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Adam Lanza

11Newtown Residents Want To Tear Down Adam Lanza’s House, Survey Says

Some residents of Newtown, Conn., want the former home of Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza to be torn down, according to a new community survey.

More than 1,600 residents responded to the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation survey.

The results, released Monday, show that many residents believe that not enough has been done in the wake of the December 2012 mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six educators.

The foundation, which has more than $11 million in donations, is looking for the proper way to spend those funds.

Most respondents said the money should be given to mental health services and expenses for the victims’ families.

A small percentage said they would like to see Adam Lanza’s home bought and leveled, according to Jennifer Barahona, the foundation's executive director.

"That's not something we're considering at this time," Barahona told The Associated Press. "It's really outside of our scope."

Several of those who want to raze the house live near Lanza’s former home.

Lanza, 20, lived in the 3,200-square-foot colonial house with his mother, Nancy.

The property, in Nancy Lanza’s name, is tied up in probate court proceedings. According to court documents, it now belongs to Peter Lanza and their other son, Ryan.

The house is valued at about $524,000, according to town records. 

"There really is nothing we can do," Barahona said. "The estate is in probate, and it's likely to be there for years to come. I also imagine there would be lawsuits against the estate at some point."

Sources: AP, Daily Mail

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11Adam Lanza’s Bizarre 2011 Radio Interview Covers Chimp Mauling, Violence, Mall Shooters

Newtown shooter Adam Lanza gave a seven-minute interview to Oregon’s “Anarchy Radio” in 2011, during which he compared acts of violence between humans to a “domestic” chimpanzee named Travis who went berserk and ripped a woman’s face off in 2009.

On Dec. 11, 2011, one year before the Sandy Hook massacre, Lanza called radio host John Zerzan to weigh in on mass murder, according to the New York Daily News.

Lanza, who said his name was Greg, claimed Travis’s attack on his owner’s friend "can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation.”

"I just ... don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that [Travis] very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that," he added.

Much of what “Greg” says reveals a great deal about how Lanza may have felt about himself.

"Travis wasn’t an untamed monster at all,” the call continued. “Um, he wasn’t just feigning domestication, he was civilized. Um, he was able to integrate into society.”

The caller shows a stunning amount of admiration in the way he recalls how the chimp had everyone fooled.

“His owner drove him around the city frequently in association with her towing business, where he met many different people, and got along with everyone,” he added. “If Travis had been some nasty monster all his life it would have been widely reported. But, to the contrary, it seems like everyone who knew him said how shocked they were that Travis had been so savage, because they knew him as a sweet child.”

He said Travis “didn't really act any differently than a human child would and the people who would use that as an indictment against having chimps live as humans do wouldn't apply the same thing to humans so it's just kind of irrelevant.”

The chimp attack “brings up questions about this whole process of child-raising," the caller said, in what could be seen as an indictment of Lanza's own mother.

“Civilization isn’t something which just happens to gently exist without us having to do anything, because every newborn child — human child — is born in a chimp-like state, and civilization is only sustained by conditioning them for years on end,” the caller said.

Danbury State Attorney Stephen Sedensky, who took part in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, said authorities are aware of the call but added, "I do not specifically know whether or not that is Adam Lanza" on the tape.

Two of Lanza’s friends confirm that it is Lanza on the tape, although he might have tried to disguise his voice.

Lanza later posted to a video game website under the screen name Smiggles the day after the call and made reference to the conversation he allegedly had with Zerzan, reported the New York Daily News.

Sources: New York Daily News, Newser

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11Adam Lanza’s Disturbing 5th Grade Writings: I Like Hurting People, Especially Children

Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza made such disturbing drawings and wrote graphic essays in school that one of his teachers reported him to the principal.

Prosecutors shared pictures the 20-year-old drew back in 5th grade that prominently featured a murderous grandmother with a “rifle cane.”

At some point in the drawings, Granny uses the cane to gun down the Beatles, a hockey player and an entire Marine battalion.

He gives detailed description of Granny’s other weapons including a handgun, an AK-47, an M-16, a musket, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher.

He also wrote obsessively, in particular a series of 10-page essays on “battles, destruction and war.”

