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Yoga Vida is a breath of fresh air in the middle of New York City – a place to get away from the hustle and bustle and allow yourself to be completely swept away…

Yoga Vida has two locations in Manhattan – the original studio is located at 99 University Place in the hub of Union Square, and the brand new and gorgeous 666 Broadway location (at Broadway and Bond).

About Yoga Vida NYC

The word yoga means union—specifically a union between the body and mind.  At Yoga Vida NYC, we strive to recapture this simple purpose.  We provide a welcoming, comfortable and pressure-free environment to move your body and help you find your own unique union–where your mind and your body unite.  Founded on the combination of deliberate movement and a conscious breath, we take an educational approach to yoga that improves body awareness and promotes a realization of individual choice that you may take wherever you go.  At Yoga Vida NYC, we teach you not just how to move through this yoga practice, but why.

Often we find that we repeat patterns of behavior—living in circles rather than creating forward movement, feeling limited by daily routines, and experiencing life through habit rather than through conscious choice.  With a greater awareness of the power of our own conscious choice, we may begin to take control of each moment that leaves us feeling stagnant.

We understand that no two people are built alike or have the same life story, and we are committed to developing an environment in which every student feels valued and nurtured.  What is the reason for movement? Sure, we want to be physically fit, healthy and find a way to work out that is fun and enjoyable. But what are the other reasons for doing yoga?

We live in a time and in a city where stress manifests itself as physical tension in the body and varying degrees of pain, on a daily basis. We do not believe that the body deserves to suffer.   Gritting our teeth, holding our breath, and bearing the weight of our problems on our shoulders are not healthy or efficient ways to manage our tension. Through yoga we can become more aware of the unconscious toll we take on ourselves, and begin to live a more capable, more fulfilling life.

The Yoga Vida NYC method incorporates a traditional Vinyasa-style (breath-linked) flow with an emphasis on deliberate movement, individual experience, and conscious choice.  Through the medium of yoga we teach you to teach yourself.


Class Descriptions

At Yoga Vida NYC, our qualified teachers come from recognized studios all across Manhattan.  With a foundation in Vinyasa (vin-ya-sa) flow, we incorporate multiple styles of yoga and movement brought in by each teacher’s unique background.  Students are encouraged to embrace their uniqueness and discover the particular method that they find works for them—making adjustments and modifying whenever necessary.


Traditional Vinyasa-style flow, linking deliberate movements with a conscious breath.  The length of the pose, and the pace of the movement are dictated by the length of each individual’s breath.  It is our intention to keep the “Flow” format simple enough for beginners, but provide optional variation to challenge even the most seasoned yogi.


In this Vinyasa-style class, we break down the basics of each individual movement, and teach basic yoga fundamentals.  Geared toward the beginner, but great for students with more experience looking to further develop basic postures.  Our intention is to provide extra instruction at a slightly slower pace, but get you moving so that you can feel the effect of the “yoga.”

Advanced (Open):

Traditional Flow format that offers greater variation and more challenging postures (inversions, balancing postures, deeper binds and deeper bends).  Open to all levels and abilities.  Come with an open mind, try some new things, and challenge yourself.

Master Class:

In this 90-minute Flow class anything goes:  OM’s, pranayama (breath work), chanting (feel the vibration), and dharma talks (spiritual teachings).  For safety, this class is intended for intermediate to advanced practitioners only.


Restorative Yoga Classes use bolsters, blankets & blocks to support the body in restful positions. This passive and gentle form of yoga provides the body with an opportunity to heal, renew, and restore.


In this moderately paced 65-minute prenatal yoga class, we practice yoga asana created to strengthen the body and increase stamina required for labor.

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Teacher Training

Yoga Vida is excited to announce their first 200 hour teacher training this fall!

With an open exploration of the history of yoga, asana practice and sequencing, yoga philosophy, anatomy, energy channels, ancient spiritual texts and teachings, and more; this Training Program is for more than just the aspiring yoga teacher.  It’s for anyone looking for direction, in a transition, or simply searching for a deeper meaning in life.  It’s for anyone interested in developing their understanding of yoga, whatever the reason may be.


Upcoming Workshops & Events

June 1st

New Studio Opens at 666 Broadway

June 26th

Align, Evolve, Explore with Kay Kay Clivio

July 29th – 31st

Adjustment Workshop Series with Alanna Kaivalya

September 23rd – December 8th

200 Hour Teacher Training



“Yoga Vida NYC o University Place opened in January. Classes are small and it costs $10 drop in, $5 for students. “Our studio isn’t better or worse, it’s just different,” says Hilaria Thomas, yoga director of Yoga Vida NYC and a former instructor at Yoga to the People. “Different energies.”New York Times

“Take a very different kind of yoga class: one accompanied by a live multipiece dream-jazz ensemble at new Yoga Vida NYC Vinyasa studio.”New York Magazine


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