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Alec Ogeltree Georgia

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Where Will Alec Ogeltree Land?

This time of year all of the NFL draftniks and blowhards come out of the woodwork. Everyone has an opinion on this guy and that guy and he’s a can’t miss and this guy is overrated and blah blah woof woof.

However, Mike Mayock is not one of those guys. Mayock should be in an NFL front office, but for whatever reason is working for NFL Network. So, when Mayock makes an assessment, we listen, even if he’s not perfect. Today, he’s breaking down inside linebackers for the Philadelphia Daily News, and while he touts Georgia’s Alec Ogeltree as the best, he’s still terrified of taking him in the first round because of on- and off-the-field issues.

“I’ve got him No. 1 among the inside linebackers, but hesitantly,” Mayock said. “I think Manti Te’o and Kevin Minter ultimately are going to be really solid inside ‘backers for a lot of years. With Ogletree, you’re just betting on the upside.

I’m scared to death about Ogletree, both for on and off the field issues. When you put the tape on, he has no clue what he’s doing. He looks like a safety that somebody plugged inside at inside linebacker. He just runs around.

“He’s gong to go in the first round. Some of the Cover-2 teams will love him because he can run down the middle of the field like a safety. If you can train him and he loves the game and he has a work ethic, all of which are question marks right now, the kid can be special.

“But I’m very hesitant about this kid. I recognize his athletic ability. I know he fits today’s NFL. But if I was a GM, I’d probably be leaning toward Te’o or Minter because I’m a little more conservative.”

Mayock raises a lot of good points. If I were an NFL GM, I’d be hesitant to spend a high pick on him as well.

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