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11Woman Delivers Premature Baby In Motel Bathtub During Crack Binge

A Florida woman was arrested after giving birth to a premature baby boy in a motel bathtub during a crack cocaine binge.

37-year-old Chrystal Hassell only recently found out she was pregnant and vowed to stop using drugs during her pregnancy. That didn’t last long, however, and last Thursday, she checked into Ocala’s Vacation Host Inn, at seven or eight months pregnant, to binge on crack cocaine. The next day, she suddenly went into labor and delivered the baby in a bathtub. According to reports, Hassell cut the umbilical cord using her teeth. She called 911 after the newborn baby turned blue. The baby was taken to a local hospital, where he is currently in critical condition, and Hassell was arrested.

The woman apparently has three other children, two of whom have the same father, 43-year-old Vincent Terry. Terry was also arrested on outstanding warrants for charges of domestic abuse and attempted murder. Both of those charges are unrelated to Hassell’s case.

The newborn baby and his 11-month-old brother are currently in the custody of the Department of Children and Families while their parents are facing serious charges. Hassell also has a 16-year-old daughter who was born addicted to drugs, according to reports. The woman allegedly told police she has struggled with drugs since she was a teenager, and Terry, during a jailhouse interview, confirmed his girlfriend’s addiction.

“I knew she had a history of doing drugs, but not that she was doing drugs. She just found out she was pregnant,” said Terry to the Ocala Star Banner. “She's not a bad person. She just got a problem and, together, we'll fight it.”

A court hearing was held on Tuesday to determine the status of the children, and both Hassell and Terry reportedly attended. It is not clear who currently has custody of Hassell’s 16-year-old daughter in the midst of this ordeal.

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11Video: The Science Behind The World's Caffeine Love Affair

Are you one of the over 100 million Americans who depends on (and likely enjoys) the little boost caffeine gives you throughout your day? If so, check out this new video from the American Chemical Society.

Caffeine is America’s most widely used drug -- over 100 million Americans are daily coffee drinkers. But out love affair with caffeine doesn’t stop there. Energy drinks, caffeine pills, caffeine gum, and even caffeine jerky have become widely purchased caffeine-infused commodities in recent years.

Most of us know caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. But have you ever wondered exactly how the little wonder chemical works in your body? Or wanted to know what the optimal amount of caffeine to consume in a day is?

If so, check out this quick little informative and entertaining video from the American Chemical Society.

P.S. – yes, caffeine jerky is a real thing. It’s sold under the moniker Perky Jerky and is marinated in guarana – a caffeine dense plant. Weird. Anyways, back to the video:

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11Oklahoma Inmate's Death No Longer Considered A Homicide (Video)

Earlier this year, Opposing Views reported on the mysterious death of an inmate at Lawton Correctional Facility in Oklahoma. Many suspected foul play after it was discovered that the inmate, 33-year-old Christopher Glass, had called 911 six different times prior to being found dead in his jail cell.

Reports claimed that Glass’s voice had never actually been heard in any of the calls, but in one, an unidentified voice could be heard saying, “Whether or not you’re a dead man. Just hang up.”

Now, police have determined that the cause of Glass’s death was an overdose of methamphetamines. Glass was found unresponsive in his cell on Jan. 20, and police have finally concluded their investigation in conjunction with the state medical examiner’s office.

Authorities say that there isn’t enough evidence to conclude that the inmate’s death was a homicide and that the methamphetamine overdose in addition to a preexisting condition are what killed the man.

Still, reports do say that police are willing to reopen the investigation if they receive new information that points to a homicide.

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11Toddler Smokes Joint Given To Him By Parent (Video)

A disturbing video has recently surfaced on Reddit showing a young child, who doesn’t appear to be older than 3 years old, being handed a joint by the person filming and taking a puff.

The video was posted on Reddit yesterday and, so far, over 500 people have commented on it.

“After watching this I immediately downloaded the video, took screenshots and reported it to CPS in California as it is where the user is from,” wrote user skidoorider21. “This is no environment for a child to be in. He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down.”

Many users were quick to point out that the poster on Vine was not the original source of the video but expressed hope that the original poster would be tracked down.

“I looked at the guys Twitter and he had said he did not film it, only reposted it,” wrote user DudeInUSA. “Still, it needs to get out there so the person who did film it can be tracked down.”