“Adam’s creative writing was so graphic that it could not be shared,” a teacher said in a sworn, written statement three weeks after the Dec. 14, 2012, massacre at Sandy Hook.

One of the characters in Lanza’s “Big Book of Granny” says, “I like hurting people … especially children.”

In a series he called “Granny’s Clubhouse of Happy Children” a character suggests they play a game of “hide and go die.”

“Hi! I’m Bobolicious the Explorer,” the character says, “Remember last time when everyone was slaughtered? Well . . . you bread-brain leeches gave me 75 years of prison for that so-called ‘Tragedy’! I was having fun!”

In one section, his homicidal characters visit a day care center.

“Let’s hurt children,” says a character dubbed Dora the Beserker.

“Adam’s level of violence was disturbing,” the teacher said. “I remember showing it to the principal at the time … I remember instructing Adam that he had to write something else to share with the class.”

At the end of that school year, Lanza would be abruptly pulled out of school.

“After my years of experience in teaching . . . boys, I know how they are supposed to act,” the teacher said. “But I saw Adam as being not normal with very distinct anti-social issues.”

She recalled seeing officers confront his brother Ryan Lanza on the news after the shooting.

“When I was watching the news about the Sandy Hook school incident and saw Ryan Lanza in handcuffs, I knew it would be Adam and not Ryan,” she wrote.

Investigators uncovered other compositions in Lanza’s home. One screenplay on his hard drive titled “Lovebound” was about a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.

Another document titled “tomorrow” contained the 6-foot 112-pound Lanza’s personal goals, including staying thin.

Sources: New York Daily News, ABC News

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11Toddler Gnaws On Handgun In Newly Released Photo From Sandy Hook Killer Adam Lanza's Home

New photos of Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza's home have been released, including one of a toddler boy gnawing on a handgun.

The Daily Mail reports that photographs showed multiple rounds of ammunition, gun magazines, shot paper targets, gun cases and a safe with a rifle stored inside. There was also a check written by Adam's mother, Nancy, for him to purchase another gun.  

The most disturbing find may be the photograph of a toddler boy in camouflage gear sitting on the floor with ammunition across his legs gnawing on a handgun, as reported by WBLX.

Another item recovered in the home was a birthday card from Adam's father, Peter Lanza, offering to take his son shooting.

Nancy Lanza found guns to be a hobby, and handwritten notes were found around the house with addresses of local gun shops and NRA shooting certificates. She and Adam regularly went to target practice together.

In the new book "Newtown: An American Tragedy," family friend Marvin LaFontaine reveals how he used to invite Nancy and Adam to his property for shooting sessions. LaFontaine states in the book that Adam was comfortable with a firearm at four years old, and Nancy preferred the Ruger for Adam as a young child.

Nancy Lanza was shot dead by Adam before he went on a rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School where he shot and killed 20 first graders and six educators on December 14, 2012. Adam turned a handgun on himself when police arrived at the school.

Sources: WBLX, Daily Mail

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11Sandy Hook Shooter's Mom Planned to Buy Him Gun for Christmas

A new book about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. offers a peek into the bizarre world of shooter Adam Lanza and his mother Nancy Lanza.

According to Newtown: An American Tragedy by Matthew Lysiak, all the guns used by Adam to kill 26 people in five minutes were bought legally by Nancy.

According to Salon.com, Lysiak's book claims that Nancy was a constant caregiver for her son Adam, who had numerous neurological conditions, no friends, rarely left his room, didn't like to be touched and often communicated with his mother by email.

A friend of Nancy's describes her as a pro-gun advocate who believed in “live free or die” and “came from a culture of guns.”

Nancy believed that gun target practice was a healthy way to bond with Adam, which began when he was only 4.

However, by 2012, Nancy was concerned that Adam had become even more withdrawn, was playing violent video games and dressed in military outfits. Adam created an indoor shooting range in the house and used a pellet gun to fire at paper targets, says the book, notes USA Today.

The book says that Nancy went into her 20-year-old son's room and found drawings that included “gruesome depictions of death, images of mutilated corpses" and a “grassy field lined with the corpses of young children.”

