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11Off-Duty Police Officer And Former Marine Arrests Young Soldier After Drinking At Restaurant (Video)

An off-duty male police officer in Columbia, South Carolina, was fired after trying to arrest a 23-year-old female army soldier in a restaurant. Now, after filing a civil suit in Richland County, her case has been moved to a federal court.

Back in October, off-duty Richland County deputy Paul Derrick was caught on camera in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant attempting to detain a 23-year-old soldier for no apparent reason. Steven Hughes, the man who captured the footage, explained exactly why he decided to take out his camera phone.

“I said, ‘I’m going to start videoing this because I think something is about to get out of hand,’” said Hughes to local news station WIST. “And about the time I got my [camera] out, he had her turned around and was putting her in handcuffs.”

Hughes also went on to explain how Derrick, a former Marine turned Richland County police officer, brutally detained the soldier after a night of drinking and dining in the restaurant.

"It was stand up, soldier, stand up. This is what the Marines do to us,” said Hughes. “And then the next line is something along the lines of this is how the Army is treated by Marines. Let me show you.”

Ball can be seen, in the video, struggling with Derrick as he forces her hands behind her back and twists her body around. Ball is visibly in pain, but Derrick is relentless. Eventually, Columbia police showed up, and after reviewing the cell phone video, they arrested Derrick, not Ball.

Derrick was charged with assault and battery and was fired from the Richland County Sherriff’s Department after an investigation. Ball filed a civil suit in Richland County, but her case has now been moved to a federal court as a civil rights case. Ball says that she was “humiliated” by the video after it was posted online, and she has actually suffered permanent injuries as a result of Derrick’s brutal arrest.

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11Pantsless Florida Woman Steals Boxed Wine From Grocery Store

Florida woman Desiree Taylor was arrested Monday after she walked into a Publix grocery store without pants on and stole two boxes of wine.

The 35-year-old walked into the Ocala store with only a T-shirt and flip flops, barely turning heads. She then allegedly proceeded to steal $42 worth of boxed wine.

When the store manager attempted to stop Taylor, she took a swing at him and ran away.

Taylor was later arrested, for the second time in two months, and charged with disorderly conduct and petty theft.

In a previous case, the woman was charged with battery of an officer.

Taylor is currently being held on $1,000 bond.

The unusual thief was caught just one week after a different Florida woman was filmed at a St Petersburg McDonald’s wearing only a pair of underwear.

Sources: NY Daily News, ABC News

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11Texas Woman Says She Was Wrongly Arrested For Walking On The Wrong Side Of The Street

A Texas woman says she was unfairly arrested for not stopping to talk to a police officer while she was on her morning walk.

The woman, Melissa Bonnette, says the incident occurred on Friday in Whitehouse, Texas when a uniformed officer pulled up next to her on his motorcycle and asked if he could speak with her.

"I thought that maybe he was flirting," said Bonnette to CBS 19. "I just thought it was odd, I thought it was odd. I wasn't really sure but I felt uncomfortable because there wasn't anyone around. He just crept along beside me on his motorcycle and he started saying, 'Hey ma'am! I want to talk to you. Hey stop, ma'am! I want to talk to you.' Then my anxiety rose even higher.”

Bonnette says she wasn’t sure he was really a police officer based on the way he was acting, so she kept on jogging. That’s when the situation escalated. According to reports, the officer stopped his motorcycle, chased her down, and tackled her to the ground before putting her in handcuffs.

"I just was crying and I was saying 'Please sir, please sir. Why are you doing this?'" explained Bonnette. “It was like I was in a nightmare. I hadn't done anything wrong.”

Whitehouse Police Chief Craig Shelton defends the officers’ actions, saying that the woman should have stopped the first time she was asked.

"The motorcycle has a patch on both sides of the gas tank. It's black and white and says 'Whitehouse Police,' and has red and blue lights on it," said Shelton to CBS 19. "So you have to take it for what it is. Do you think he's a Whitehouse police officer? Why would you think he's someone impersonating a police officer?"

Shelton went on to explain that in addition to failing to stop for the officer, the woman was also walking on the wrong side of the road.

"Normally if a police officer pulls up, in my opinion, it's awful odd for somebody just to take off and not want to speak to the police officer," said Shelton. "And he had a lawful reason to be there and to stop her. By law, you have to be to the far left facing oncoming traffic.”

Bonnette is now calling for the arresting officer, Shawn Johnson, to be fired, despite Chief Shelton’s defense.

"I really don't want to live in a town where something like this could happen to a law-abiding citizen," said Bonnette. "I'm not going to be able to walk anymore, and that's sad because I enjoy walking every day. But I'm terrified. It was just so traumatic."

