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Electric Cars

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11Apple Reportedly Held Secret Meeting With Tesla Motors

Apple’s merger and acquisitions chief Adrian Perica and Tesla Motor’s chief executive Elon Musk met last year, suggesting that the iPhone maker may expand its business to electric cars.

Considering Apple has announced plans to better integrate iOS into car dashboard screens and has partnered with Ferrari, it seems likely that the Silicon Valley giant would be interested in Tesla.

The meeting was reported Sunday by The San Francisco Chronicle, which cited an anonymous source. The paper also noted that Apple is interested in medical devices, specifically those that can predict heart attacks.

Apple’s interest in electric cars and medical devices signal that the company wants to expand and take risks beyond the iPad and iPhone, as Wall Street analysts have speculated in the past.

Adnaan Ahmad, an investment bank analyst in Germany, wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook in October suggesting that Apple buy Tesla. He argued that the electric car industry could provide long-term revenue growth unlike smartphones and tablets.

“I know this is radical and potentially 'transformative',” Ahmad wrote, “but this would radically alter Apple's growth profile.”

Neither Tesla nor Apple have commented on the alleged merger.

Sources: Market Watch, CNet

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11North Carolina May Add Extra Fees for Hybrid, Electric Cars

Hybrid and electric cars might be the answer to making America energy efficient and finally bringing an end to corporate gas gouging at the pump.

However, if some lawmakers in North Carolina get their way, drivers of hybrid and electric cars will pay an extra fee for using the technologically advanced cars.

Gas taxes are a big source of funding for the state, and it does not want to lose that money to the winds of change.

According to the Associated Press, some North Carolina state senators want a yearly $100 registration fee for electric car owners and a $50 fee for hybrid car owners, which would raise an extra $1.5 million every year. However, the extra fees for electric and hybrid car owners will also have to get through the North Carolina House.

“It just seems logical to me that they should pay a small fee for the use of the highways and the wear and tear they put on the highways,” said Sen. Neal Hunt (R).

“I think so far what we’re seeing is the trend seems to be either an additional annual fee or some type of registration fee seems to be much more popular than the miles-driven tax, because that is a newer technology and raises some privacy concerns,” said Kristy Hartman, a transportation and environment analyst at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“Fundamentally, the mechanism exists [for a miles-driven tax], but I don’t know of any states that are currently doing that yet,” said Jay Friedland, legislative director for the advocacy group, Plug In America. “We’re really on the edge of this, because we’re for once actually watching fuel consumption going down, and that’s why we’re watching these taxes come up.”

About 10 other states are also considering an extra charge against electric and hybrid cars.

Source: Associated Press

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