WWE Star Luna Vachon Dies: Oxycontin Overdose?

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WWE star Gertrude “Luna” Vachon was found dead in her Florida home Friday morning, and we are hearing the cause of death may be Oxycontin.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office filed a report that says investigators found a box of Oxycontin in Luna’s home – as well as two separate piles of the drug chopped up with snorting straws next to them. One pile in her bedroom and one in her kitchen. Numerous loose pills and prescription bottles were also found around her bedroom.

Luna’s mother discovered the body and told investigator’s that her daughter often appeared heavily medicated. She says that Luna had suffered many injuries during her career, hence the medication.

Sadly it seems as though Luna became addicted to the medications at some point and took it to a whole other level with the snorting. Such a lonely way to die.

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Chyna Doll (Joanie Laurer) has posted on her Twitter: “Rest in Peace Luna. I will miss you. Gone too soon. So many friends gone.”

An autopsy is being performed and the cause of death should be known in a few weeks.