press.

Deleware County sheriff’s deputies found Law around 10:30 p.m. on Friday when someone reported a possible drunken driver.

The 44-year-old was about a mile from his home when police found him. When police asked Law to get out of the road, because his wheelchair didn’t have reflectors or lights, he refused.  

Law was charged with a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. He was eventually given a ride home by someone else, police reported.

Sources: The Times Picayne, Project Nola

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11Brother of Chris Coleman Seeks PTSD Disability

Illinois man Brad Coleman applied for a disability award for post-traumatic stress disorder in November, claiming that thoughts of his imprisoned brother worry him.

The $224,000 tax-free settlement would come from the State Employees’ Retirement System.

Coleman’s brother, Christopher, was sentenced to life in prison for strangling his wife and children to death. He was sentenced in 2009.

Now, Coleman claims that working as a prison guard reminds him of this fact -- as verified by a physician.

“It’s the [prison] environment,” Coleman said. “It weighs on you.”

Coleman’s claim is under review, but could pay up to $32,000 a year for seven years if approved.

Coleman is currently on unpaid leave and works as a barber and part-time police officer.

Sources: KMOV, BND

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11Model Files $500,000 Lawsuit Against Playboy After Being Injured With Golf Club During Photo Shoot (Video)

Elizabeth Dickson, a 28-year-old model, is suing Playboy, along with a popular radio host, after a photo shoot ended in assault with a golf club.

According to reports, the model was invited to work at the Playboy Golf Finals in March 2012. At one point in the day, Dickson was asked to pose for a picture with Kevin Klein, co-host of the Playboy Morning Show, but it wasn’t just a normal picture. Dickson was asked to lie on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed so that Klein could place a golf tee in between and make it look as if he was about to hit a ball off. Unbeknownst to Dickson, the pose wasn’t just pretend, and when Klein took a swing at the ball, he wound up nailing her in one of her buttocks, leaving her with a massive welt.

Now, Dickson has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Playboy Enterprises and Klein for damages, claiming battery and negligence. Dickson says that as a result of the incident, she has suffered bodily injury, lost earnings, had expensive medical treatment, and dealt with the extra burden of severe anxiety.

“[Dickson] sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion of which are permanent,” says the lawsuit.

Dickson claims that she gave no consent for the radio host to actually hit the ball off the tee that was between her buttocks. Playboy has yet to comment on the lawsuit.


Playboy Babe Liz Dickson -- Ass Cheek Golf Swing VIDEO ... You Gotta See This Bruise - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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11Minneapolis Man Punches 8-Year-Old Boy In Face, Steals His iPad

Prosecutors filed felony aggravated robbery charges against a 32-year-old Minneapolis man after he was caught on video punching a child in the face and stealing the boy's iPad.

Police in Hennepin County were dispatched Thursday to the intersection of 28th Street and Nicollet Avenue South after a report that a man was being chased by a group of men.

Upon arrival, the police met 32-year-old Aaron Wayne Stillday, who said that men had chased him for no reason. However, police learned that the pursuit began when Stillday punched an 8-year-old boy walking out of daycare and stole his iPad.

Stillday allegedly approached the boy, saying: “Give me that, n****.”

In the video, the boy can be seen lying motionless on the ground as his nose bleeds.

The boy was taken to the hospital and Stillday was taken into custody.

On Monday, Stillday was charged with felony first-degree aggravated robbery.

Sources: Fox, Got News Wire

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11Long Island Man Attacked In Suspected 'Knockout' Game

Long Island man Kyle Rodgers was bar hopping over the weekend when he potentially became the latest victim of the “Knockout” game.

The 23-year-old had just left the Sweet & Vicious bar on Spring St. and was headed to another in the East Village when someone attacked him from behind.

Rodgers was attacked at 2:25 a.m. on Sunday morning. The attacker, who knocked Rodgers unconscious, was caught on camera.

After knocking Rodgers to the ground, the attacker casually walked away.

Rodgers woke up in Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for his injuries, including a broken jaw.

“It’s just really bad,” Mike Rodgers, Kyle’s father, said “It’s cowardly more than anything.”

Police reported that the two men had no contact prior to the attack, and would not confirm whether or not the attack was part of the "Knockout" game.

Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post

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11Teacher Quits Job Over 35-Mile Commute And Is Denied Unemployment

A Pottstown, Pa. assistant teacher quit her job because she was asked to transfer to another facility 35 miles away. After applying to get unemployment benefits, she has officially been denied by the Commonwealth Court.

