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11Ex-Marine Shot While Trying To Help Group Of Men Following Car Crash

Here is the ultimate example of no good deed going unpunished.

Retired Marine Ralph Tackett was sitting in his home on Monday morning when he heard a car crash outside. He promptly ran out his door, hopped in his car and drove to the scene of the crash.

As he approached the wrecked silver Pontiac, three men hopped out of the car and said they needed a tire.

“A tire?” Tackett responded. “I think you need more than a tire.”

Then, one of the men inexplicably pulled out a gun and shot Tackett in the jaw.

“They didn’t ask for the car, didn’t ask him to get out or anything,” said Tackett’s wife, Sandy. “They just shot him.”

Tackett hit one of the men after being shot and then ran across the street back to his house. His wife says he was spitting teeth and blood everywhere when he came inside. He was taken to a hospital where surgeons removed the bullet from his jaw.

"They got the bullet out, he's got three plates in his jaw, three titanium plates and he's going to need more surgeries," Sandy Tackett said.

Tackett, a father of two, is still in shock over what happened.

"He said, 'I just can't believe it, I'm not going to go out and help anybody anymore'” Sandy said. “He says, 'I thought I was doing the right thing' and instead he says 'I get shot.’”

Police are still searching for the three men involved in the shooting. Officials have asked anyone with information about the crime to call Crimestoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS. 

Sources: First Coast News, New York Daily News

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11Man Records Proof Of Officer Lying About Cause Of Crash (Video)

Dashcam video may prove that a border patrol agent lied about the cause of a crash that he was involved in.

The video was shot by the other person involved in the accident, choosing only to go by the name Ted. According to reports, Ted is a New York-based technology blogger for dealspin.com who recently installed a dashboard camera onto his car so that he could get footage while he was driving. Luckily for Ted, his new purchase wound up becoming extremely useful.

Video shows Ted driving through an intersection with a green light when, suddenly, a border patrol van turning left hits him head on. Ted immediately calls emergency services, but not before the border patrol agent gets out of this vehicle, which had flipped over, and yells at the blogger.

“A few minutes later, as I was on the phone with 911, the driver of the van, a big burly guy in plainclothes, came running over to me with his U.S. Border patrol badge exposed, screaming ‘Didn’t you see the light? Did you not see the light?’” wrote Ted in his account. “When the (real) cops came, the driver further accused me of going through a red light and causing the accident. All the passengers in the Border Patrol van repeated the same line: that I went through a red light.”

Ted says that he believed he didn’t do anything wrong, so when he went home later that day, he reviewed the footage on his dashcam.

“After I got home, I uploaded the video, and lo and behold: The light was green! After reviewing the video a few times, I realized exactly what had happened,” wrote Ted. “The US border van had white and blue lights flashing on top of the van, causing the 2 cars in the left and center lanes to stop and let the van make a left turn (which was an illegal left, as you can see in the video). I was in the right lane, so I did not see the flashing lights, because from the driver’s seat, the Border Patrol van was blocked by the other 2 cars. Furthermore, red flashing lights might have caught my attention, but faint white and blue lights in bright sunlight did not give me any indication of an emergency vehicle approaching. Not that the van had any excuse for ramming into me. I spoke to an accident attorney today, and he told me that, even in the event of an emergency, an emergency vehicle must take care and caution while driving, especially when they are doing something improper such as cutting into ongoing traffic.”

Ted recently posted an update with a picture of the police report showing that the border patrol officer lied about the circumstances of the crash.

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11You Won't Believe What's About to Happen (Video)

Texas man Guan Zhu is lucky to be alive after an overturned cement truck crashed into the front of his car.

The truck ran a red light Tuesday afternoon and overturned in front of Zhu’s car, smashing the front end of the minivan. However, the dash cam recording the event was not damaged.

Zhu, a Texas A&M professor, installed the dash camera into his vehicle one year ago in case of a car accident. His decision obviously paid off.

“It shows pretty conclusive evidence of what happened,” College Station Police Department spokesperson Lt. Chuck Fleeger said.

Both Zhu and the truck driver escaped the crash with minor injuries. The truck driver was given a ticket for running a red light.

Dash cams have become increasingly popular over recent years, especially in Russia, where reckless driving is apparently common.

Sources: Chron, The Daily Caller

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11Teen Records Drunk Driving Accident As It Happens From Inside Car (Video)

A teenager involved in a gruesome drunk driving accident had her cell phone camera recording when the crash occurred. 

The surviving teenager is Desaleen James. She was the only one to survive the crash. James and her friends were driving home from a night out at a Maryland club when the crash took place. James admits that despite being underage, she and her friends had no trouble drinking alcohol that night.

