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11Ohio Woman Sells Unfaithful Husband’s Truck In Funny Craigslist Ad

An Ohio man found out that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned after his wife put his pickup truck for sale on a Craigslist posting.

According to The Huffington Post, the unidentified wife, from Columbus, Ohio, posted the scathing ad on Craigslist entitled “Soon to be ex-husband’s GMC Sierra truck,” and then goes into great detail about the truck’s former owner.

“My husband wrecked our family van because of his mistress a few months ago,” the ad reads. “He sneakily bought a truck with the tax return but our family of 6 won’t fit.

“Since he decided that he can’t stop his affair with that slut who goes around with anyone, I’ve decided to sell his beloved truck and get us a normal van.”

The furious wife adds that she does not know a lot about the truck, which had accumulated 41,000 miles and her husband is only the second owner.

No one has offered to purchase the truck yet, since the ad was posted earlier this week.

Read the listing in its entirety below:

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11Wisconsin Man Banned From The Internet After Sending Sex-Seeking Men To Neighbor's House

Wisconsin man Jason Willis has been banned from the Internet after playing a twisted practical joke on his neighbor.

Willis posted an ad on Craigslist pretending to be his female neighbor Dawn. The ad asked men to show up at Dawn’s house for sex. Willis used his neighbor’s name, address, and contact information in the ad.

Sure enough, men started showing up at Dawn’s house. One eager responder showed up in nothing but a trench coat.

“[Willis’] idea of a joke is much different to other peoples’ idea of a joke,” Dawn said.

“He had my full name," Dawn said of the man who showed up to her home in a trench coat. "He knew my address. And he said, ‘Oh, I got it off of Craigslist. You put an ad on there.’”

Dawn reported the incident to detectives. Some quick research found Willis posted numerous ads across the web asking men to come to Dawn's house for sex. They tracked the IP address behind the ads to Willis’ home.

On Tuesday, Willis accepted a plea deal for the charges. He will be disallowed access to the Internet for 30 days and will be on probation for 30 months. 

Presiding Judge Allan Torhorst compared Willis’ dangerous use of the Internet to a drunk driver’s use of a car.

“If you want to drive drunk, you’re not allowed to drive,” Torhorst said. “To me, a public availability of the Internet—to use it the way he did—is unconscionable. Everybody knows it’s wrong. He knew it was wrong. He admitted it.”

Sources: JRN, Metro

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11College Student Jackie Turner, Who Was Abused As A Child, Posts Ad On Craigslist Seeking To Rent Family To Spend Time With During Holidays

A woman in California, seeking the compassion of a mother and father, posted an online ad offering to pay for a family to spend time with her during the holiday season.

In her emotional note on Craigslist, Jackie Turner wrote, “I am looking to rent a mom and dad who can give me attention and make me feel like the light of their life just for a couple of days because I really need it.”

The 26-year-old Turner, who attends William Jessup University and is estranged from her biological parents, offered possible candidates willing to play the roles of her parents $8 an hour for their services, according to Mail Online.

Turner is a presidential scholar at William Jessup with a scholarship and a 4.0 grade point average, but her life hasn’t been so easy.

News10/KXTV reports that Turner has been physically, sexually and emotionally abused since she was a child and she spent years living on the streets. She admitted to taking part in gang life and doing drugs and was eventually arrested for grand theft and spent a year in jail before attending a camp for troubled young adults.

Although she’s been able to turn her life around, she still seeks the compassion of a mother and father.

"Just to sit, just to listen," Turner said. "Just to cry with me, no strings beyond that. I've never felt the touch of my mom hugging me and holding me. I don't know what it's like to look in my dad's eyes and feel love instead of hatred."

Turner’s ad drew an incredible response and many families offered to take her in for free. Now, instead of renting a family for the holidays, she’s trying to organize a gathering of those who responded to her ad.

Turner’s ability to be so public about her circumstances has helped others come forward too. She’s received many emails from people who also had suffered abuse.

Sources: Mail Online, News10/KXTV

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11UC Santa Barbara Student Given Three Years Probation for Lying About Being Raped

A University of California Santa Barbara student was sentenced on Thursday to three years probation for filing a false rape report.

Morgan Triplett, 21, called 911 in February, while she was visiting UC Santa Cruz, and claimed a stranger had sexually assaulted and beaten her, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

After police investigated her case, they found that Triplett had fabricated the claim, though it is unclear why she did it. 

In March, Triplett pleaded not guilty to lying about the rape. But police said she had orchestrated the crime by placing an ad on Craigslist asking for a man to beat her and then sexually assault her, according to the Huffington Post.