Theresa M. Keim was working her $11.48-an-hour job at Montgomery Early Learning Center when her boss told her she was being transferred to a facility that was 35 miles away. Keim made the decision to quit because the commute “would result in more wear and tear on her car.” In addition, Keim told the court that it was “a bit too long of a drive” and “she is not a long-distance driver.”

The Unemployment Compensation Board of Review initially turned down her request for benefits, so Keim turned to the Commonwealth Court with her request.

Senior Judge James Gardner Collins said that Keim never even tried to commute to the new job before quitting. Collins also noted that she never tried to see if she could carpool with anybody or take public transportation. In the end, the court decided that the longer commute didn’t present a “necessitous and compelling” reason to quit.

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11NYPD Police Brutality Caught On Camera, Goes Viral (Video)

A disturbing video showing a man being arrested in the Bronx has gone viral.

The video shows a man sitting down after exiting a bus on Pelham Parkway. Two officers are restraining him while the man questions why. He keeps saying that he gave them his identification and ticket so there should be no reason why they are restraining him. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, reports say that the officers may have accused the man of not paying his bus fare, but witnesses say that he showed them his receipt.

The man becomes agitated as the officers refuse to stop holding him, so as he tries to stand up, a struggle ensues. The two officers are then joined by four other officers who all struggle to arrest the man, eventually pulling him to the ground.

"Oh my God," yells the man. "Please don't do this to me!"

Eventually, with six officers all on top of the man, he is cuffed. As the officers get up, one clearly kicks him in the head for no reason at all.

After the video was posted on Facebook by Dariel Reyes, it quickly went viral. The NYPD says they are aware of the video and are investigating the incident. According to the Daily News, the petition has already gotten over 100 signatures.

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11American Man Sues Ethiopian Government For Spying On Him

A Maryland man is suing the Ethiopian government after it was discovered that it infected his computer with spyware, wiretapped his calls made via Skype, and monitored his family’s computers for months.

"We have clear evidence of a foreign government secretly infiltrating an American's computer in America, listening to his calls, and obtaining access to a wide swath of his private life," said Electronic Frontier Foundation staff attorney Nate Cardozo. "The current Ethiopian government has a well-documented history of human rights violations against anyone it sees as political opponents. Here, it wiretapped a United States citizen on United States soil in an apparent attempt to obtain information about members of the Ethiopian diaspora who have been critical of their former government. U.S. laws protect Americans from this type of unauthorized electronic spying, regardless of who is responsible."

This case is part of a larger operation by the Ethiopian government to spy on people it believes are political opponents. The man, who goes by Mr. Kidane in order to protect his family, reportedly opened a Microsoft Word document that was sent to him, and upon opening the document, his computer became infected.

“I would be extremely hesitant to continue to seek legal redress in this case should I be denied this request to proceed pseudonymously, as I fear the litigation would put my life and the lives of my family at substantial risk,” said Mr. Kidane. The man, who is originally from Ethiopia, won political asylum 22 years ago and has lived in Silver Spring, Md., ever since.

"The problem of governments violating the privacy of their political opponents through digital surveillance is not isolated – it's already big and growing bigger," said Electronic Frontier Foundation Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "Yet despite the international intrigue and genuine danger involved in this lawsuit, at bottom it's a straightforward case. An American citizen was wiretapped at his home in Maryland, and he's asking for his day in court under longstanding American laws."

Reports claim that Ethiopia is not alone in spying on the activity of perceived opponents to its government.

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11Family Claims Police Officers Beat Father To Death

The family of Luis Rodriguez, who died in the custody of police officers, is claiming the officers beat him to death.

Nair Rodriguez and her daughter Lunahi got into an argument at the Warren Theater Friday night. Nair slapped Lunahi and then stormed away, reports News9.

Luis -- her husband and Lunahi’s father -- went after her, and that is when they claim police officers confronted Luis and asked to see his identification.

Luis tried to bypass the officers so he could stop his wife from driving in her angered state. The officers responded by allegedly beating Luis to the ground.

Lunahi Rodriguez said there were five officers and that they beat her father to death right in front of her, in the movie theatre’s parking lot.

"When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, it was, he was disfigured, you couldn't recognize him," Lunahi said.

Nair says when it was all over she knew her husband was dead.

"I saw him. His [motionless] body when people carry it to the stretcher," Nair explained. "I knew that he was dead."

Police are claiming that Luis tried to fight with them and that he was placed in handcuffs, reports NewsOK.

Lunahi contends that Luis did not resist police force and that he was beaten by them repeatedly.

Nair took a video of the altercation, but claims police took her phone from her with the recording on it.

Three of the police officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave while Luis’ death is investigated.

The family plans on seeking legal action.

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