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11Army Drone Crashes Near Pennsylvania Elementary School

A military drone crashed near a Lebanon County, Penn. elementary school last week, raising concerns over the increased use of the unmanned vehicles within the United States. 

The drone was a 400-pound, 11-foot-long RQ-7 Shadow, most likely operating out of Fort Indiantown Gap, a nearby Army post. Major Ed Shank, public affairs officer for the Pennsylvania National Guard, explained that the drone was being used as part of a training exercise.

“Here at Fort Indiantown Gap, that’s the first time something like this has happened,” said Shank. "When it does happen, we investigate it very thoroughly to figure out what happened and then let the public know and let our own aviators know so that it doesn’t happen again."

No one was injured in the crash, although the $150,000 drone was completely destroyed after suffering a “hard landing” on the ground and being run over by a civilian vehicle, RT reports. According to Fox News, there were no students present near the school at the time of the crash. The incident is currently under investigation.

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118-Year-Old Boy Raises Nearly $20,000 To Make Sure Fellow Students Eat Lunch

An 8-year-old boy in Howell, Michigan is proving that there are still plenty of good people in the world after launching a fundraising effort to make sure that his classmates are able to have hot lunches at school, even when their parents can’t afford it.

Third-grader Cayden Taipalus was moved to start the campaign after a friend at school was given a sandwich rather than the hot lunch that all the other kids got because he had an unpaid negative balance on his account. Taipalus was upset that his classmate was unable to get a hot lunch, so instead of doing nothing, he sprung into action and got the fundraising effort started online.

“I just want to make kids have a better lunch,” said Taipalus to NBC's Today.

According to Taipalus’s mother Amber Peters, what started out as a small gesture to help his fellow students turned into a huge effort that raised enough money to make sure students in the entire county had hot meals to eat.

"We went from just paying off his elementary school to paying off the entire Livingston County," said Peters. “Doing something little can turn into something big and go a long way. Paying it forward is a big deal.”

Thomas Gould, director of public relations for Howell Public Schools, says Taipalus’s campaign is admirable, but he makes sure to mention that no child ever goes hungry.

"What Cayden is doing is very generous and it shows how caring all of our students are," said Gould. "It's also important to know that all of our kids are offered lunch no matter what."

Still, Peters says that offering students who have negative balances a cold sandwich isn’t right.

"They are sitting there with a cheese sandwich on their plate when the child next to them is having French toast, milk, juice,” said Peters. "The idea is to remove the negative stigma."

As of today, the online fundraising campaign started by 8-year-old Cayden Taipalus has $19,275, just $75 away from its $20,000 goal. 

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11School Suspends Six-Year-Old for Kissing Classmate on the Cheek, Calling It "Sexual Harassment"

Hunter Yelton, a six-year-old boy in Canon City, Colorado, had a big crush on a girl in his class, so he thought there was nothing wrong with giving her a kiss on the hand. He had previously given her a kiss on the cheek. The girl was seemingly unfazed, but the school was not happy with it. Now, the first grader has been suspended for what school officials call sexual harassment.

"She was fine with it, they are ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’,” said Yelton’s mother Jennifer Saunders. “The other children saw it and went to the music teacher. That was the day I had the meeting with the principal, where she first said 'sexual harassment'. This is taking it to an extreme that doesn't need to be met with a six year old. Now my son is asking questions… what is sex mommy? That should not ever be said, sex. Not in a sentence with a six year old.”

Most would agree with Saunders that it was an innocent kiss between two young children, but school officials don’t see it that way, and now the six-year-old will have sexual harassment on his school record.

"How can you do this? How can you say this about my child? Remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record. I'm going to stand up and fight for him because that's not the case, that's not what happened at all,” said Saunders.

“For most six-year-old boys, absolutely. That would be a normal behavior,” said Sandy Wurtele, a child clinical psychologist. "That really gives mixed messages, negative messages to the kids. This part of development is just as important if not more than their academic subjects. I don’t think a six-year-old would understand what harassment is.”

The school district has so far refused to see how their discipline tactic is extreme, saying that Yelton’s behavior classifies as sexual harassment according to their policy. Yelton explains what happened, in his eyes, and says he’s sorry if what he did was wrong.

