Animal Rights

Internet Soup

| by PETA

Hmm, what to have for dinner? Fast, easy, and guaranteed cruelty-free—dum-da-da-dum—Internet Soup!

  • Glee star Lea Michele's PETA ad is making New Yorkers think twice about getting taken for a ride.
  • This turtle is shell on wheels.
  • Google Maps is tracking mass animal deaths. I wonder if it shows a blue bubble over Donna Karan.
  • These crows show how intelligent they are by using tools—and we're not talking about this tool, who obviously isn't as smart.
  • A cute new video shows that even aliens don't understand animal abuse. Think they'd feel like abducting Ronald McDonald? Nah, probably not.
  • Ugh! Another reason not to wear those Ugg-ly sheepskin boots.
  • Belated holiday tips from an engineer with too much time (and cats) on his hands. Happy Friday!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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