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11Man Suing Mexican Restaurant After Biting Into Thumbtack Found In His Nachos (Photos)

A Washington state Mexican restaurant is facing a pretty big lawsuit after a man claims he bit into a thumbtack that was found in his nachos and has had to undergo dental surgery to repair the damage done.

33-year-old Aaron Casey was dining with friends on August 13, 2012 when he bit right into a sharp object that was baked into his plate of nachos. Casey immediately spit out the object and saw that it was a bright yellow thumbtack. Casey snapped pictures of his food so that he could prove what happened to him, and now, he has filed a lawsuit against the Azteca restaurant.

Casey’s attorney Kirk Davis said that his client started to feel tooth pain soon after the incident, and, upon being examined by a dentist, he was required to undergo a root canal. Despite the medical care he’s already received, Casey may still wind up losing his tooth.

"It was a very dangerous situation," said Davis to the New York Daily News. "He's been informed that he may lose the tooth."

The lawsuit, which was first reported on by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, was filed in King County Superior court.

“We are looking to help Aaron recover his past and future medical expenses along with some money for the considerable pain he endured,” said Davis.

According to reports, the thumbtack fell off of a bulletin board located directly above the location where the food is made, and Azteca has so far refused to take responsibility for what happened.

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11Dangerous "Eraser Challenge" Involves Students Rubbing Their Skin And Causing Injuries (Video)

A dangerous new game called the “Eraser Challenge” is being played by kids across the country, and now, a Connecticut middle school has pledged to do whatever they can to put a stop to it.

In this game, students take an eraser and furiously rub it against their skin while reciting the alphabet and thinking of a word for every letter. Once they reach the last letter in the alphabet, the eraser is passed to another student. At the end, all of the students compare wounds.

“Most students use their arms to do this, from their elbow to their wrist — however, it can be anywhere on their body,” wrote Bethel Middle School Principal Derek Muharem in a letter sent to parents. “What I found out was kids were sharing erasers, so as they broke the skin they were passing the eraser off to somebody else, body fluids being shared, and that’s a concern of mine.”

“Please take the time to talk to your child about this to make sure they are not involved in this ridiculous and unsafe act,” continued Muharem.

The game didn’t start at Bethel Middle School, however. There are numerous videos on YouTube depicting kids playing this dangerous game.

“I don’t understand why kids are mutilating themselves or doing things to hurt themselves,” said parent Jason Luhrs to FoxCT.

Doctors say that this game could lead to serious health complications such as infections. Muharem says he believes students play the game because of peer pressure, and that he hopes to be able to put a stop to it at Bethel.

"It's happening all over," said Muharem. "What concerns me is that kids see something and they try it because of peer pressure. Our job is to keep kids safe."

Muharem adds that no students will be punished for playing the game.

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11High School Student Brutally Punched In The Face By Classmate (Video)

Shocking video shows a Georgia high school sophomore being repeatedly punched in the face by a classmate in a locker room, and now, the victim’s father is calling for more serious charges against the perpetrator.

High school student David Egan was forced to undergo facial reconstruction surgery after being assaulted by his unnamed fellow student. According to reports, the other boy accused Egan of stealing his tennis shoes, and even though Egan denied it, the student got so angry that he punched him hard in the face. Egan appears to stumble following the first punch, and after he is shoved into a locker, the student throws a second punch that brought the victim to the ground.

Egan’s father Daniel says that the school called him to come pick up his son, but wonders why an ambulance was never called.

"This is my child," said Daniel Egan. "How would you feel if you saw a person fracturing his face, smashing him up against a locker, punching him so hard that it breaks his nose off his skull?"

The student that punched Egan was charged with misdemeanor battery, and the school took disciplinary action. Still, Daniel Egan says he wants more to be done.

“When they treat it like a schoolyard shuffle, you are thinking these are just kids,” said Daniel. “He didn't throw sand in his eyes, he didn't stab him in the arm with a pencil, he broke his skull.”

School district spokesperson Jorge Quintana released a statement saying that he believes the school acted appropriately and that although the crime was heinous, the student may only be able to be charged as a juvenile because of his age.