“It was during class yeah. We were doing reading group and I leaned over and kissed her on the hand. That's what happened,” explained Yelton. “They sent me to the office, fair and square. I did something wrong and I feel sorry.”

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11Old Elementary School Love Letter Becomes Viral Sensation

An adorable elementary school love letter ended in rejection, but the young Romeo might have gotten another chance in the very near future after his initial attempt.

The letter has quickly become a viral sensation and Mail Online reports it was posted on Reddit on Tuesday.

It starts, “Dear Ashely” and then asks, “would you please be my girlfriend, I like you a lot.”

Underneath are three big choices of yes, no and maybe with instructions for the young girl to choose one.

Sadly, Ashely (or perhaps it’s really Ashley and was just misspelled) rejects his chivalrous advances, according to the Herald Sun, but the story doesn’t end right there.

The choice no is clearly circled, but a note followed that gave the love letter’s writer hope that there was a good chance in the future that things might work out.

The young girl responds on the note with “I’m sorry I already have a boyfriend … but when we break up your my next choice.”

Not only did that have to give the young boy some optimism, but Ashley even puts a time frame on it.

“P.S. that will proboby [sic] be a month or two.”

The letter received more than 1.25 million views on Reddit in less than a day after it was posted. The Christian Post reports the letter was uploaded by a user, who said he "found [it] in a box of elementary school projects" from some time ago. His little brother was at the time infatuated with a girl, Ashley, and he really wanted to be her boyfriend.

Sources: Mail Online, Herald Sun, The Christian Post

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11Elementary School Student Admits To Hacking Government Website Under Anonymous in Exchange for Video Games

A 12-year-old boy in Canada has admitted and pleaded guilty to three charges of hacking government websites under the hacking group “Anonymous.”

The fifth grade student from a small Montreal suburb appeared in court on Thursday after it was discovered that he was the one behind the hacker attacks. According to reports, the young boy hacked the government websites and gave information to Anonymous in exchange for video games. The boy’s hacking efforts temporarily shut down the websites of the Montreal police, the Quebec Institute of Public Health, the Chilean government’s official site, and more. Police estimate the costs of the sites shutting down were around $60,000.

The boy appeared in court Thursday along with his father and his lawyer, and it has been discovered that he’s been hacking since he was 9 years old. While in court, the boy’s lawyer maintained that the boy was not doing the hacking in support of the political motives behind Anonymous.

“He saw it as a challenge, he was only 12 years old,” said the boy’s lawyer. “There was no political purpose.”

The boy apparently used three methods of hacking, and it’s reported that he even taught people how to hack. A witness is court said that the boy often warned people about the dangers behind hacking, saying that it is easy to hack, but that it shouldn’t be done often because they will “track you down.”

The 12-year-old is expected to be sentenced next month.

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119-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Bringing Toy To School That Apparently Looks Like A Gun

A 9-year-old boy in Michigan has been suspended indefinitely for bringing a toy that looks like a gun to school.

Gage, a student at the Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate, reportedly brought the toy to school, showed it to his friends before class, and pointed it at a friend while saying “bang, bang.”

Gage’s parents allege that the toy didn’t even resemble a firearm, but it was merely a spinning top that he brought to school to show his friends. Also, the other students involved say that Gage never actually said “bang, bang,” and that the teacher who reported the incident was wrong.

The parents say that their son suffers from epilepsy, and that he needs to be in school in order fully comprehend reading and writing. They say the indefinite suspension is not conducive to Gage’s education and continued progression.

“They’re kids, they have imaginations,” said Gage’s father Jonathan Duff. “It doesn’t look like a gun.”

Officials at the Creative Montessori Academy, however, are claiming that the parents’ story is not entirely true. They say that the toy did in fact resemble a gun, and they have the pictures to prove it. They say the toy shown in the Fox 2 news report video is not the toy that was used on the day of the incident, adding that their zero tolerance policy for this sort of thing is upheld.

“The actual toy did actually resemble a gun,” said Tonya Holcomb, chief communications director for Choice Schools Associate. “This is a case of a look-alike weapon reported to be used as a toy gun.”

The school also claims that the boy was only suspended for one day, so the parents’ claim that he is suspended indefinitely is also false.

You can see the original Fox 2 news report below.