Adam also had a “massive spreadsheet, seven feet long and four feet wide” that ranked “the top five hundred mass murderers in world history.” He would become the biggest mass murderer in US history.

But Nancy was afraid to confront her son, who was heavily armed, about the bizarre drawings because “she feared he might further shut her out” and “he would be lost forever.”

After the Sandy Hook shooting, Lysiak claims that authorities found a check from Nancy to Adam for his upcoming Christmas present, another gun.

Sources: Salon.com and USA Today

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11Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza’s Father Is A ‘Broken Man’

The family of Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza is speaking out on the effects the 2012 massacre has had on his remaining family.

His father, Peter Lanza, 55, is reportedly riddled with guilt over the incident, finding it “impossible” to come to terms with the atrocity his son committed.

“Peter is a changed man. He’s broken. How can you ever begin to try and deal with that? It’s just impossible,” his sister-in-law, Marsha Lanza, who lives in Illinois, told the Daily Mail.

“Shaken to the core” the family is unable to talk about the shooting, which left 20 children and six adults dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Adam also killed his mother before turning the gun on himself.

“Peter has only spoken about it to a very, very small number of people including my husband Michael, his brother, as they are very close. It’s still too much even for Michael and sometimes he tells me not to ask about it,” she said.

Despite living hundreds of miles away from the shooter, many in the Lanza family say they get stares whenever people learn their name.

“It happens everywhere, the bank, restaurants, gas stations,” Marsha Lanza said. “You see them see the name, ask for your ID and then you know what they’re thinking. I know what’s going through their mind.”

"The Lanzas are all dealing with it by themselves and they have not had a big family meeting or anything,” she said. “I tried to speak to Nancy's brother when I was out East in September but he did not want to see me.”

According to a report released by Connecticut prosecutors this week, Peter had regular contact with his son up until 2010, when the relationship deteriorated. Peter split up with Adam’s mother Nancy in 2001 and the couple later divorced. Nancy had sole custody of Adam, who suffered from Asperger’s syndrome.

The report said Nancy, who was the first person Adam shot and killed on Dec. 14, 2012, catered to her son’s every whim and allowed him to avoid speaking to her for the three months leading up to the massacre.

Adam only communicated to his mother via email, despite seeing her around the house.

He banned his mother from his room, where he had blacked-out windows and a seven-by-four foot poster on his wall ranking the top 500 mass killings of all time by the number of fatalities.

Peter Lanza’s only public statement after the massacre was: “Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. No words can truly express how heartbroken we are. We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can. We too are asking why.”

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post

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11Bushmaster CEO Speaks On Newtown School Shooting

The CEO of Freedom Group, manufacturer of the popular Bushmaster brand AR-15 used in the Newtown school shooting, spoke out about the criticism his company has been receiving.

“It’s very easy to blame an inanimate object," George Kollitides told the Washington Times in an exclusive interview. "Any kind of instrument in the wrong hands can be put to evil use."

“He killed the gun’s owner, stole her car, stole her gun and then went to a school and killed innocent kids," he told me in his small New York office. "No background checks could have prevented that. He illegally obtained the guns.” 

He added: “Only two things could have potentially stopped him: his mother locking up her guns and an armed guard. Even then, he could have driven his stolen car into a playground full of kids. He was intent on killing, which we know is already illegal.”

Kollitides noted that Lanza illegally obtained the guns used in the Dec. 14 killing spree from his mother — who he also murdered — and said the expanded background checks some legislators have called in the wake of the slayings would not have prevented the tragedy.

Sources: WashingtonTimes, HuffingtonPost

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11Massacre at Newtown May Have Been Bullied Adam Lanza's 'Act of Revenge'

A friend of Adam Lanza’s mother says the youngster may have slaughtered 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary as an “act of revenge” for years of bullying when he attended the Connecticut school.

“I think Adam felt betrayed by the school and this was his act of revenge,” Marvin LaFontaine, Lanza’s former Cub Scout leader, told the Daily News.

He said Lanza, whose mother would sometimes go to the school to act as his bodyguard, was harboring resentment towards Sandy Hook for years. He claimed Nancy Lanza was also fed up that the school failed to protect her son.