“The student is a juvenile. I understand that this offense does not qualify to charge a juvenile as an adult in the state of Georgia. The seven offenses under which a juvenile can be charged as an adult are listed under OCGA 15-11-560,” said Quintana. “Typically when there is a fight, 911 is not called as adults intervene. Injured students are typically taken to the clinic to receive immediate care from the clinic worker. Parents are then called. The school handled this case well, acting immediately to care for the injured student and to investigate so that appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges could be made.”

The incident is still under investigation, and David Egan is currently recovering from reconstructive surgery.

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11Scott Olsen Reaches $4.5 Million Settlement With City Of Oakland

Scott Olsen was one of the major personalities of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Olsen, a 26-year-old U.S. military veteran, was critically injured in an October 2011 protest as a member of Occupy Oakland. 

Olsen was hit by a non-lethal projectile that was fired by a police officer who was clearing the park where the protesters had been based for several weeks. The projectile hit Olsen in the head, fracturing his skull, breaking his neck vertebrae and swelling his brain. 

In response to the injuries sustained by Olsen, the city of Oakland has issued the man a $4.5 million settlement. 

At the time of the incident, the story was a symbol of the United States’ violence against its own people. Olsen had served two tours in Iraq, only to be critically wounded by law enforcement officials in his home country. 

According to Democracy Now!, Olsen claimed that he was simply glad that the legal proceedings had finished. 

“It has been a very stressful experience having to deal with it. So, for that reason alone, I’m happy that it’s over. And yeah, part of me does wish we had gone to trial, but this is what’s going to work out for me better, I think, and hopefully for pushing forward for change in Oakland police policy,” Olsen said. 

According to RT, $1.4 million of the settlement is going to be taken directly from Oakland’s budget, while the remainder of the sum is going to be taken from the city’s insurance policy. 

City attorney Barbara Parker explained that the settlement was fair and just considering the circumstances.

“Mr. Olsen suffered a tragic injury that will affect him for the rest of his life. This settlement will save the city the far greater costs of a trial and potentially much higher judgement. This is a fair settlement given the facts of the case and the significant injuries Mr. Olsen sustained,” Parker said.

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11Model Files $500,000 Lawsuit Against Playboy After Being Injured With Golf Club During Photo Shoot (Video)

Elizabeth Dickson, a 28-year-old model, is suing Playboy, along with a popular radio host, after a photo shoot ended in assault with a golf club.

According to reports, the model was invited to work at the Playboy Golf Finals in March 2012. At one point in the day, Dickson was asked to pose for a picture with Kevin Klein, co-host of the Playboy Morning Show, but it wasn’t just a normal picture. Dickson was asked to lie on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed so that Klein could place a golf tee in between and make it look as if he was about to hit a ball off. Unbeknownst to Dickson, the pose wasn’t just pretend, and when Klein took a swing at the ball, he wound up nailing her in one of her buttocks, leaving her with a massive welt.

Now, Dickson has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Playboy Enterprises and Klein for damages, claiming battery and negligence. Dickson says that as a result of the incident, she has suffered bodily injury, lost earnings, had expensive medical treatment, and dealt with the extra burden of severe anxiety.

“[Dickson] sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion of which are permanent,” says the lawsuit.

Dickson claims that she gave no consent for the radio host to actually hit the ball off the tee that was between her buttocks. Playboy has yet to comment on the lawsuit.


Playboy Babe Liz Dickson -- Ass Cheek Golf Swing VIDEO ... You Gotta See This Bruise - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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11Father Bites Newborn Son's Nose Off Because He Wouldn't Stop Crying

An 18-year-old father was arrested in Fairfield, California after authorities say he bit off his one-month-old child’s nose because he wouldn’t stop crying.

The Fairfield Police Department says they received a “hysterical” call from a woman saying her infant son was bleeding from his nose. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the baby badly bleeding. The child’s 17-year-old mother was at the scene along with the father, 18-year-old Joshua Cooper.

The baby was taken to NorthBay Medical Center where doctors determined that in addition to the injury with his nose, the young child had suffered severe trauma to the head. The infant was then transferred to Children’s Hospital in Oakland where, according to Fairfield police Sgt. Troy Oviatt, doctors determined that he, “had suffered a skull fracture, a brain hemorrhage and that one-third of the child's nose had been severed off.”

Joshua Cooper was arrested for child cruelty and aggravated mayhem before being booked into Solano County Jail.

