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11Army Drone Crashes Near Pennsylvania Elementary School

A military drone crashed near a Lebanon County, Penn. elementary school last week, raising concerns over the increased use of the unmanned vehicles within the United States. 

The drone was a 400-pound, 11-foot-long RQ-7 Shadow, most likely operating out of Fort Indiantown Gap, a nearby Army post. Major Ed Shank, public affairs officer for the Pennsylvania National Guard, explained that the drone was being used as part of a training exercise.

“Here at Fort Indiantown Gap, that’s the first time something like this has happened,” said Shank. "When it does happen, we investigate it very thoroughly to figure out what happened and then let the public know and let our own aviators know so that it doesn’t happen again."

No one was injured in the crash, although the $150,000 drone was completely destroyed after suffering a “hard landing” on the ground and being run over by a civilian vehicle, RT reports. According to Fox News, there were no students present near the school at the time of the crash. The incident is currently under investigation.

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1121-Year-Old Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Who Killed Six People in Crash Had a Previous DUI Conviction

On Monday, Opposing Views reported on the tragic wrong-way car crash that killed six people in Diamond Bar, California. Authorities initially determined that the driver, Olivia Carolee Culbreath, might have been drunk when she sped down California’s 60 Freeway in the wrong direction.

Now, police say that 21-year-old Culbreath had a history of driving offenses, including a DUI conviction at the young age of 16. According to reports, Culbreath had a slew of other offenses that earned her restrictions on her license, but just last week, all of those restrictions were supposedly lifted.

Police have now been able to identify the six victims who died in the crash. The two passengers in Culbreath’s car, 21-year-old Kristin Young and 24-year-old Maya Louise Culbreath, Olivia’s sister, were both killed in the accident. The car that was hit head on had four passengers inside, and all unfortunately died. That family of four included Gregorio Mejia-Martinez, 47, Ester Delgado, Leticia Ibarra, 42, and Jessica Jasmine Mejia, 20. Jessica Mejia was the daughter of Gregorio Mejia-Martinez and Leticia Ibarra, and Ester Delgado was Jessica’s grandmother.

“We are just in a lot of pain right now,” said an unknown member of Culbreath’s family. “We are just devastated for everyone else involved.”

Culbreath herself survived the accident and was taken to the hospital in stable condition after suffering a broken femur and a ruptured bladder. The 21-year-old is facing serious charges for her drunk driving wreck that killed six others.

Reports note that Maya Culbreath, Olivia’s sister who perished in the crash, also had a string of DUI convictions and had her license taken away last year. An investigation is still ongoing.

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11Two Disturbingly Similar Wrong-Way Collisions in Different States Kill Multiple People (Video)

Two very similar car wrecks happened over the weekend, and both sadly resulted in multiple fatalities.

The first happened in California when 21-year-old Olivia Carolee Culbreath crashed head on into another vehicle while driving the wrong way down the 60 Freeway in Diamond Bar, California. Police say they found evidence of alcohol in the vehicle after responding to the crash.

Culbreath was injured in the crash but did make it out alive. Six people died from the wreck, including two of Culbreath’s passengers as well as the family of four that they collided with.

“The officers had sufficient evidence and believe that she was impaired at the time,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Rodrigo Jimenez.

“Not only are the parties who are involved affected by this, but the family members of the parties,” continued Jimenez. “As an emergency personnel, this is something that we never want to see. We train for this but never actually have to want to use that training.”

Four people died on the scene, and two others died later on at the hospital. Culbreath suffered a broken femur and a ruptured bladder and was listed in stable condition. She already faces criminal charges for the fatal crash.

Around the same time, another wrong way crash happened in Florida that left the driver and four promising college students dead. The driver was speeding the wrong way down the center lane of Interstate 275 in Tampa around 2 a.m. Sunday morning when he collided head-on with a car full of young students. All four students were between 20 and 22 years old and were killed instantly. The driver who caused the crash was also killed.

The Florida crash was caught on camera by someone on the other side of the highway. It is deeply disturbing and clearly shows the cars collide and burst into flames. Watch that video below.


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11California Firefighter Detained by Highway Patrol At Scene of a Serious Accident (Video)

Firefighters in Chula Vista, Calif., responded to a rollover highway accident on Tuesday night, and one wound up being detained on the scene after arguing with a highway patrol officer.