“Nancy told me he was being picked on at school. That they were just torturing him,” Lafontaine said. He claims Lanza went to Sandy Hook Elementary off and on until sixth grade.

“Adam was an easy target. He was quiet and he would never fight back,” he added.

Lanza’s motive for the Dec. 14 attack is still unclear. Lanza shot his mother in their home and then travelled to Sandy Hook Elementary School. He fired 155 bullets in an attack that lasted less than five minutes, before shooting himself. 20 children and six adults were killed.

As her son was being bullied, Nancy Lanza was allegedly stockpiling guns and ammunition in their home. Investigators found over 1,600 rounds, two rifles, a starter’s pistol, BB gun, nine knives, a 7-foot spear, a bayonet and samurai swords in her home.

LaFontaine’s interview comes just days after reports that the gun shop which sold a gun to Nancy Lanza lost its license. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives did not offer an explanation for why it revoked the license of Riverview Gun Sales. Federal agents raided the store last December after the attacks. The store sold Nancy the Bushmaster .223 caliber rifle which her son used at the school before he shot himself in the head with a Glock handgun.

Depite reports that Nancy bonded with her son during outings at the shooting range, she was his first victim.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail

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11Connecticut Store Riverview Gun Sales Closed After Newtown Shooting

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has revoked the license of the gun store that sold weapons used in the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

David LaGuercia is the owner of Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor, Conn. He was greatly disturbed to learn that guns from his store were used in the shooting. ATF agents raided the shop shortly after Adam Lanza killed 26 people at the school. It’s been reported that the store legally sold at least one gun used in the school shooting to Nancy Lanza in 2010, according to The Inquisitr.

After the shooting, LaGuercia said: “There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a child, and I am absolutely appalled that the product that was sold several years ago would be used in this type of crime … Our hearts go out to the victims’ families and, as a father of three, I know firsthand of a parent’s loss and it’s the worst nightmare.”

The exact reason why the store lost its license has not been revealed. However, ATF spokeswoman Deb Seifert did confirm that the store had lost its license as of Dec. 20 and that the time to appeal the decision had expired. “It’s been revoked. It’s final at this point,” Seifert said.

Records show that guns used in a previous mass shooting in Connecticut were also purchased at Riverview Gun Sales. Omar Thornton killed eight people and himself at Hartford Distributers Inc. back in 2010.

Sources: The Inquisitr, News Times

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11Gun Arsenal Found In Home Of Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

Search warrants released Thursday have provided more details about Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza. When police investigated Lanza’s home, they found an arsenal of weapons, including a bayonet, guns, a gun safe with shotgun shells and several swords. Investigators also found an NRA guide to pistol shooting in addition to books about autism and Asperger's syndrome.

In a statement accompanying the release of the warrants, State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III said that Adam Lanza killed 26 people inside Sandy Hook Elementary School and took his own life within five minutes of shooting his way into the building. Lanza was found dead in the school wearing a bulletproof vest and military-style clothing.

Sedensky says Lanza used a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle to kill all 26 victims before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm handgun. Apparently Lanza had three 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster and another loaded handgun in his possession. Lanza drove a Honda Civic to the school, which had a loaded 12-gauge shotgun with ammo in the glove compartment, reports CBS News.

In addition to the weapons at the house, police discovered other disturbing things at Lanza’s home. He had articles about other school shootings and a holiday card from his mother, Nancy Lanza, containing a check made out to him for the purchase of a firearm. Authorities also discovered handwritten notes containing the addresses of local gun shops.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy took the release of the warrants as a chance to call for stricter gun laws. “We knew that these weapons were legally purchased under our current laws,” Malloy said. “I don’t know what more we can need to know before we take decisive action to prevent gun violence. The time to act is now.”

Prior to today’s official release of information regarding the shooting, Malloy was upset that classified details about the incident had leaked out.

"Like many others, I was disappointed and angered to learn that certain information about the Newtown shooting had been leaked, specifically with concern for the victims' families who may have been hearing this news for the first time," the governor said in a statement.

Source: CBS News, NBC News

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