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Yogamaya is New York City’s Yoga Oasis, a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle and go inside. amongst the hustle and bustle – located in Chelsea, YOGAMAYA is a studio where everything is yoga and they have classes for everyone. The asana classes combine flowing movement, alignment, devotion, and philosophy in the traditional style of Vinyasa. From the website:


YOGAMAYA is a studio where everything is yoga. Our focus is to bring asana, kirtan, and spiritual teachings together under one roof to offer students & teachers alike a full & rich yoga experience.  Our asana classes combine alignment, devotion, and philosophy in the traditional style of Vinyasa.

YOGAMAYA was created out of the shared vision of Bryn Chrisman, Stacey Brass and Glenn Riis.  With their friendship as a foundation and tremendous mutual respect for each other’s teaching, Stacey and Bryn began brainstorming while leading their first retreat together in India.  Inspired by living Temples and the integration of Spiritual Teachings into daily life, they dreamed of a space where they themselves would be able to continue learning and studying by bringing together teachers, scholars, and Kirtan leaders of the highest caliber.

After many years of practicing and teaching around New York City, Bryn & Stacey, along with their partner Glenn, built a special place to provide you with a sacred space & comfortable Yoga home.

The potent Sanskrit word YOGAMAYA means the most intimate personal power that gives life, liveliness, and Bliss to the entire Divine phenomena, including the source of all existence. It means a power of all-doing capability. Yogamaya creates an atmosphere whereby the living being can penetrate the world’s illusion and relish the intimacy with the source of all existence…

Teacher Training

A Guru said to a student, “You must run to your practice the way a person runs to the lake when their hair is on fire!”  For students and teachers who realize a desire to further their studies & deepen their relationship to Yoga, Yogamaya offers a complete Teacher Training Program at the 200- and 300-hour levels.

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YOGAMAYA classes are dynamic yoga classes in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga.  Vinyasa yoga is to flow or move, with intention, from one asana to the next, to arrive at a particular point, physically and spiritually. A YOGAMAYA asana class combines alignment, devotion (Bhakti), and philosophy.

All of YOGAMAYA’s classes are based in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga. The different levels of class indicate:

~Level of difficulty of class (asana performed, intensity of sequences, length of holding poses, etc)

~Level of subtle advanced detail offered, and

~Performance of subtler practices (pranayama [techniques to control life force and the mind], bandhas [internal locks], chanting, sharing of yoga philosophy, etc.)

We have gathered highly dedicated teachers in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga, who through their unique expression and personal experiences share with you exceptional and authentic teachings.

Each teacher has their own unique approach to sharing a Vinyasa class, but all YOGAMAYA classes will include heat building Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and well rounded sequences that incorporate all the physical movements (standing poses, hip opening poses, twisting poses, balancing poses, inversions, back extensions, forward bending, and final resting pose).

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The Space

The essence of any Yoga studio is its heartbeat & soul, and the shared experience of students and teachers coming together

The design of the outer environment also affects the quality of our inner environment and awareness. We have incorporated several principles into the design of our space to create a sublime experience and a touch of feeling that you are in a temple in India, but also in the heart of New York City.

Our studio has been designed with a free-flowing layout to allow for ease of movement and a relaxed environment before and after classes

Natural light has been introduced into the practice studios and common areas by means of large skylights in order to enhance the feeling of openness and to maintain a connection with the natural rhythms of daylight and weather

Each of our practice studios and the common areas have individual environmental controls and ceiling fans to appropriately tune the temperature and air movement before, during, and after practice

Our space has been designed to accommodate twelve individual changing spaces within a common area to foster a more communal experience while making allowances for privacy, flexibility, and efficiency.

Upcoming Workshops and Kirtan Events

January 8th, 15th, and 22nd

YOGA(maya) 101 Beginner Basic Series

January 15th

Light Up Your Heart: A Backbending Extravaganza

January 16th

Learning Non-Violent Communication Through Yoga

February 4th

“Stay Strong Project” Kirtan and Pre-Release Part w/ David Newman

February 5th

Stop, Drop, and Roll: An Integrative Restorative Yoga Workshop


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