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11Sheriff's Deputy Suspended For Unprovoked Courtroom Assault On Inmate (Video)

On September 11, 2012, Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Brady Lovingier was caught on camera carrying out an unprovoked assault on an inmate during a court hearing.

The court room was almost entirely empty on the day the assault took place. As presiding Judge Doris Burd and detainee Anthony Waller discussed Waller’s charges, Deputy Lovingier inexplicably tapped Waller on the shoulder. When Waller turned around, Lovingier grabbed him and slammed him into a wall.

As Waller layed on the ground, Lovingier is heard saying “Don’t turn on me. Get on your feet. Get on your feet.”

Here is the courtroom video of the assault:

Judge Burd filed a grievance against Lovingier following the attack. An internal investigation found Lovingier did, in fact, carry out an unprovoked assault on Waller. The deputy's only punishment was a 30 day suspension without pay.

Lovingier filed an appeal to his suspension. He claimed he did not assault Waller at all, but rather the man simply tripped on his leg irons. The review panel found his claim is demonstrably false given the surveillance video showing otherwise. 

Career Service Hearing Officer Bruce Plotkin rejected Lovingier’s appeal this week.

“For reasons stated immediately above, Lovingier used inappropriate force in dealing with inmate Waller. The Agency thus proved Lovingier broke this rule by a preponderance of the evidence,” Plotkin wrote.

In a series of responses to Lovingier’s claim that Waller was aggressive towards him prior to the takedown, Plotkin rejects all of Lovingier’s reasoning and says none of it is supported by video evidence.

“The record, viewed in its entirety, however, does not support any of the above claims you made,” Plotkin writes. “In fact, inmate Waller’s conduct is consistent with how Judge Burd described her interaction with inmate Waller. She described him as polite and respectful. Your description of his physical actions is unreasonable.”

Sources: The Contributor, The Colorado Independent

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11Teens Arrested After Filming Themselves Attacking Random Man (Video)

Police have arrested three teens they say randomly attacked and robbed a man in Dayton, Ohio last month.

According to reports, the attack happened on March 7 when the high school students from Stivers School of the Arts videotaped themselves randomly assaulting the man, 51-year-old Ronald Baird.

"Oh that's me right there, definitely. He's sneaking up, I didn't even know he was coming,” said Baird while watching video of the attack. “I didn't even see that coming. I was like what the heck.”

The teens were able to take $3 from Baird before running off. A teacher at Stivers notified police of the incident after seeing the video on a student’s phone.

"They were emulating something they probably saw before online,” said Dayton Police Detective Nathan Curley. “It doesn't really make a lot of sense. You would think what are they trying to gain from this? They didn't get a lot of money. Didn't get a lot of property. They were looking for some kind of level of respect from their peers. Some street credibility for robbing random people filming it and showing the video. It is sad."

Baird was reportedly treated for minor injuries, and now, all three teens are in juvenile detention facing charges.

"It's terrible," said Baird. "It's petty, I hope it doesn't happen to anyone else. I hope these guys learn from what they did."

Officer Curley says he hopes other teens will learn from this and realize that what they’re doing is not funny.

“I think that this is kind of a copy cat thing,” said Curley. “They’re seeing other people online, on YouTube, doing this and they think it’s cool. Obviously, there is a victim in this crime who was injured and hurt, and I would say would you like someone to do this to your relative?”

Officials are reportedly attempting to try the teens as adults.

11Army Veteran Proved To Have Started Fight With Three Men He Claimed Attacked Him

Wayne County, Michigan prosecutor Kym Worthy has announced that no charges will be filed against three men accused of beating a military veteran outside of a 7-Eleven convenience store last week after surveillance video proves that the veteran was actually the aggressor.

According to reports, 25-year-old Adam Wagner told police that the men had followed him out into the parking lot, mocked the military decals on his car, and attacked him. After reviewing surveillance video, however, Worthy says Wagner started the fight.

"The complaining witness is a military veteran who was the initial aggressor in a fight with three men,” said Worthy in a statement. “The complainant was the largest man and he began the fight by striking the smallest of the three men. After being hit the smallest man fled the scene. A fight continued with the complainant and the other two men. This is where this whole scenario should have ended, since the two men fled the scene. The complainant then continued to pursue them for over a half mile on foot while the two men tried to hide from him. When the complainant found the men, he started the fight all over again. During the altercation the complainant sustained some injuries consistent with a fistfight, but was treated at a hospital and was released. Since the veteran was the initial and only aggressor, the actions of the other three men are not a crime and we are declining to issue any charges."

Worthy says that even though Wagner claims otherwise, surveillance videos show exactly what happened.

“You cannot in this state start a fight, and when others disengage, track the people down to continue the fight and then claim that you were the victim,” said Worthy.

