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11No Global Warming in 16 Years, Claims Christian Historian David Barton (Video)

Debunked Christian historian David Barton's latest crusade has been fighting Common Core standards from entering the public schools in America.

Barton recently gave an interview in Oklahoma (video below) where he claimed that the Common Core curriculum is indoctrinating students by teaching them global warming science.

Barton insisted that global warming happens naturally and hasn't actually happened in 16 years, noted RightWingWatch.org.

The "no global warming in 16 years" claim was created by climate denier David Rose, who wrote an article in the Daily Mail that included a graph from 1997 to 2012, the magical "16 years," where the global temperature fluctuates, but does not show a significant increase.

But Rose didn't show all the data, from 1975 to 2012, which does prove a significant increase in global warming, noted The Slate.

Like Rose, Barton used the same parlor trick when giving his "advice" against Common Core.

"Once you get into the content of the [Common Core] standards, you find that it is heavy indoctrination. For example, in the math area they tell you what things to teach, but they only give you a single example and the math you have to calculate deals with global warming. We haven't had global warming in 16 years," claimed Barton.

"So why are we indoctrinating kids with a view of anthropogenic global warming? Now, Global warming occurs, but we haven't had it in 16 years. But anthropogenic? That hasn't been proved at all, not by a long shot. Anthropogenic means man-caused global warming.  I mean, we've got cycles, you bet.  That's why we have averages.  That's why in Texas we go from summers of 70 degrees to summers of a 120 degrees. I mean, it's averages," added Barton.

Actually, a study came out in May stating that 97 percent of reports on climate change agree that it is man-made, noted The Slate.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org, Daily Mail, The Slate

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11Parent Wants 'God Is Dead' Artwork Removed from School

Crystal Mitchell wants a piece of artwork that says, "God is Dead" removed from her daughter's classroom at Alcovy High School in Covington, Georgia.

The "God is Dead" art was drawn by students after they read "The Crucible," a play written in 1953 by Arthur Miller.

Mitchell told the Sentinel Enterprise & News that the artwork was "basically a picture of a noose with the wings hanging and then between the wings it says, 'God is Dead' and then there is a picture of the lady… apparently holding like a voodoo doll, and then there is a noose hanging behind her and it says, ‘God is Dead.'"

"Then there is another picture of the devil. And it says, 'The Devil is Alive,' and it’s just a collage of these pictures. So, of course, my daughter not knowing the story … and she’s all about church and God. I mean, she’s a great kid … this really made her feel uncomfortable."

According to Mitchell, The Crucible is "based on witchcraft, and if we can’t preach the Bible in school, why are they teaching this in school? They are not allowed to pray in schools. They are not allowed to speak religion."

However, that is not true. Student-led prayers are allowed per the U.S. Supreme Court. They can also talk about religion, but not proselytize.

The Crucible is not a how-to book about witchcraft, but centers around the hysteria of ignorant and paranoid people looking for scapegoats (witches) in Massachusetts Bay during 1692 and 1693. It is also an allegory of McCarthyism, when the U.S. government blacklisted accused communists in Hollywood in the 1950s.

The line "God is dead" is spoken by the character John Proctor who is in shock over innocent people being hung and neighbors turning on each other over false allegations in the name of God.

"[Mitchell] called and left a message for the principal, and the principal called her back and left a message on her voice mail. She has not returned the call," said Sherri Davis-Viniard, Newton County School System director of public relations.

"[The artwork is] reflecting a major quote and event in the play, ‘The Crucible,’ a piece of literature read by thousands of students across the nation each year. The artwork is in no way an attack on religion. The artwork is hanging among other student artwork in a display that reflects the entire play, ‘The Crucible.’"

Source: Sentinel Enterprise & News

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11Arizona School District Distributes Controversial Pledge to Curb Gun Violence

In an attempt to help end gun violence, one Arizona school district is asking parents to sign a pledge stating they will lock up their firearms and teach their teens to resolve conflicts using peaceful strategies.

Parents enrolling their children in high school or junior high school for the upcoming year in Tuscon’s Flowing Wells Unified School District are receiving the “Student/Parent/Principal Contract for Eliminating Guns and Weapons from School 2013 — 2014″ as part of their usual registration packet. They are asked to sign along with their children and school officials; however, no penalties exist for parents who do not wish to participate.

Under the agreement, parents are requested to instruct “…including by personal example, [their teenagers] about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons” and “keep any guns and all weapons under lock and away from school grounds and away from [their] children.”

In a semi-rural area where the open carriage of firearms is the norm — and legal — the suggestion that parents store guns in locked areas has stirred some controversy. Southern Arizona residents commonly bear arms in public, and some view the pledge as a violation of their Second Amendment rights as well as a blow to their usual lifestyle.

The Gun Owners of Arizona (GOAZ) organization has posted a copy of the pledge on their website, and is requesting that any parents who receive the contract from their child’s school notify them. One person associated with the group expressed concern on Facebook, stating “Wow ... parents need to tell them to shove that paper where the sun doesn’t shine! Who are they to ask this of parents? Stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic…that’s what they’re paid to teach.”

