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11Elderly Teacher Quits After 35 Because School Wanted Her To Delete Students On Facebook

A beloved New Hampshire substitute teacher quit her job after her school told her she had to unfriend students on Facebook.

Carol Thebarge, 79, took to Facebook to announce that her 35-year career as a paraprofessional and substitute teacher had come to an end after she was left with no choice but to quit.

"Today will be my last day at Stevens High," wrote Thebarge on her Facebook page. "I was given an ultimatum; to either delete every student from my Facebook page and do not post pictures of them, or be terminated."

"Those of you who know me and my philosophy in life, that of marching to the beat of my own drummer, would assume I would choose the latter of the two choices,” continued Thebarge. “And I did.”

Thebarge went on to note that the same administrator first asked her to delete thousands of students as friends on Facebook four years ago and said she actually began the process, but after about 50, she stopped.

“At that time, I could not begin to fathom on where to begin,” wrote Thebarge in her post. “Now I have over 3000 … the parents that I had in kindergarten, to those I had in the sixth grade who are now grandparents. It was like picking a needle out of a haystack. And when I did delete at that time, I had students that were asking me ‘what did they do wrong that I would do this to them.’ And then I hid my list. And I realized that I, who always taught them to ‘live their truth’, was demonstrating deceit. So I unblocked it and she [administrator] left me alone. Until now.”

Now, the administrator gave Thebarge the ultimatum after a fellow teacher was accused of sexual assault against a 14-year-old student. The dedicated substitute refused to delete her students, so she decided to quit.

"I will continue to stay in touch with all of them here,” Thebarge continued on Facebook. “No man or institution will dictate my relationships here, or otherwise that are within the range of my own consciousness. This is not rebellion. It is standing up for my beliefs ... for silence and compliance is agreement.”

School Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin defended the school’s policy and said that although Thebarge is a great teacher, she is not exempt from following the rules.

“In truth, being a caring, lovely woman doesn’t give you immunity to ignore a school board policy that’s designed to protect everyone,” said McGoodwin.

According to reports, a change.org petition was drafted to ask McGoodwin to reinstate Thebarge, and so far, it has gotten almost 700 signatures.

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11Facebook Photo Helps Mom Get Diagnosis For Daughter (Video)

A random picture one mother posted of her daughter on Facebook led to the discovery that the girl had a rare eye condition.

Tara Taylor of Memphis, Tennessee, didn’t think anything of posting a recent picture of her three-year-old daughter Rylee on Facebook one day, but once the picture was up, she noticed some comments from friends concerned that one of Rylee’s eyes was glowing in the photo.

“They said ‘Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s probably the lighting, but your daughter’s eye is glowing and you might want to have it checked out because it’s a sign there could be an issue with her eye,’” said Taylor.

Taylor wasted no time and took Rylee to a retina specialist. Soon after being examined, the three-year-old girl was diagnosed with Coat’s disease, a rare disorder that causes loss of vision or complete blindness in one eye.

“The significant problem we have with children is that a child won’t say, ‘Mommy, I can’t see out of my right eye.’ It is usually caught in an expected way,” said Dr. Jorge Calzada, a retina specialist at Baptist Eye Clinic. “When a child recognizes he cannot see or the parent recognizes they cannot see, it’s often because they’ve lost vision in both eyes.”

Dr. Calzada says that in cases like Rylee, early detection is key to successful treatment. Taylor says that even though there were no signs that her daughter was losing her vision in the left eye, she is grateful that one Facebook picture led to the diagnosis.

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11Assistant Principal Suspended After Ridiculing Overweight 6-Year-Old on Facebook

When Charles Fowler, a high school assistant principal, saw an overweight young girl at Walmart in Seneca, S.C., he took a picture of her and posted it to a social media account with the caption, “Honey Boo-Boo at Walmart.”

The picture, which he posted as a joke, was unedited: the girl’s face was clearly visible.

The image circulated throughout the community. Briana Smith, a family member of the photographed kindergartner, said that she was “very shocked” to suddenly find the picture of her cousin on the Internet.