Whitehouse Police are investigating the incident which, according to reports, was caught on police dashcam.

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11Crying Teen Put In A Chokehold By School Police Officer, Incident Caught On Camera (Video)

A school police officer in Santa Ana, California is being investigated after a passerby captured cell phone video of the cop putting a crying 14-year-old boy in a chokehold.

“Stop fighting me,” said the officer to the boy in the video.

“I’m not fighting you,” cried the boy. “Someone please help me.”

The struggle began after the officer stopped the 14-year-old from tagging a bench near the school.

“The officer sat him on the bench and bent him down,” described 21-year-old Elvia Fernandez, who captured the incident on her cell phone. “With his hands, he [the officer] pushed his face to his knees…then he put him on the floor and that’s when I started videotaping him. He put his whole body weight on him.”

At one point, Fernandez attempted to calm the boy down by speaking to him in a mix of English and Spanish, but the officer didn’t appreciate that.

“Stop speaking Spanish,” demanded the officer.

Santa Ana School Police Chief Hector Rodriquez refused the release the identity of the officer involved, but he did say that an investigation will prove whether or not he used necessary force to restrain the teen.

“He had an obligation to comply with the arrest,” said Rodriguez. “At one point, he bit the officer. The officer had to arrest him and control his movement because he was resisting. We look at any incidents regarding the use of force to see if there’s anything that was inappropriate on the part of the officer. My job is to be the final decision-maker in whether this was inappropriate or not ... to be fair to not just the officer but the young man that was involved as well.”

Fernandez says that she captured the incident on camera so that she could show the boy’s parents exactly what went on.

“I thought that little kid was like my child,” said Fernandez. “I’m a mother, I wouldn’t let that fly if it were my son and I’m pretty sure the little kid’s parents don’t know what really went on.’’

The Santa Ana School Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

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11Woman Who Was Forcibly Stripped By Police Officers Awarded $355,000 In Settlement (Video)

A Chicago woman has been awarded a $355,000 settlement after suing police for strip-searching her during a DUI arrest.

33-year-old Dana Holmes used surveillance footage captured in the police station as proof of her allegations that the four LaSalle County sheriff’s deputies were inappropriate when they forcibly strip-searched her following her arrest. The deputies said the their actions were justified because Holmes, who was over the legal blood alcohol limit, resisted their initial pat down.

"There's a lot of people that get DUIs, a lot of people that just make mistakes in life," said Holmes. "That still doesn't give them a reason to do what they did."

The video shows the three male officers and one female officer holding Holmes face down to the ground while they forcibly removed all of her clothes, including her underwear.

“I was terrified. I felt helpless,” said Holmes at the time of the incident. “I was scared and I lay there crying... I just prayed.”

“There are on-duty deputy sheriffs humiliating and grouping a female inmate,” said Holmes’ attorney Terry Ekl. “It makes you wonder: Were these guys ever trained?"

Following the arrest and strip-search, Holmes sued the county because she felt the deputies violated her rights and caused her emotional harm. In the end, the county decided to settle the case.

“The county and department believe it’s in everybody's best interest to focus on policies and protocols moving forward, rather than spending time and money fighting over who was right and wrong,” said attorney James Soto.

The LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department says they are working to enact a new strip search policy so that situations like these can be avoided in the future.

“There’s been a gap in these policies as to what’s permissible and not permissible in those situations,” said Soto.

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11Chinese Man Named Bai Ting Arrested for Biting Police Officer

Chinese man Bai Ting was charged and arrested Tuesday after he allegedly bit a police officer.

Bai, 28, was also charged with being drunk and incapable of taking care of himself in public.

Around 7 p.m. on Sunday, Bai was found drunk at Lorong 27A Geylang and arrested. At 9 p.m., he reportedly bit police Sergeant Ng Wen Chi’s forearm at the Bedok Police Division Headquarters lockup.

Bai faces a maximum fine of $1,000 and one month in jail for public intoxication and disorderliness. He also faces up to seven years in jail, caning and fines for injuring a police officer.

The news will surely remind some of U.S. news station KTVU, which was famously pranked last year when its news casters read out fake foreign names that sounded like English words.

Sources: The Indepedent, Channel News Asia

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11Nine-Month-Old Boy Arrested For Attempting To Murder Police Still Expected To Appear In Court (Video)

An outrageous story out of Pakistan that went viral last week left many people wondering why a nine-month-old boy would be charged with attempted murder. Now, a judge has officially granted bail for the infant, but the legal troubles are far from over.

Opposing Views first reported last week on the incident that led to the toddler’s arrest. A riot broke out in the eastern city of Lahore, and Khan was arrested after being accused of throwing stones at police officers.