In another ad she posted, Triplett asked for someone to shoot her with a small bullet in her arm or shoulder. 

Triplett pleaded no contest to the charge of giving the police false information. In addition to her probation time, she was sentenced to 200 hours of community service, 60 days in a work-release program and 60 days of therapy.

Triplett, a sociology student, must also write a letter of apology to the university.

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post 

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11Tennessee Rape Suspect Justin Chandler Places Ad on Craigslist for Female Roommate

Tennessee man and suspected rapist, Justin Chandler, took to Craigslist in March to advertise for a female roommate to join him in a Columbia apartment.

The ad, which included of picture of Chandler, was discovered in May after police linked images from a surveillance camera with his Facebook pictures.

Though it is unknown if anyone has responded to the ad, police believe the GPS Chandler now wears will act as a warning sign to prospective roommates.

"It's hard to post something if you are wearing a GPS device,” said Commander Eddie Breeden of the Dickson Police. “It would kind of tip somebody off the first time they met you something may be up.”

Chandler is also forbidden to use the internet and must have court approval before changing jobs or moving, according to new bond conditions set by a Maury County judge.

Chandler was accused of raping a woman with cerebral palsy last August in front of a Walmart. He reportedly followed her through the store and assaulted her in one of the aisles before raping her outside.

"She couldn't run due to her condition," Breeden said. "Apparently there are people out there, as in this instance, that will take advantage of any situation."

A spokesperson for Walmart said no one was on that particular aisle when Chandler assaulted the woman, though she was later taken to a safe place within the store while police were contacted.

"No one actually knew what was going on until he was already exiting the store,” Breeden said.

The trial for Chandler’s rape charge is scheduled to start in August.

Sources: The Inquisitir, NY Daily News

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11Parents Post Craigslist Ad Asking for 'Really Skinny Person' to Make Kids Finish Food

Parents who were tired of dealing with their picky children decided to make a Craigslist ad asking for skinny people to help teach their kids that there are starving people in the world.

The ad was posted in Phoenix, Ariz. and asks for a "really really skinny person" to help teach the kids that they should feel bad about throwing away their food.

They said they want someone to "act hungry" in front of the kids as they throw away their unfinished meals.

"I'd love for you to get into the role," the post says. "Maybe a wide-eyed whimper and extension of an emancipated claw/hand as the meatloaf slides into the trash can. Must be able to pull off dejected as you sulk away."

The parents also want a specific type of skinny.

"I'd love to avoid meth skinny for obvious reasons. Also, actual hunger skinny because that meatloaf is staying in the trash. Also would like to avoid some sort of body-image-malfunction skinny because my daughter is so impressionable right now. My #1 choice would be parasite skinny, but I know chances of finding that are slim."

Many are now wondering whether or not they should respect a child's appetite.

The Mayo Clinic recommends not forcing children to finish their meals.

"Likewise, don't bribe or force your child to eat certain foods or clean his or her plate. This might only ignite - or reinforce - a power struggle over food," they said.

They urged parents to be patient during meals so children don't associate eating with anxiety and frustration.

"Serve small portions to avoid overwhelming your child and give him or her the opportunity to independently ask for more," they said.

"Research shows this leads to over consumption and a tendency to be overweight or obese."

Sources: Craigslist, Daily Mail

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11Man Arrested After Posting Sex-Seeking Ad on Craigslist Pretending to Be Neighbor

A disturbing Craigslist joke has landed one man in jail today, as he posed as his neighbor on the popular site and invited sex-seeking strangers to her house. 

Jason T. Willis, 30, was charged with a felony and is in jail on $1,000 bond after many men showed up to the woman's house looking for sex. 

One of the men showed up wearing nothing but his coat. Needless to say, the neighbor was not amused by Willis' attempt at a joke.

In total, there were six sexually explicit Craigslist ads posted by the neighbor. When interviewed by police, he said he made them because he was just "joking" around.

Willis was charged with felony identity theft and is awaiting a May 28 court appearance. 

Though it seems odd to find amusement in such a disturbing act, he's not the only one who has posed as someone else on Craigslist to entice strange men to someone's house.

In March, a Library of Congress Archivist posed as his ex-girlfriend and sent strangers to her house who were seeking sex. 

"I'm a senior lady who is looking for some fun and adventure along with some pleasuring!!" one ad said. 

Because so many men came to her house, the woman had to post signs on her property warning them that the ads were not posted by her. The man is now charged with felony stalking.

Sources: Salon, Daily Dot

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