Despite outrage from the pro-gun camp, only two parents have complained about the pledge, according to the Arizona Daily Independent.

District Superintendent Dr. David Baker commented on the pledge, stating that educators had no intention of telling parents how to run their homes. He expressed an apology to anyone who misunderstood the aim of the contract, which is to promote safety in the classroom and beyond. 

Sources: The Daily Caller, Arizona Daily Independent

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11'Save California' Leader Insults Transgender Man (Video)

California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a controversial transgender law on Monday, which allows school children and teens to self-identify their gender, use opposite sex facilities (bathrooms) and play on opposite sex school teams.

SaveCalifornia.com President Randy Thomasson, who opposes the new law, and Masen Davis, a transgender male and executive director of the Transgender Law Center, appeared on CNN today to discuss the new law and its ramifications, notes MediaMatters.org.

When CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Thomasson what he would do if his child was transgender, he suggested counseling because the child may have been molested or abandoned.

"If a child is sexually confused, they need professional counseling. Lots of children are being molested in America. Lots of children are being are being abandoned by one of their parents and that creates problems with a child's expectations, with their mind. And so a child who is sexually confused, they need counseling," said Thomasson.

Later, Davis defended the law by claiming it was protecting all children. Davis also mentioned being born a female and transitioning later in life to becoming a male.

Thomasson ended the interview by saying, "Good to talk to you ladies."

Source: MediaMatters.org

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11Fox News Outraged About Transgender Law in California (Video)

The Fox News morning show "Fox & Friends" was outraged and confused by California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signing a transgender rights bill into law this week.

The new anti-bullying law will allow students to choose their gender identity, rather than be assigned a gender based upon their biological characteristics.

The bill would also allow children to play on opposite sex teams in sports and have access to all facilities, including bathrooms. That part of the law seemed to be the main point of outrage, noted RawStory.com (video below).

"I think this is social engineering run amuck," said guest Michelle Malkin. "Apparently, according to the bill that was signed, transgender is defined anyway they way to. As long as a child has the self-perception that they are transgender, they will be able to go into any bathroom that they want. I think it’s an usurpation of local, parental and community control."

“Five-year-olds are now exposed to, I don’t know, ‘What is transgender? Hey mommy, what is transgender? Am I transgender?’ It's a very scary, slippery slope,” stated co-host Eric Bolling.

"Can you imagine now, the boys want to go into the girls bathroom and the girls want to go into the boys bathroom, and they can just say, ‘Oh, well, I was transgender for the moment,'" said co-host Gretchen Carlson. "I just can’t get my head around this.”

"Being a parent, you can see this is going to be a liability bomb," Malkin said. "Because you are going to have cases where students are going to feel, from the minute the school year starts, this is an invasion of their privacy and I think that's the first thing that's going to be invoked."

Source: RawStory.com

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11Poll Reveals 70 Percent Of Georgia Republicans Believe In Creationism

According to a newly released survey by the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP), 53 percent of Georgians believe in creationism over evolution, with 29 percent reporting their belief in the latter and 18 percent not sure. Among Georgia Republicans, the number of creationism believers rises to 70 percent, with17 percent favoring evolution and 15 percent unsure. Georgia Democrats reported a more balanced split, with 43 percent favoring creationism, 33 percent evolution, and 24 percent not sure.

The poll, entitled “Georgia Miscellany,” surveyed 520 Georgia voters on 32 questions, which spanned a variety of subject matters. Included in the survey were (among others) questions assessing public opinion on issues such as gay marriage, the creation of white student unions, background checks for gun sales, favorability of public figures like Paula Deen, Honey Boo Boo, and politicians—and creationism vs. evolution.

The PPP poll comes on the heels of a rousing creationism debate in Pennsylvania, where state Representative Stephen Bloom (R) is attempting to generate support for a new public education bill.

“ With free discourse in the classroom under threat, I will soon be introducing a bill to preserve academic freedom in Pennsylvania’s schools,” wrote Bloom in a recent memo. “Efforts to squelch and stifle free critical inquiry in the classroom have too frequently arisen, often in the context of the teaching and debate of controversial scientific theories and paradigms.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Public Policy Polling

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11Spanish Teacher Faces 10 Years In Jail for Sex with Student, 15

Spanish teacher Erin Haskell, 32, pleaded guilty yesterday to second-degree sexual assault on a 15-year-old student.

Haskell taught fifth through eighth-grade students at Toms River Intermediate School South in Beachwood, New Jersey.

The sexual relationship occurred between June 2012 and September 2012 in Beachwood and Barnegat, New Jersey, reports the Associated Press.

Haskell faces up to ten years in state prison, but before being sentenced, she must first undergo a psychological evaluation.

That psychological report, expected in four months, will be a factor in her sentencing, according to Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

Haskell will also have to register as a sex offender, be on parole for life and is banned from contacting with the victim, notes the Daily Mail.