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11Gun in 5-Year-Old's Backpack Goes off in School Cafeteria

A 5-year-old boy in Tennessee brought a handgun to school Thursday, and it accidentally fired in his backpack.

The boy, a kindergarten student at Westside Elementary School in Memphis, was in the cafeteria waiting for the morning bell when the weapon went off. Only one round was fired, and the bullet did not hit anybody. The child was taken into police custody after the incident.

Shelby County Schools issued a statement saying “The firearm discharged accidentally inside the child’s backpack. Nobody was injured and staff immediately took possession of the backpack.”

Although there is no sign that the boy intended to shoot anybody with the gun, the district said, “Weapons of any kind are prohibited on campuses, and this student will be disciplined in accordance with the state's zero tolerance policy.”

They continued,” The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. Staff is trained to handle emergency situations, and all students were kept safe and calm while this matter was handled."

Parents were not notified of the incident, and some learned what happened by watching the news.

In a later statement, a district representative explained this by saying, "The district has a ParentLink system (automated calls) which is generally used for school-wide emergency situations. Because this was an isolated and controlled situation that occurred before the school day started and did not involve any individual or school-wide threat, the system was not used. Letters to parents will be going home with students this afternoon."

Concerned parent Preston Warmley stated, "We're gonna have to get together to see what we should do from this moment on because you know what you can do when you're sitting back watching it on the news but when it's happening right in your face, that's a lot."

This incident occurred just two days after a Michigan boy died upon accidentally shooting himself in the face with a gun left on the a closet floor.

Sources: New York Daily News, 10 News Tampa Bay, WECT, CNN

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11Parents Furious With Principal Who Called Out Female Students For Short Shorts

An Illinois elementary school principal allegedly singled out at least seven females for wearing short shorts and parents are not pleased with the administrator's handling of the issue.

During an assembly on the last day of the school year, Principal Susan Josephine Kukielka was quoted as saying, “These are not girls of distinction because their shorts are too short,” according to CBS Chicago.

Students who wore the short shorts were given an “award” for their wardrobe and were asked to stand and be recognized for their achievement. Many of the girls involved began crying and parents, who saw the incident as a means to publicly humiliate, were extremely unhappy with the principal.

Following the incident, which took place at Decatur Classical School, a selective-enrollment kindergarten through sixth-grade school, parents voiced their disapproval at a school council meeting and demanded the principal resign.

The Local School Council, which is a group of parents, teacher and members of the community, said there’s no dress code at the school. However, announcements had been made over the school’s public address system a few days earlier that noted that shorts should not be higher than the fingertips where the arms are placed straight down the sides of the body.

Principal Kukielka has apologized to parents over the incident.

Sources: The Inquisitr, CBS Chicago

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11Gun in 3rd Grader's Backpack Goes Off Outside Elementary School

A third grader in Minneapolis, Minnesota somehow managed to get his hands on a handgun and sneak the firearm into elementary school. The weapon discharged outside of the Bethune Community School after classes were dismissed. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

School staff members followed protocol and immediately contacted the local authorities, who have begun investigating the incident. A police spokesman refused to confirm whether or not the child carried the gun around with him during the entire school day.

The child was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital Home for Children under a health and welfare hold while authorities determined if the child was under any other danger. Police are still trying to piece together how the child had access to a firearm and how he managed to sneak it into school unnoticed.

An official statement released by the Minneapolis Public School system reads, “We believe that a student accidently [sic] discharged a firearm outside of the school prior to students being dismissed this afternoon at approximately 3 p.m. We understand that the firearm was discharged from inside of a student's backpack. Again, no students or staff members were injured and although very few students were present at the time of the incident, some students may have heard a firearm shot or seen smoke. A School Messenger phone message was sent to Bethune families informing them of this incident after school dismissed.”

Rachel Hicks, the Director of Media Relations for the school system, also sent a message to parents alerting them to the incident.

Stephen Smith, who lived across from the school, told reporters, “I don’t think anyone wants to hear that third grader had a gun in their community… a third grader who doesn’t really know or understand what it really means to have a gun, [it’s] very very concerning.”

There is currently no indication that the police will press any charges against the parents. 

Source: My Fox Twin Cities, Mediaite

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