Wagner has yet to comment on the result of the investigation.

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11Elderly Couple Brutally Beaten By Woman In Restaurant (Video)

An elderly couple in Arkansas was attacked by a 33-year-old woman while dining at a Little Rock restaurant after they asked the woman to stop cursing on her cell phone call.

Little Rock Police have charged Jocelyn Thornton with second-degree assault and battery after she attacked Don Francis, 74, and his wife Bettye Francis, 69, at the Cuisine of China restaurant.

According to reports, Dom Francis asked Thornton to stop cursing while she was talking on her cell phone in the middle of the restaurant. Thornton was not happy after being confronted by Francis, and she allegedly got into the elderly man’s face and pushed her into the table. Bettye Francis then tried to intervene, but that just angered Thornton more, and she proceeded to push Bettye into the table and punch her in the face. The entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

Terry Richard, a professor at University of Alabama at Little Rock, says that while these types of situations seem to be on the rise, the issue of cell phone usage and even the use of profanity are generational.

"They feel perfectly comfortable using obscenities that we find extremely vulgar, particularly older individuals,” said Richard to KATV. “We never used those terms, now we may have used them with friends or colleagues, but never in a public type situation. And it is disturbing now. You can find people with cell phones and their talking to other individuals and they use what we call curse words at a much more frequent level than we've ever seen.”

So far, the elderly couple has declined to publicly comment on the incident, and Thornton remains in police custody.

11Cockfighting: Martyn Dashwood, Jailed for Assaulting Teen, Pleads Guilty to 16 Charges of Animal Cruelty

A 32-year-old man who was jailed in December 2013 for beating a 15-year-old boy until he was unconscious in a park has now admitted to organizing cockfights.

Martyn Dashwood plead guilty to 16 charges of arranging and attending animal fights and animal cruelty at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court in Poole, UK.

He admitted to two counts of unnecessary cruelty to a game bird by failing to provide adequate veterinary care for an eye injury, and on another occasion by “allowing it to continue fighting while injured.”

He also admitted to six counts of causing an animal fight to take place in both Belben Road and Oak Drive in Poole between September 2011 and March 2013, and eight counts of being present at animal fights between December 2011 and April 2013.

Eleven additional charges were dropped by the after his guilty pleas were entered.

Dashwood was released on bail to return to court for sentencing on May 7.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “Cockfighting was banned in England way back in 1835. Yet here we are in 2014, seeing someone appear in court for acts of cruelty which were outlawed almost 180 years ago.”

There is no glory in watching birds die horrific deaths in the name of a so called blood sport,” he said.

Dashwood was jailed for 12 weeks in December last year after admitting he punched, kicked and stomped on a 15-year-old boy during an argument between two groups of children at Baiter Park on September 8, 2012.

Afterwards, as he walked away, Dashwood reportedly shouted back at them: “I’m Martyn Dashwood, I’m in the Mafia, you shouldn’t mess with me.”

At that time, the victim, described his assailant as “a thug and a bully” in a statement to police.

Source: Daily Echo

11Man Punches Puppy In The Face In Latest Disturbing Viral Clip (Video)

A disturbing video that has recently gone viral shows a man repeatedly punching a dog in the face in an act of revenge against his girlfriend, and now, that man could face serious charges.

Tom-Jan Hüsch, 20, angrily punches the defenseless dog, a gift from his former girlfriend, in the face during the 45-second video. According to reports, the German man’s girlfriend recently broke up with him, so he made the video to get back at her. In addition to hurting the dog, Hüsch threatens to kill it and anyone else who makes him angry.

Authorities say the 10-week-old puppy lost a tooth, suffered a concussion, and had a swollen face after the brutal beating. After receiving the video, Hüsch’s girlfriend reported it to local police in Germany, and Hüsch was sent to a mental hospital for treatment. If convicted of violence against the dog, Hüsch could face up to 3 years in prison under German animal protection laws.

After the video went viral, many different websites were reporting that Hüsch was assaulted by someone who tracked him down once they saw the video, but the latest reports say those claims were fabricated and that the pictures showing his badly bruised face were photoshopped.

The puppy is now reportedly living with a loving foster family and is recovering from the injuries it sustained.

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11Mentally Disabled Man Beaten By Police On Camera (Video)

A new video has been released online showing a mentally disabled man being beaten by St. Louis police officers.

The man, Mario Crumps, was reportedly acting erratically prior to the incident, and his behavior forced his family to call the police. The video doesn’t show the entire incident, but it does show police brutally beating the man while he fought back against them.

Crumps is reportedly a client of Independence Center, an organization that provides mentally disabled people with opportunities to live and work in the St. Louis community, and Mike Keller, executive director, hopes that the video will bring about a change in training protocol within the police department.