News cameras were able to catch the incident as it unfolded. All of firefighters were tending to accident victims but one, who was getting into an argument with a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer about where he parked the fire truck.

The CHP officer wanted the firefighter to move the truck from the center divider of the highway, but the firefighter refused, as he was trying to help the injured victims in the rollover crash. The dispute reached a boiling point, and the uniformed firefighter wound up in handcuffs in the back of the officer’s car.

The firefighter was reportedly detained for around 30 minutes while his colleagues attended to the crash. He was eventually let go, and CHP, the police department, and the fire department are now meeting to discuss what went on.

Watch video of the firefighter’s detainment below.

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11Motorcycle Crashes On Mulholland Drive Have Become YouTube Sensation

Mulholland Drive has long been known as one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the Los Angeles area. The street, made infamous by David Lynch’s 2001 film of the same name, weaves its way around the Santa Monica mountains. The road offers amazing views of Southern California, but also terrifying twists and turns that can be harmful to unsuspecting drivers and motorcyclists alike. 

A new Wired article profiles The Snake, a section of Mulholland Drive that has proved particularly difficult for people on motorcycles. Towards the end of The Snake is a section of the road referred to as Edwards Corner, where the street makes a 180-degree turn that many motorcyclists cannot handle. 

The area has quickly turned into a YouTube phenomenon due to the frequent crashes that happen there. A search on the video website for “Mulholland Drive” returns tons of clips with titles like “scooter crashes into guardrail” and “Ducati Crash in Front of Cop.” According to Wired, these videos are typically captured by a group of bystanders that bring cameras to The Snake, waiting for the inevitable to occur. 

One such videographer, Ken Snyder, says many motorcycle riders are aware of their actions when they lose control around Edwards Corner. 

“Riders treat the Snake like a skate park for motorcycles. Most who crash are inexperienced and pushing themselves. Even though they have seen countless crashes, it seems everyone learns the hard way,” Snyder said. 

A rider named Adey Bennett agreed with Snyder’s sentiments, claiming that Edwards Corner isn’t actually that difficult to maneuver. 

“The reason why most people crash on this turn is because they don’t know how to assess the type of corner they’re riding on. It’s such a simple turn when you see it done well, but people make it so complicated,” Bennett said. 

Although the road was designed in a manner that makes it difficult for many riders, there are no city or state plans to renovate the highway. According to LA Mountains, the highway was constructed in 1924. Law enforcement officials these days, however, are watching more and more YouTube videos involving crashes on the street. This has caused them to increase the amount they patrol the area.

“We estimate that at least 60 to 70 percent of [motorcycle crashes] are unreported. We look at the videos ourselves, and there were two months where I saw a bunch of crashes on YouTube and looked at our collision states and didn’t see any reported,” said local Officer Leland Tang.

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11 Memo Gidley, Matteo Malucelli Survive Terrifying Crash During Rolex 24 Race (Video)

Memo Gidley and Matteo Malucelli are badly injured, but survived a terrifying crash during the Rolex 24 at Daytona race yesterday.

Malucelli's Ferrari had a "loss of drive" and slowed down, but Gidley, in his 458 GT, didn't see Malucelli because another car was ahead of him.

When Gidley tried to pass the other car on the left, he smashed into Malucelli at full speed, sending both cars flying at the Daytona International Speedway (video below).

The Associated Press notes that both drivers were placed in ambulances and rushed to the Halifax Health Medical Center, only a mile away in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Malucelli reportedly suffered a "severe cerebral concussion." While not in critical condition, he remains under observation.

Gidley underwent surgery on his left arm and leg, but has an "unstable fracture" in his back that may need more surgery, reports CorseClienti.Ferrari.com.

According to USA Today, Gary Nelson won the race, his third Rolex 24.

Sources: Associated Press, USA Today, CorseClienti.Ferrari.com

(Note: Crash begins at 30 second mark)

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11Brazilian Boy Walks Away Unharmed After Being Run Over By Car (Video)

Incredible video from Brazil shows a grandmother and her grandson walking down the road when a black car crashes into a white parked car, sending it flying at the pair.

Though the white car rolls directly over the boy, he crouches and then walks away unharmed to help his grandmother, who appears unconscious.

While the tires of the white car rolled over the grandmother’s legs, it is reported that neither she or her grandson suffered serious injuries.

