Yum…Coffee Cake & a Breakfast Giveaway!

| by Fit Bottomed Girls

Although I’m not a huge cake girl, I have a serious soft-spot in my heart (or belly—pun intended!) for coffee cake. The moist cake and crumbly streusel topping go perfectly with a cup of dark roast on a lazy Sunday morning. While I usually only indulge in this type of treat once every few months, I have recently been a little more liberal with my coffee-cake enjoyment. Because I found a better-for-you option with built-in portion control—hooray!

Weight Watchers recently sent us its new coffee cakes, which are totally delicious. Each pre-portioned cake has only 120 calories and 5 grams of fiber (which equals three points for you Weight Watchers) to boot. And, although they are small and high in sugar, they are a really good way to get your coffee-cake fix. You can buy a box of four for about $3. Just be wary that their deliciousness can be tricky: They’re so tasty that you might want to polish off more than one in a sitting. I fixed this by having one with an egg white and veggie omelet and a little fruit. Yumtastic, filling and no sugar crash later!

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Would you like to try these small cakes from heaven? Leave a comment with what your favorite breakfast is and we’ll select one lucky U.S. reader to win an amazing get-up-and-go breakfast package that includes a yoga mat, a $15 iTunes gift card for putting together an energizing morning playlist, an eco-friendly coffee cup, instant coffee packs for on-the-go mornings and—of course—the new Weight Watchers Coffee Cakes. Winners will be notified by email in about a week! —Jenn