“It was very easy,” she said. “I just had to pay the guy at the door $10 not to put an X on my hands.”

On their drive home, one of James’ friends is heard proudly exclaiming, “We’re driving drunk!”

Then, in a span of just six seconds, the girl’s singing and laughter turns to screams as their car runs off the road and crashes into a brick wall.

Police say the car was travelling at 94 miles an hour when it crashed.

"My friend,” James is heard telling a witness. "My friend just crashed. My friend just crashed."

James was the only person to survive the crash that night. She was wearing her seatbelt and suffered a broken hip. She gave a reflective interview with WUSA9 before the station aired her video.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else, not even my worst enemy, to walk in my shoes right now,” she said. “I can’t cry anymore … You never think that something like this is going to happen to you. It's one in a million, like, and then boom. It hits you. And there you are that one in a million."

James hopes her video can strike a chord amongst people who think they are immune to the dangers of drunk driving.

“Maybe I’m here to save someone else,” she said.

28 people die in America every day in drunk driving accidents.

Here is James' footage and interview:

Source: WUSA, MADD

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11Georgia Man Charged In Wedding Day Car Crash That Killed Wife

After being charged with vehicular homicide following the death of his bride, Georgia man Ryan Quinton was released on bail.

The couple had just left their wedding reception in December when Quinton suddenly swerved at the sight of, he says, a dog in the road. As a result, the car rolled down an embankment.

Quinton’s bride was trapped underneath the car, but Quinton himself managed to reach the road for help. When a witness, Chris Thomas, saw Quinton stumbling down the road he stopped and called 911.

"He was shaken up. He wasn't making a whole lot of sense. He was hysterical," Thomas said of Quinton.

Thomas said the most difficult part was telling the wedding party, still dressed for a celebration, what had happened.

Crime lab results showed that Quinton’s blood alcohol level that day was .114, though the legal limit in Georgia is .08.

On Wednesday morning Quinton turned himself in to the Cherokee County Police Department, admitting that his dog story was untrue.

Quinton was charged with a DUI and vehicular homicide.

Sources: WSB Atlanta, AJC

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11Ponya Lee Allegedly Intentionally Crashes Car, Kills Innocent Woman

A Michigan woman is facing a second-degree murder charge after police say she intentionally crashed her car. The deliberate crash killed 55-year-old Patricia Nwaneri.

Police say the driver, Ponya Lee, was arguing on the phone with her girlfriend prior to the crash.

"I heard the whole accident on the phone and I heard my car getting crashed and OnStar coming on," said Cynthia Dozier, who was Lee’s girlfriend prior to the crash but, for obvious reasons, is now her ex-girlfriend.

Police say Lee intentionally sped up and ran a red light before crashing her car.

"She greatly increased her speed, approximately 60 miles per hour, she went through a red light," said Westland police Sgt. Randy Thivierge.

Lee was briefly hospitalized and then released. Dozier said the couple’s argument continued at home. Dozier ran out of the house to leave the argument, but the crazed Lee started chasing after her with a Samurai sword.

"I ran out. I told everybody to run and sure enough she came out and started pointing the sword at different people," said Dozier.

Lee hit two people with the sword, but they were not harmed. She was detained by police and is being held at the Wayne County Jail without bond.

Patricia Nwaneri, the victim of the car crash, was a nurse at the St. Jude Nursing Center in Livonia, Michigan. She is survived by four children.

Sources: Click On Detroit, M Live

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11Brazilian Boy Walks Away Unharmed After Being Run Over By Car (Video)

Incredible video from Brazil shows a grandmother and her grandson walking down the road when a black car crashes into a white parked car, sending it flying at the pair.

Though the white car rolls directly over the boy, he crouches and then walks away unharmed to help his grandmother, who appears unconscious.

While the tires of the white car rolled over the grandmother’s legs, it is reported that neither she or her grandson suffered serious injuries.

Following the incident, the black car appears to drive away without offering assistance to the pedestrians. Instead, a man walking down the road approaches to help the 64-year-old and her grandson.

After being admitted to the hospital, the pair was released with only minor injuries.

Sources: MSN,KRMG

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11Chicago Girl, 13, Charged With Homicide After Joyride Crash Left 12-Year-OId Friend Dead

A 13-year-old girl has been charged with homicide after a joyride with her friends resulted in a fatal car crash.