Following the incident, the black car appears to drive away without offering assistance to the pedestrians. Instead, a man walking down the road approaches to help the 64-year-old and her grandson.

After being admitted to the hospital, the pair was released with only minor injuries.

Sources: MSN,KRMG

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11NJ Woman Smashes Car Into Rite-Aid, Hits Customer (Video)

A 71-year-old woman accidentally drove her car through the front doors of a Rite Aid in Rutheford, New Jersey on Wednesday, striking an 18-year-old woman that was exiting the store. The entire incident was captured on a store security camera, which has been released to the public by Rite Aid. 

The incredible footage shows a woman exiting the store through sliding glass doors when she notices the vehicle and quickly attempts to jump out of the way. According to NJ.com, the 18-year-old victim of the accident was struck on her lower right side but did not suffer serious injuries. 

According to the local authorities, the driver of the vehicle, who also managed to escape injuries, appeared to be in a stable mental condition. The woman was driving a 2009 Chevrolet Aveo. 

According to a cashier working at the Rite Aid, this type of accident is not unusual for the store. The cashier informed The Record that this was the third time a driver had smashed into the front of the building in the past two years. In other instances, the building was damaged but no other individuals were involved. A store manager explained that he was considering installing metal guards in front of the store to prevent future incidents from occurring. 

Firefighters and police arrived on the scene at the Rite Aid on Wednesday and ultimately removed the doors of the store in order to ensure the safe removal of the vehicle.

The Rite Aid remained open for shoppers, who entered through a side door as the removal process unfolded.

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11Terrifying Footage of Hawaii Plane Crash That Killed Health Director Loretta Fuddy Released (Video)

Brand new footage has just been released showing the moment of impact for a small plane as it plunged into the Hawaiian ocean just last month.

There were nine people on board the small 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan in December when one of the engines failed shortly after taking off. As shown in the video, the plane suddenly crashes into the ocean, and immediately, all the people on board attempt to exit as water rushes into the aircraft.

39-year-old Ferdinand Puentes was one of the nine passengers on board the flight and was able to record the video as the plane landed in the ocean.

"It was as if time stopped and everything you remembered in your past -- loved ones. I didn't say goodbye to them. Your whole life just goes in front of you," said Puentes.

Amazingly, none of the passengers appeared to panic as they exited the small aircraft, and they all held onto the wing in order to stay afloat until rescuers got to them.

Sadly, one passenger was killed in the crash. Hawaii’s state health director Loretta Fuddy, 65, was the only fatality. Fuddy is responsible for making President Obama’s birth certificate public in 2011 when many critics of the president alleged that he wasn’t a United States citizen. It has not yet been determined exactly what caused Fuddy’s death, as other passengers note that she did make it out of the aircraft safely.

Puentes credits the pilot’s smart landing as the reason why he is still alive today.

“The way how he handled the flight and everything, he kept his calm, it's just amazing how he did it," said Puentes. "He is my hero."

Officials are still investigating the crash as well as Fuddy’s death.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News, ABC

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11Carjacker Dies in High Speed Crash Right After Stealing Good Samaritan's Vehicle

A carjacking in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ended in a crash that killed one of the suspects. On Monday morning, a woman was pumping gas at a local Shell station when two women approached her and asked for a ride.

“She, being a Good Samaritan in the cold weather, agreed,” said police spokesman Cpl. Don Coppola Jr.

The Good Samaritan proceeded to drive the suspects to a nearby car wash to let them out, and when she stopped, the suspects said, “We have a gun and we’re going to take your car.”

According to reports, the driver didn’t actually see a weapon, but she was so afraid that she got out of the vehicle and let the two women steal it.

"The victim was able to flag down a passerby along with the police,” said Coppola. “A Uniformed Patrol Unit in the area was able to spot the fleeing vehicle from a distance, but could never catch up with the vehicle as it was traveling at a high rate of speed.”

The carjackers sped down the street at a dangerously high speed and ran a red light, at which point they crashed right into an oncoming vehicle. The woman driving the stolen vehicle, 19-year-old Kiamonte Davis, died at the scene. The other carjacker, 20-year-old Princess Wright, walked away from the crash without any injuries and was taken to jail, facing charges of first-degree robbery. The vehicle that the carjackers hit contained a woman and her 13-month old child, and that woman was treated for moderate to severe injuries while her baby was unharmed.

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