An investigation has already determined that Cooper bit his son’s nose off because the infant wouldn’t stop crying, but authorities have not yet determined why the newborn suffered a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage.

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1171-Year-Old California Woman Stung More Than 1,000 Times By Killer Bees (Video)

A 71-year-old California woman was stung more than 1,000 times after a swarm of killer bees attacked her on Thursday.

The woman was covered head-to-toe in Africanized honey bees when emergency workers arrived at her Palm Desert home. Five fire fighters were hurt as they removed the bees and helped her into the ambulance.

Authorities called local company Killer Bee Inc. to clear the 75,000 bees, which lived in a Verizon cable box. Killer Bee owner Lance Davis noted that because the woman stepped within a 90-yard radius of the hive, the bees attacked.

“We do these jobs all the time,” Davis said. “Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get these guys angry.”

The veteran beekeeper, who some call a bee whisperer, removed the bees and brought them to his own hives where the bees will produce honey.

The woman was taken to a local hospital where she is recovering from serious injuries. Two firefighters were treated on the scene, but three were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Sources: SFGate, NY Daily News

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11Long Island Man Attacked In Suspected 'Knockout' Game

Long Island man Kyle Rodgers was bar hopping over the weekend when he potentially became the latest victim of the “Knockout” game.

The 23-year-old had just left the Sweet & Vicious bar on Spring St. and was headed to another in the East Village when someone attacked him from behind.

Rodgers was attacked at 2:25 a.m. on Sunday morning. The attacker, who knocked Rodgers unconscious, was caught on camera.

After knocking Rodgers to the ground, the attacker casually walked away.

Rodgers woke up in Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for his injuries, including a broken jaw.

“It’s just really bad,” Mike Rodgers, Kyle’s father, said “It’s cowardly more than anything.”

Police reported that the two men had no contact prior to the attack, and would not confirm whether or not the attack was part of the "Knockout" game.

Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post

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11Two Men Sentenced To Prison For Brutal Beating Of Rival Sports Fan

Two men were sentenced to jail after brutally beating and severely injuring a San Francisco Giants fan outside of the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium nearly three years ago.

45-year-old Giants fan Bryan Stow was left with devastating, lifelong injuries that will require him round-the-clock care for the rest of his life. Stow, a paramedic and father of two, was attending a game at the Dodgers stadium when Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, both Dodgers fans, chased Stow down, sucker punched him, and brutally beat him until he was unconscious.

"The sport of baseball pales compared to this action," said Stow’s father David during court proceedings. “What you both did in the evening in the dark at Dodger Stadium was cowardly. We hold no hate against you, but we despise you. Bryan has a lifetime of pain, therapy and hard work daily that he must endure. He will strive to persevere.”

Sanchez, 31, has been sentenced to eight years in prison while Norwood, 33, has been sentenced to four. Superior Court Judge George Lomeli scolded the two men, who were seemingly unremorseful for their actions.

"You are the biggest nightmare for individuals who attend public events,” said Judge Lomeli.

Shortly after their arrest in 2011, Sanchez and Norwood were secretly recorded having a conversation about the incident in a cell at prison.

"It's all my fault," said Sanchez.

"I'm gonna fry regardless, bro," Norwood responded. "They pretty much got it. They got it, bro. I don't get how...we are the bad guys because something misfortunate happened to, you know, their side."

The Stow family says they are currently pursuing a civil suit against the Los Angeles Dodgers for provided little security at the stadium.

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11College Sophomore Arrested And Charged After Randomly Assaulting Three Peers

A sophomore at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts was arrested and charged after sucker punching three other random students in the face last week.

19-year-old Dillon Destefano, a New Jersey native, reportedly perpetrated the random attacks with two other friends by his side. Two of the victims of the attacks were severely injured and actually required surgery.

“It was three assaults within an hour and he didn’t even know them, the students,” said Endicott College president Richard Wylie. “It was just a random act of violence.”

Destefano was apprehended not long after the attacks happened after students reported that he was bragging around campus. The two friends that were with Destefano turned themselves into police, and a short time later, Destefano was apprehended.

Some reports are saying that the random attacks were a part of the “knockout game,” but that hasn’t been confirmed. The two students that were with Destefano at the time of the attacks were not charged with any crime, but were suspended from school.

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