“A nine month old can never commit such a crime,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police Jabbar when the baby was booked. “This incident took place due to sheer misunderstanding on the police's part and was not done on purpose."

Despite Jabbar’s claims that the incident was a misunderstanding, the baby still has legal troubles ahead. A judge officially granted the child bail, noting the absurdity of the situation, but said the child is required by law to return to court on April 12 for a hearing.

“He was booked under Section 326 and was presented before a court,” said the boy’s grandfather Mohammad Yaseen to Reuters. “He doesn't even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly. How can he stone the police?”

The arresting officer was reportedly suspended following the incident.

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11Nine-Month-Old Arrested And Released On Bail On Accusations He Stoned Police (Video)

A nine-month-old baby was arrested in Pakistan for his “involvement” in an alleged assassination attempt on police.

Moosa Khan was booked on accusations that he helped stone police officers in the city of Lahore during a protest. Video of the infant’s arrest shows his fingerprints being taken, and quickly, the news footage went viral.

A judge released the boy to his grandfather not long after being arrest, and now, reports claim that the arresting officer Assistant Sub Inspector of Police Kashif has been suspended by the police department for accusing a baby of attempted murder.

“A nine month old can never commit such a crime,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police Jabbar. “This incident took place due to sheer misunderstanding on the police's part and was not done on purpose."

According to reports, Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Khalil Tahir Sindhu is investigating the incident for possible human rights violations by the police.

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1125-Year-Old High School Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Student

A 25-year-old high school teacher was arrested after a police investigation uncovered that she had been having sex with an underage student.

Brittany Marie Phillips, a teacher at Lexington Senior High School in North Carolina, faces felony sex offense charges after the unnamed student admitted to another teacher that he was having a relationship with Phillips.

The victim told police that he had multiple sexual encounters with Phillips between December 2013 and February 2014, and to prove his claims, he brought them a video recording of Phillips performing a sex act on him.

"The juvenile corroborated this statement by explaining that he had a video of Phillips performing [a sex act] on him," wrote Detective Benjamin Clayton of Lexington Police Department in his report. "The juvenile showed me the video, and the video does appear to show Phillips' face."

Following her arrest, Phillips was immediately suspended from the school and her name was taken off the teacher list on the school’s website.

“Right now, the situation is under investigation, and Miss Phillips has been suspended and is not in contact with any students,” said Lexington City Schools Superintendent Rick Kriesky.

Phillips, a first-year teacher, was released on a $50,000 secured bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 7.

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11Dashboard Camera Proves Horrific Abuse Against Man By Police And Now Man Is $1.1M Richer (Video)

A Dallas man was awarded $1.1 million after settling with police in a huge lawsuit stemming from a 2009 incident that wrongly landed the man in jail for 15 months.

Ronald Bernard Jones was arrested and charged with two felonies that were later dismissed and spent 15 months in prison insisting that he was innocent. The horrific incident occurred in December 2009 when police were out responding to a call involving two white males. Jones, who is black and was walking alone the night of the incident, was approached by the officers.

In the police report, officers claimed that Jones threw an open beer can at one of the officers, choked another one out, and resisted arrest. Dashcam video, however, doesn’t show any of this, and toxicology showed that Jones had no alcohol or drugs in his system.

The officers continued in the police report that Jones kept resisting arrest and, at one point, one of the officers saw him pull out a knife. After the investigation into the incident, however, it was discovered that Jones was not armed with any weapon. Another officer claimed that a drug pipe was found underneath a squad car, but the angle that the vehicle was pointing did not show that.  At the end of the video, one officer orders another to turn off the dashboard camera, and at that point, the video ends.

Jones was arrested and charged with aggravated assault of a public servant and cocaine possession. Nothing in the police report accurately proves those charges, however, and it appears that most of the details were fabricated.

Jones spent 15 months in prison during the trial until the charges were dismissed by a judge. The entire time, Jones was offered multiple plea deals, but he stuck to his guns and turned each one down. One of the arresting cops, Officer Matthew Antkowiak, resigned from the department in January 2012.

Now, Dallas police have settled the case with Jones for $1.1 million, and the lawyer that represented him in the lawsuit against the department says that justice was served.

“When the city pays more than $1 million to settle a civil rights case, there should be a serious investigation,” said attorney Don Tittle. “You can count the number of settlements of that magnitude on one hand. It involved multiple officers, it involved turning off videos, it involved fabricating arrest reports and testimony. To me, that’s as serious as it gets.”

Dallas Police Chief David Brown continued to defend the officers, despite evidence against him, but did admit that if the lawsuit went before a jury, the city wouldn’t “get much sympathy.”

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