Almani Kreamer was pronounced dead at Franciscan St. James Hospital in Chicago. He was just 12 years old. The 13-year-old driver appeared in court after the wreck last week for an arraignment on charges of reckless homicide, reckless conduct, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

According to reports, the 13-year-old girl was driving the vehicle with her friends when she lost control and hit a tree. Neighbors rushed to the scene and encouraged the children to stay in the vehicle until an ambulance came. Witnesses say a girl inside was crying for help. The other children were all treated at St. James Hospital and were released shortly after. Police have not released the names or ages of the other children in the car, but its been confirmed that they were all under the age of 16.

"I just want the other children to understand because they were all in the car together," said Regina Anderson, mother of victim Almani Kreamer.

"What was he saying?" asked Anderson of her son’s untimely death. "Did he suffer?"

Neighbors of the young suburban boy are mourning his death and searching for answers.

“He was a fine young man,” said neighbor Beverly Reed Scott. “We loved him.”

Terrell Neely says that seeing the 13-year-old girl driving a car was not a surprise to him.

"A while ago, she said that her mom let her drive on her birthday when it was her birthday a couple months ago, and she said her mom let her drive the car around,” said Neely.

A full investigation into the tragic accident is still underway.

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11California Teen Jameson Witty Arrested For Stealing Piece of Paul Walker's Porsche

California teenager Jameson Witty was arrested Thursday, after stealing wreckage left from the car crash that killed actor Paul Walker and his friend.

The wrecked Porsche Carrera GT was being removed from the scene by a tow truck when it stopped at a red light. A male immediately jumped out of the car behind the truck, took pieces of the wreckage, and returned to his car to speed away.

After the tow truck driver reported the theft, a search warrant was authorized for Witty’s house, where the missing pieces were discovered.

Police have not expressed what brought them to Witty’s home, though it is likely they saw pictures of the pieces on one of his social media accounts.

Witty apparently couldn’t resist bragging about his steal and published photos of the pieces on his Instagram profile. He added that he and some friends would be hosting a tribute to Walker at the crash site and raise money for Walker’s charity.

Aside from stealing cars, Witty apparently enjoyed fast cars and taking risks. There are an abundance of pictures on his Instagram profile of him speeding and enduring BMX injuries.

Witty was charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence. He is being held on $20,000 bail.

Sources: DailyMail, CNN

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11Vancouver Woman Caran Johnson Unknowingly Live Tweets Husband's Death

Caran Johnson unknowingly live-tweeted her husband’s death while reporting on a car accident this past Wednesday.

Around 2:11 p.m. on Wednesday, the local scanner aficionada picked up a tweet from the local State Patrol about an accident on the 205. Her first handful of tweets merely gave details of the accident as they became available.

“Nice, two vehicles went around officer blocking on ramp to I205S,” Johnson tweeted. “Lame-o’s!”

At 2:20 p.m., Johnson tweeted that she was concerned for her husband’s safety, since he usually drove home on the 205 and wasn’t answering his phone.

Johnson tweeted State Trooper William Finn, who she had been in regular contact with in regard to traffic.

Finn could not yet give details regarding the two vehicles involved in the accident, and later added that he declined to post a picture of the accident because of Johnson’s concern.

Johnson eventually tweeted that her husband had left work feeling faint, and that his employer had been concerned.

At 3:50 p.m., Johnson confirmed her fears.

“It’s him,” she tweeted. “He died.”

A woman driving the second car was hospitalized with a broken femur and collapsed lung. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

@Col_cops i hate that section of I205 S. too many on ramps, speeders and too few lanes.

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

@troyglidden @Col_cops this accident sounds horrible.

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

LifeFlight is standing down. #clark911

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

They said they are so close to SWWMC, they can take the patient there, instead of Lifeflight. #clark911

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

@Col_cops @wspd5pio omg that is so horrible!!!

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

nice, two vehicles went around officer blocking onramp to I205S. lame-o's!

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

I'm trying not to panic, but my husband left work early and he drives 205 to get home. he's not answering his phone.

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

and he's late.

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

@Col_cops @wspd5pio do you have descriptions of involved vehicles?

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

@KF7PSC well he uses his bluetooth, so he would answer his phone. he also wasn't feeling good so his work was concerned when he left

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

i'm a basketcase

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

I just called his work and he was feeling faint when he left work. #panic

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

can anyone verify how bad the traffic is on I205 N in Vancouver is please?

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

how long do i wait for him to come home before I call the police?

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

i just called 911 and they transferred me after I gave them his license number and told me that they will call me back. wtf?

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

and now my kids are home from school...

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

He's the one I go to for things like this...

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

it's him. he died

— CJ (@ScanCouver) December 4, 2013

Sources: KATU, CNN

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