Yoga Tune Up® | Did You Know… the Sciatic Nerve is as Thick as Your Thumb?

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Welcome to ‘Did you Know?’ – my monthly column for Yoga Tune Up® anatomy tips, updates, and information!

The month, the focus is on the sciatic nerve – enjoy!

Did You Know that the Sciatic Nerve is as Thick as Your Thumb?

This hefty vessel runs underneath a muscle called the Piriformis, a pear shaped muscle that rotates your thigh bone outward in external rotation

Why do Yogi’s and Yoga instructors need to know this?  Because often times sciatic pain, generally referred to as “sciatica” is actually caused by a tight piriformis muscle compressing this large bore sciatic nerve.  So putting these types of students in a nice Kapotasana (pigeon) for example, may actually relieve some or all of their discomfort

Although sciatic pain can also be caused by an inflammation of nerve itself, many times the piriformis is to blame and it can be effectively addressed with a variety of Yogasana.  When students arrive to class with pain and leave feeling relief, they will think you are a genius and a healer and will most likely return to your amazing class with their friends in tow.

A little bit of anatomy goes a long way… for you and, if you’re a teacher, your students.. Teaching any kind of movement without understanding how it impacts the joints and tissues is like driving with your eyes closed.  Although anatomy is typically not a focal point of Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Tune Up® is quickly becoming the new standard in Yoga education. More and more Yogi’s are graduating from programs featuring Yoga Tune Up’s Integrated Embodied Anatomy Module giving them an enormous set of tools with which to enter the world of teaching Yoga. The practice of Yoga Tune Up® itself is loaded with helpful, easy to understand anatomy that is instantly relevant in the Studio

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