“He wants to put a kid that’s six years old with health problems out there about her weight and make fun of her? And that’s not right,” Smith said.

The picture has received “likes” as well as multiple comments. Although some of the commentators found the image funny, the family is not amused; the young girl is coping with health issues related to her weight, and already feels uncomfortable as is.

“Before she goes out in public, she tries on different outfits because she feels like she’s too big,” Smith said.

The girl’s great-grandmother said that the 6-year-old girl was so embarrassed that she stayed home from school on Monday.

“She said, ‘Nanny, I’ve got to lose some weight,’ and she said, ‘I don’t want people to see me like this,’” the great-grandmother stated.

Fowler has been suspended from his position at Walhalla High School; he is currently on administrative leave. An online petition, which has already gotten hundreds of signatures, is asking that the school fire Fowler. As FOX Carolina reports, Fowler’s own son signed the petition.

The original post has since been removed from Fowler’s Facebook page. 

Sources: http://myfox8.com, http://www.rawstory.com

Photo Source: http://localtvwghp.files.wordpress.com

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1116-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Murdered By Best Friend Over Naked Facebook Pictures

A 16-year-old Mexican girl was allegedly brutally murdered by her best friend after they got in a dispute over naked photos that were leaked on Facebook.

According to reports, Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez stabbed her best friend, Anel Baez, 65 times in the neck after Baez invited her over so that they could patch things up after their dispute. Baez had allegedly uploaded naked photos of the pair to Facebook, and authorities suspect that Gutierrez wanted revenge.

"It may seem that I am very calm, but in my head I have killed you at least three times," Gutierrez reportedly tweeted just weeks before the murder occurred. The teenager also allegedly pledged to “bury” her friend “by the end of the year.”

Police say that when Gutierrez arrived at Baez’s home, she asked to use the bathroom, but instead went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and proceeded to stab her friend repeatedly, leaving her in a pool of blood. The teenager left the scene and attempted to remove herself from the situation entirely.

Gutierrez was eventually arrested at Baez’s funeral, where she was pretending to grieve along with friends and Baez’s family.

Police say Gutierrez will be charged with murder this week, but because she is a minor, she will most likely be prosecuted in juvenile court and may only serve up to seven years in jail if she’s found guilty.

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11Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Made $3.3 Billion From Stock Options In 2013

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, made $3.3 billion last year by exercising his stock options in the social networking company he founded, according to the New York Post.

In 2012 the 29-year-old executive made $2.3 billion from his initial stake in the company. Zuckerberg sold 41.35 million shares of Facebook for $55.05 apiece in December to help pay the taxes on the 2012 windfall according to regulatory documents filed Monday.

Facebook stock hit $61 per share in January of this year making the company worth $150 billion. At 10 years old it hit that milestone faster than any company in history, according to Business Insider

“He has more wealth than anybody could ever hope to use in a lifetime,” James Cody told Bloomberg at the time. Cody is a managing director at Harris myCFO, Inc.

The rapid growth in the company’s value and Zuckerberg’s enormous stock options were made possible as he delivered on his promise to increase ad revenue from mobile devices. Investors apparently like what they have seen. It is reported that Facebook now gets over half of its revenue from advertising directed at smartphone and tablet users. In light of that the company’s stock has more than doubled in the last year.

Zuckerberg isn’t keeping all of the money for himself though. He and his wife, Priscilla Chan, donated $1 billion worth of stock to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation last year. That move put the couple at the top of the The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s list of most generous Americans. 

“What he has done with his wealth so far speaks to the fact that he’ll do more good for charitable purposes,” Cody said. 

Currently Zuckerberg owns 426.3 million Facebook shares. Although he only receives a $1 annual salary from the company, he is currently worth $25.7 billion. Even with giving away stock to charities, Zuckerberg is making over $2.5 billion a year on average. That’s not bad for a guy who founded his company in a Harvard dorm room.

Sources: New York Post, Business Insider, Bloomberg

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11Viral Video Shows Two Women Being Brutally Stripped And Beaten In Broad Daylight (Video)

Two sisters in Cincinnati are coming forward after they were brutally attacked by a group of women and video of the incident was spread on social media.