Watch it here: https://v.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/2FC74F0DDD1066182929622913024_167812c6b24...

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11Toddler Dies From Sedatives Used During Routine Visit To Dentist

A 3-year-old Hawaiian girl tragically died during a visit to the dentist, and now, authorities have determined that the drugs used to sedate her are what ended her life.

Finley Puleo Boyle was taken to the dentist by her parents because she needed to have multiple routine procedures done. In preparation for root canals and fillings, the young child was given five drugs that included demerol, hydroxyzine, chlorohydrate, laughing gas, and lidocaine.

"Immediately following the lidocaine injection, the decedent became unresponsive and went into cardiopulmonary arrest," said Honolulu Chief Medical Examiner Christopher Happy.

The young girl went into a coma while being given the medication, and a month later, she was pronounced dead.

According to autopsy results, the girl was previously healthy and had no signs or symptoms of any undiagnosed heart problems. An allergic reaction was also ruled out.

During the month that the 3-year-old was in a coma, her parents Ashley and Evan Boyle filed a negligence suit against Dr. Lilly Geyer’s office, Island Dentistry For Children. Since the child’s death, the office has closed its doors.

The Boyle’s attorney Richard Fried called the maximum five-drug dosage given to the toddler “grossly excessive” and says that if the office had followed the correct protocol by having enough people present while Finley was being administered the drugs, her death could have been prevented. It’s also being reported that a doctor from another office had to be brought in to perform CPR, and Ashley Boyle believes that’s what caused her daughter to go into a coma.

“Had it been initiated at the correct time, she'd be walking out of the hospital right now,” said Ashley.

The tragic death has been ruled an accident, but since the case has gone public, other parents have come forward claiming that their children had bad experiences with Dr. Geyer in the past. 

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11Tennessee Woman Arrested After Reporting Stolen Drug Money

Tennessee woman Chrissie Ann Solis was arrested Thursday after she called police and reported that she had lost money on a drug deal.

The arrest occurred after the 35-year-old reported a theft in her home. Solis said that a friend had visited her home and that she had $140 sitting on her kitchen table. When she went to the bathoom and returned, her friend and the money were gone.

A routine warrants check was run on Solis’ friend, Tiffany Waller, who was found to be wanted on several charges.

Before Waller was arrested, she gave a Murfreesboro officer consent to look at her phone, which held a text message discussion between Waller and Solis about buying 20 Lorritab pills for $7 a piece, amounting to $140.

Waller then admitted to Solis exchanging the money for pills, but that she took the money back. She argued that she intended to pay Solis back.

Waller was arrested for criminal impersonation, robbery and violation of probation. Solis is currently being held on $6,000 bond.

Sources: The Tennessean, DNJ

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11Father Arrested And Charged After Two-Year-Old Son Found With 48 Packets Of Heroin (Video)

A 27-year-old father has been arrested and charged after his 2-year-old son entered a childcare center with 48 packets of heroin in his jacket.

An employee at Michael’s Energy Factory, a childcare center in Paterson, N.J., discovered the heroin in the toddler’s jacket and reported it to police.

Phillip Young, the boy’s father, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Reports say there was no indication that child was aware of the drugs in his jacket. Young reportedly brought his son to daycare that morning and is now being held by police on $85,000 bail.

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11Disturbing Video Shows Mother Nodding Off On Bus While Daughter Tries To Help (Video)

A disturbing viral video out of Philadelphia has launched an investigation by police and the Department of Human Services.

The four and a half minute video shows a woman sitting on a Philadelphia SEPTA bus across from a young girl that appears to be her daughter. For the entire length of the clip, the woman repeatedly nods off and has a completely blank stare on her face while her young daughter attempts to prop her head up.

“Mama,” the concerned child says. “Mama!”

At one point the woman quickly yells something, but she continues to nod off.

The video was uploaded by user John Warren, and since being posted, it has already garnered almost 69,000 shares on Facebook and close to 500,000 views on YouTube. Many commenters expressed outrage towards the mother for what appears to be physical effects of drug use, while others bash the fellow people riding the bus for doing nothing about it. SEPTA Police Chief Tom Nestel echoes those same sentiments.

"When you have a person doing the 'heroin nod' and a little girl is trying to hold her head up, that's horrifying," said Nestel. "There's very little reason why 15 calls to 911 weren't received. I don't think there's anyone who can watch that and say, 'Ah, that's a shame,' and just walk away."