"I want to give the police whom I have an affinity for the benefit of the doubt, but that video was soul-scarring," said Keller.

Police, however, say that even though many are outraged by the video, they feel it does not properly show what went on in its entirety and believe that the officers’ actions were justified.

"Certainly I want to make this a teachable moment," said St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson. "But we also have to understand that society, with cutbacks in the mental health field, have really left individuals kind of in an area of limbo."

Dotson also says that both officers were treated for injuries.

The man’s condition following the beating is not clear, but one can assume that after multiple strikes from a baton and numerous punches to the face, he likely sustained some injuries. Crumps faces charges of assaulting an officer as well as resisting arrest.

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11Man In Critical Condition After Being Beaten By Mob For Accidentally Hitting Boy With His Car

A driver is in critical condition at a Detroit hospital after a mob of nearly 30 people brutally beat him when his pickup truck accidentally struck an 11-year-old boy.

Police say that the incident happened around 4:10 p.m. on Wednesday when the driver accidentally hit an 11-year-old boy at a busy intersection. The driver immediately pulled over, got out of the vehicle, and rushed to help the boy, but within minutes, a group of around 30 people ran up and began to assault the driver.

"Our chief indicated there was a large group of approximately 30 or more people,” said Sergeant Michael Woody. "But that's not to say they all took part in the assault, but they did come out to assist the child, and it was a large group at that time. They could have been from that large group."

Police have not said what condition the young boy is in, but they do say that the driver sustained serious injuries and is currently in critical condition. Woody says that he could, “potentially die.”

“This little boy was screaming,” said an anonymous witness of the incident. “There was a lot of people that came out. It was crazy.” The witness added that the driver “got his.”

“He got beat up real bad,” said the witness.

Woody says that police are currently searching for anybody who was involved in the assault, adding that the truck driver didn’t deserve to be beaten for what happened.

“The guy never tried to flee the scene,” Woody said. “He got out to check on the child and was assaulted by people in the neighborhood.”

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

11High School Student Brutally Punched In The Face By Classmate (Video)

Shocking video shows a Georgia high school sophomore being repeatedly punched in the face by a classmate in a locker room, and now, the victim’s father is calling for more serious charges against the perpetrator.

High school student David Egan was forced to undergo facial reconstruction surgery after being assaulted by his unnamed fellow student. According to reports, the other boy accused Egan of stealing his tennis shoes, and even though Egan denied it, the student got so angry that he punched him hard in the face. Egan appears to stumble following the first punch, and after he is shoved into a locker, the student throws a second punch that brought the victim to the ground.

Egan’s father Daniel says that the school called him to come pick up his son, but wonders why an ambulance was never called.

"This is my child," said Daniel Egan. "How would you feel if you saw a person fracturing his face, smashing him up against a locker, punching him so hard that it breaks his nose off his skull?"

The student that punched Egan was charged with misdemeanor battery, and the school took disciplinary action. Still, Daniel Egan says he wants more to be done.

“When they treat it like a schoolyard shuffle, you are thinking these are just kids,” said Daniel. “He didn't throw sand in his eyes, he didn't stab him in the arm with a pencil, he broke his skull.”

School district spokesperson Jorge Quintana released a statement saying that he believes the school acted appropriately and that although the crime was heinous, the student may only be able to be charged as a juvenile because of his age.

“The student is a juvenile. I understand that this offense does not qualify to charge a juvenile as an adult in the state of Georgia. The seven offenses under which a juvenile can be charged as an adult are listed under OCGA 15-11-560,” said Quintana. “Typically when there is a fight, 911 is not called as adults intervene. Injured students are typically taken to the clinic to receive immediate care from the clinic worker. Parents are then called. The school handled this case well, acting immediately to care for the injured student and to investigate so that appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges could be made.”

The incident is still under investigation, and David Egan is currently recovering from reconstructive surgery.

11Man Assaults Wife For Singing ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ When His Mother Died

A British man threw his wife out out of the house, locked her in a shed, and assaulted her because she kept singing “Ding Dong, The Which Is Dead” after his mother died.

Andrew Salmon, 42, of Cornwall, packed up his wife Beverley’s things and refused to let her into their Truro home.

“She never really got on with my mum or any of my relatives and when my mum died she was horrible and offered me no support – she was extremely unsympathetic,” he said.

Beverley initially took refuge in their shed, but Andrew later locked her in.

When she managed to get back into their home, Andrew allegedly threw her onto a bed, choked her, pulled open her shirt and grabbed and twisted her breasts.

Andrew said he suspected his wife was having an affair in addition to being unsympathetic about his mother’s death.

He pleaded guilty to assault and is scheduled to appear in court next month. He has no previous convictions.

Sources: Metro, New York Daily News

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