The disturbing video shows the sisters, aged 20 and 21, being kicked, punched, and stripped naked by the group of women in broad daylight. One bystander captured the beating on a cell phone, but during the ordeal, not one person stepped in to help.

“I feared for my life,” said the 21-year-old anonymous victim. “I just thought I was going to die right there on that ground."

Detective Tracy Jones said that one of the attackers, Kianna McMeans, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. A second woman, Jakeda Phillips, is currently wanted by police.

“You see the video of two females getting stripped down naked, basically humiliated out there and beat to a pulp,” said Jones. “As you can imagine from the video, they have significant bruising about their face and body. They felt like they had been humiliated out there in public. It is very brutal. As a police department, we don’t stand for that. We're trying to get these people into custody as soon as we can.”

The two victims claim that the night before, they had gone out to a dance club with McMeans. The suspect was allegedly assaulted while they were out, and after that incident, she accused the two victims of failing to stick up for her. The next morning, McMeans arrived at the sisters’ door with a group of girls.

“All the girls started punching me in my face and pulling my hair,” said the 20-year-old victim to WLWT. “They dragged me down to the ground and ripped my dress off of me and dragged me out of the house and beat me and kicked me in my face. I was very, very, very humiliated that I was out there without no clothes on and everybody was just standing there looking at me. Nobody would give me a telephone to use. They didn't care if they killed us, the way they were stomping my sister in the head. They didn't care what happened after that."

Authorities say that the group of women stole the sisters’ purses, wallets, and cellphones. The value of those items in total is reportedly $1,100. Police are still on the hunt for Jakeda Phillips and hope that the community will help them find the other suspects shown in the video.

Photo source: WCPO Cincinnati 

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11Teen Wins $70,000 Settlement After School Searches Through Her Facebook

The Minnesota teenager who was forced to tell school officials her Facebook password was awarded $70,000 in damages.

The trouble began two years ago when Riley Stratton, then 13, posted on her Facebook that she hated a school monitor because she was mean. Stratton made the comment out of school time.

The Minnewaska Area School at which she was a student was alerted, and Stratton was given an in-school suspension.

Later, Stratton went back on Facebook and asked who had told on her. School officials have construed the move as potentially threatening to other students.

"I was a little mad at whoever turned me in 'cause it was outside school when it happened," Stratton said on Tuesday.

Stratton's attorney, Wallace Hilke, took the case pro bono with the American Civil Liberties Union. In the lawsuit, Hilke claimed that officials had violated Riley's constitutional rights by viewing her online accounts.

"She wasn't spreading lies or inciting them to engage in bad behavior, she was just expressing her personal feelings," Hilke stated.

After the incident, Stratton was again brought before school officials in response to another complaint, this time from a parent who complained that Stratton had engaged in an online conversation "of sexual nature" with her son.

The sixth-grader was forced to tell school authorities her Facebook password so they could check her private messages.

"I was in tears," Stratton recalls. "I was embarrassed when they made me give over my password."

The girl's mother, Sandra Stratton, said that although the school had informed her of the complaint, she had not been told that her daughter was expected to surrender her password.

After the incident, Stratton fell behind on schoolwork because, as the lawsuit describes, she was "too distraught and embarrassed to attend school."

In addition to paying $70,000 in damages, Minnewaska Area Schools have agreed to rewrite their policies, which now stipulate that signed consent must be obtained from the student's parent. Additionally, the new rules state that electronic records and passwords created off-campus can only be searched if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they will uncover violations of school rules.

Sources: http://www.startribune.com, http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Photo Sources: http://www.startribune.com, http://likesreviewer.com, http://www.lakesnwoods.com, http://www.kare11.com, http://wjon.com

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11Teacher Posts Facebook Rant About Dead Student

Just 24 hours after a student committed suicide, his former teacher took to Facebook to call the boy a “brat” and a “bully.”

“You were a moody, disrespectful little brat,” Australian teacher Simon Cox wrote of the 16-year-old student.