The woman’s identity has not been publicly revealed, but reports claim that both the Philadelphia police and the DHS are conducting an investigation. In the meantime, Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. John Stanford says that this should teach people to speak up when they see something like this happen.

"But you can still give us a call, or notify the bus driver, or the conductor if you're on a train," advises Stanford. “It's disturbing to see that little girl. She can't be more than 8 or 9 years old."

DHS spokeswoman Alicia Taylor says that they are trying to verify the identity of the woman in question while they continue to get important feedback from people online.

“Our Facebook page has gotten a lot of comments from people who are asking us to do something,” said Taylor. “It’s sad that people stood by and nobody reported this when it happened. Child abuse is a community problem. If you see something, you have to say something. People sat by on the bus, and no one called police, and no one called us.”

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11Pregnant Woman And Her Family Hospitalized After Eating Walmart Steak Laced With LSD

Doctors in Florida were forced to induce labor for a pregnant woman after she and other family members were hospitalized from eating steak purchased at Walmart. Unbeknownst to 31-year-old Jessica Rosado, she, her 24-year-old boyfriend Ronnie Morales, and Rosado’s two six and seven-year-old daughters had ingested meat laced with LSD.

Morales was reportedly the first to get ill after eating the steak, and after exhibiting some alarming symptoms, Rosado called 911 before driving him the hospital herself. Once at the hospital, Rosado started to get sick and was immediately hospitalized. Right around the same time, Rosado’s two daughters started to exhibit the same symptoms, including hallucinations and difficulty breathing.

“There was no indication that we know of right now that the meat tasted funny," said Tampa police chief Jane Castor. “It was the physical symptoms they had, which included hallucinations, dizziness, rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing. The family has no idea where this may have come from and there's no indication of any involvement on the part of the family.”

Rosado, who was nine months pregnant at the time of her hospitalization, was forced to deliver her baby. The child is reportedly healthy.

Walmart released a statement saying that they are “deeply disturbed” about what happened and are “taking it very seriously."

"We know our customers expect safe, quality food and we require our suppliers to meet the highest of food safety standards,” reads the statement from Walmart. “It's unclear where and how the food was tampered with or if the tampering occurred after purchase. However, out of an abundance of caution, we have pulled the remaining product from the store,"

Police say the store is cooperating with their investigation

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11Dog Fighting: Anthony Boyd Arrested, 2nd suspect In Louisiana Dog Fighting Operation

The second suspect sought in connection with the February 19 dog-fighting operation bust by St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office is in custody.

Anthony Boyd, 35, of Breaux Bridge, was arrested on Tuesday, February 25, and booked into the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center on the following charges:

--Cruelty to Animals-47 Counts,

--Dog Fighting,

--Possession of Marijuana,

--Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule II C.D.S.,

--Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule III C.D.S.,

--Possession of a Firearm with Obliterated Number or Mark,

--Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of a Controlled Dangerous Substance.

Last week authorities executed a search warrant at a residence in the 1400 block of Breaux Bridge Senior High School Rd., in Breaux Bridge, and arrested Jason Haskett, Jr. 25, of Natchitoches, (shown on right).

Haskett was booked on Wednesday, February 19, in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, on multiple counts of cruelty to animals, dog fighting, illegal drug possession and distribution, possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and having a firearm while possessing illegal drugs, reports the Advocate.

Louisiana police also put out a bulletin on Antonio Boyd, 35, for questioning in regard to the dog-fighting operation where 47 Pit Bulls were rescued, many of them badly scarred and undernourished, according to the report. In photos of the yard where they were chained, some of the dogs were without any shelter or available food or water.

In November 2010 Boyd had been arrested on multiple counts of aggravated and simple cruelty to animals and on two counts of dog fighting at the same home, Sheriff’s spokesperson Ginny Higgins stated.

Louisiana law sets the sentence for conviction on just one count of animal cruelty at one to 10 years in prison and a fine of $5,000 to $25,000, Higgins said.

Boyd's bond has been set at $140,000.


Up to a $5,000 reward is offered by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person involved in illegal animal fighting. Call 877-TIP-HSUS (877-847-4787). Callers’ identities are protected.

Sources: KLFY, Advocate

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