She has been free on a $300,000 bail since being arrested in November 2012. Haskell was suspended from her job without pay after her arrest and resigned on January 11, 2013.

In exchange for her guilty plea, prosecutors dropped a charge of aggravated sexual assault and other related charges.

Source: Daily Mail and Associated Press

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11Georgia High School Opens Indoor Rifle Range

One high school in Atlanta, Georgia, is drawing fire from critics for drawing fire on campus.

The North Atlanta High School opened earlier today complete with an indoor firing range for the school's Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp and the rifle team.

Parents, however, are confident in the school’s security precautions and express no concern.

"I'll probably question it a little bit just to get a better idea," says parent Donna Jones. "Like I said, I didn't understand why they're going to be doing that but I think they're going to be very careful in protecting the students."

Students are also confident in their safety. According to high school senior, Turner Hume, "I can see why they would be concerned but I know they go through lots of training and they're heavily supervised.”

The instructor for the range is certified by the U.S. Army Cadet Command and the Georgia High School Athletic Association. The range will take 30 days to certify before it can be used.

This range comes as many states consider legislation that allows teachers and employees of the school district to qualify for the possession of a firearm on school premises. These efforts indicate a campaign to promote the careful supervision and training of firearm use as a way to combat school violence. The Junior ROTC program in Atlanta provides a safe way for high school students to learn about defense, safety, and practice their aim.

This is not the first on-campus rifle range in Georgia and, in all likelihood, it won’t be the last.

Sources: The Blaze, WSBTV

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11Public Schools Compared to 'Foreign Enemy' by Christian-Based Family Research Council

The Family Research Council sounded the alarm about public schools in their latest newsletter mailing to supporters.

According to RightWingWatch.org, the Family Research Council included scary-sounding language on the envelope of the newsletter: “Beginning THIS MONTH…they don’t want any American child to escape. Read how we can STOP them.”

The actual newsletter sounds as if it were written by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, but is actually penned by Family Research Council head Tony Perkins:

If a foreign enemy had plotted to infiltrate America, I’m not sure an army of undercover subversives could have done more damage than our government-run schools... Leftists don’t want a single American child to escape their thought control.  And they are crowding out true education.

Today’s science classes often feature big-government political propaganda, taking time and focus away from true science. Not to mention attacks on the Bible and arrogant censoring of any theories like intelligent design that challenge their Darwinism.

He did not mention exactly what the "big-government political propaganda" is, but apparently is leaving that to the imaginations of his supporters.

Perkins also blamed sex education for destroying the souls of children: "This obsession with liberal sex ‘education’ shows how the minds and souls of our young people are being deliberately sabotaged.”

Perkins did see a silver lining beyond all this doom and gloom. He mentions how he helped Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal pass “one of the most family-friendly school choice laws in America.”

However, this law was declared "unconstitutional" by the Louisiana Supreme Court because "public money now being used to pay private and religious school tuition should instead be going to public schools," noted The Washington Post.

Sources: The Washington Post and RightWingWatch.org

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11Massachusetts High School Faces $2 Million Lawsuit for Allowing Bullying

Isabella “Belle” Hankey filed a $2 million federal civil rights lawsuit on Monday against the towns of Concord and Carlisle, the Concord-Carlisle school district and three school officials. Hankey was bullied mercilessly for two and a half years while the school took little action. She claims the bullying led to a pulmonary embolism.

According to the Boston Globe, Hankey, now 18, suffered abuse for several years. This much is indisputable. In February of 2012, Hankey found feces smeared on her car with a sexual slur was carved into her car exterior. Death threats were scrawled on her car and around the school.

When Hankey returned to school in the fall, she enrolled in a program for her senior year that met in a building separate from the main campus. School officials were uncooperative with her family’s demands for an investigation, and they sent out a school-wide email asking for information on the culprits. After requesting the records for the ongoing investigations, the Hankeys were told the assistant principle, Alan Weinstein, had destroyed all the records after resigning in June 2012. Only by September, several months after the family asked, did the school set up parking lot surveillance.

In October, Hankey was hospitalized because of a pulmonary embolism that she claims is directly related to the emotional stress from bullying.

Hankey’s legal team indicts the schools and towns for an assortment of legal offenses all suggesting neglect and liability. The lawsuit alleges violations of the state Civil Rights Act, the state Declaration of Rights, Hankey’s 14th Amendment right to due process, and the recent Massachusetts Bullying Law, passed in 2010.

However, as egregious as the abuse was, it is not automatically evident that the bullying caused the embolism. Neither blood clots nor pulmonary embolisms are commonly induced by emotional stress. This does not exculpate the towns or districts from negligence but it greatly decreases the stakes of their liability. The suit probably charges two towns, the districts and the individuals to spread out the damages since the school districts would not have the funds to fork over $2 million in damages. More unfortunate still, the culprits have not been caught and are not charged in the suit.

Sources: Boston Globe

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