In the same post, Cox criticized the boy’s parents for making excuses about his  behavior and described the boy’s death as unimportant.

“Nothing special,” Cox wrote. “Now I’ve got to wash my hair.”

In response to the Facebook rant, the student’s uncle Peter Britten claimed the insults were unjustified. He described his nephew as a stay-at-home kind of kid and loved by all.

Dozens of parents who saw the post called for Cox to be fired.

According to the Northern Territory’s Education deputy chief executive Susan Bowden, Cox has turned in his resignation, which will be effective April 14.

In a statement, the Department of Education apologized for Cox’s behavior.

Sources: MSN, DailyMail

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11Mother's Facebook Lesson Takes A Turn For The Worse After 4Chan Users Find Daughter's Photo

Kira Hudson decided to teach her daughter a lesson about why she could not have a Facebook page or Instagram account by publicly shaming her in a picture.

It did not go as planned.

Hudson posted a picture to Facebook on March 18 of her daughter holding a sign that read, “Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the internet.”

The status Hudson posted along with the image read, "My 12-year-old daughter doesn't understand why she can't have an Instagram or Facebook account... Please 'like and Share' ... She just doesn't get it!"

Within hours the image had been shared 54,637 times.  

Hudson was attempting to teach her daughter a lesson about internet privacy.  When the image went viral and ended up on 4chan, an image-based bulletin board, things took a turn for the worse.

(image via Daily Dot)

4chan users found Hudson’s Facebook page, home address, and phone number. Hudson began receiving prank phone calls, and pizzas were delivered to her home.

A 4chan user also edited the photograph to include an alternate message that read, “Maybe you shouldn’t use your daughter as an experiment to prove your point. Just an idea.”

(image via Daily Dot)

The image was eventually removed from Facebook by Hudson, after receiving almost 1 million likes.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Hudson wrote:

“I am very grateful to all of the parents who have messaged my daughter and me, letting us know that because of our “experiment,” they were able to teach their own children more about Internet safety. This was one lesson that both my daughter and I learned very quickly! I had not anticipated it gaining momentum as fast as it did. It certainly opened my eyes to the fact that I thought my own private Facebook was secure. It was not as secure as I thought. Luckily for us, the information that was gathered by others was not my current residence or phone number.

I would like to apologize to the family who is living at our old address and let them know that I hope this hasn’t caused them much distress and the next pizza will be a gift from me. This whole thing has really proven the point, and I am hopeful that even though there have been a few bumps, others can continue to learn from our experience.”

Another mother, Lorraine Walls, took the shaming route on Facebook earlier this year to teach her daughter a lesson when she posted a video wherein her daughter was being verbally disciplined for her actions.

Posts such as these garner a great deal of attention on social media, but one parenting expert does not recommend public humiliation.

Alfie Kohn, author of Unconditional Parenting: Moving from Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason, views public shaming as “counterproductive” and that it will “never achieve any result beyond temporary compliance, and it does so at a disturbing cost.”

Ed. Note: This article incorrectly credited HuffPo with an image that was taken from the Daily Dot. An edit was made.

Sources: Daily Dot, WHNT, Huffington Post, 4chan

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11Florida Burglar Drops ID At Scene, Brags On Facebook (Video)

Florida man Travis Devonte Rice was arrested after he left personal identification at a crime scene and posted pictures on Facebook of stolen items.

Rice and one other man were seen on surveillance video breaking into Arion Motors on March 10. They stole files, license plates, 44 car keys and four cars. When Rice pulled out his cell phone to use as a flash light, he neglected to realize that his ID had fallen out of his pocket.

An investigator was taking fingerprints at the scene when dealership owner Adnan Radoncic found Rice’s ID.

“I don’t think you need to do that,” Radoncic said. “The bad guy left his [ID card] here, in plain sight.”

To make the job easier for Plantation police, Rice posted pictures of his stolen goods on Facebook. In one image, he dangles car keys from his mouth. In other image, he holds his crotch and dangles the keys in the air.

Rice faces charges of grand theft, probation violation and a burglary amounting to more than $1,000 in damages.

Sources: Yahoo, Bradenton Herald

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